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κ.Γιάννης Ν. Ραγκούσης

Making a nation great again will take more than popularity and Policy, it will take Balls and in my humble opinion they’ll need to rival King Kong’s. A popular person won’t ever be able to make a difference because what is needed won’t make that person popular, (so bear in mind that if you want to succeed, you need to be hated to get sh*t done), something I know which largely conflicts with the current media vogue when MP’s set to running for Office these days, however if you haven’t already given up on common sense and still feel Greece can become what it deserves to be once more, then you have my help in anyway possible, and I’m sure you will have that of all the Greeks here keen to see their lives becoming their own once again too. Continue reading

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So, why fckdup athens…?

When dealing with the government – You’ve got to think of it as foreplay, it takes time before you can give it the proper f*cking it deserves and needs… Continue reading

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Back to the whole Aliens thing I’m afraid, very afraid…!

“Sorry, Mr. Ilyumzhinov isn’t available right now, he’s currently busy being telepathically shown around an Alien spaceship on the balcony at the minute, if you’d like to leave a message he’ll get back to you shortly…” Continue reading

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Nevermind the crisis, what about the things that can be fixed…?

Life slowly takes its toll on me, a year of fighting finally begins to catch up on me and reality kicks in. ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS where I worked reveal their true colours and the battle for justice begins. Continue reading

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