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Easter, Deez nuts! How to get ‘balls deep’ into God, so to speak!!!

Thousands of years of wasting non believers and telling us Science is to be dismissed because in 7 days, 8 if it’s a leap year, another Dude called God created everything in his own image…

OK, I’m good with this. A bit vague, no proof and ‘everything in his own image’… Hmmm, the Guy’s got a sense of humour! Continue reading

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My God’s bigger than your God. . .

72 virgins. . . Technically the equivalent of 72 blind dates. . .

Who the f*ck wants that nightmare!?

If it weren’t for the innocent lives caught up in their delusionary hatred, then people removing themselves from the gene pool and being sent straight to hell to be badgered by 72 nagging women is probably a blessing for the rest of us. Continue reading

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Holy Toast Batman, there’s a picture of Jesus on my Cheese Toastie…

I’ve seen a fair share of uncanny things in my time. One of my ex-girlfriends often resembled the Devil, coincidence, NO, but what could I do, had she appeared later on my toastie, then I really would have been worried, but she hasn’t so far, having said that I won’t be paying four and a half euro’s to find out just in case. Continue reading

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Note to self : Don’t contact Aliens on Monday!

“If Aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.” – Stephen Hawkings. Continue reading

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