Sex and the City, Athens stylee – How f*cked by the state can I really get. . .

If it’s not bad enough that the corruption and systematic state abuse never seems to end in the news these days, now we can’t even run the risk of getting f*cked anymore for fear of serious complications – And, in a Country whereby WE the people are getting more f*cked than anyone. . .

This is grave news indeed.

HIV/Aids – So what is it? A new IMF incentive. . .

Well, Yes kind of if you like. The Incentive is in stopping us all getting anymore f*cked than we would like to be and not being used as a strap on in the next Ministerial bout of ‘how’s your father’. . .

Currently here in Greece there is a Health regime running things which would probably make Hitler blush with some of it’s Policies.

I’ve been trying to raise some awareness on this with a few others for a while now, and over time you’ll have to learn to ignore my vitriolic, bitchy and at times sarcastic ramblings because having had to plough through this sh*te for most of my time here in Greece, I’m quite honestly sick to the back f*cking teeth of it myself. so just bear with me and enjoy the ride and feel free to try and help make an already great Country, better yet.

So, sadly the health sector has recently come under fire recently due to the Monty Python style f*ck up to which we know and expect from it. The chief sector this time is in no small part, the Greek CDC, and all those associated with HIV & Aids.


A HIV witch-hunt – Press Image for more Info

Ruins / Ερείπια – Chronicle of a HIV witch-hunt by Zoe Mavroudi

Let me just extend my sincere apologies and support for those who are GENUINE, those work in the front lines in this sector, without YOU, there would be nothing and my post is in no way aimed at the miracle workers who give so much for so little, this is for the corrupt and clueless morons running the show in office, and YOU know who they are.

Let me lay the foundations a little. If it were a horse, you’d take it round the back and shoot it, and not just once either. You’d have to get a mini-gun and a few thousand rounds just to be sure, mainly because something so incompetent can’t be left to risk, and it’s probably too stupid to know when it’s dead. . .

Thankfully all the recent news has helped highlight the systematic abuse of nearly two decades worth of major evil f*ck-up, so in some ways the misery and suffering experienced by those currently highlighted and ruined, isn’t all for nothing. . .

(That by the way, is the good news – it’s all down hill from here on).

To be fair, it would have been kinder to let the Mafia run the HIV/Aids sector here in Greece, at least they would have had a level of professionalism when dealing with the finances, they’d have had at least some ethics and a higher moral standard than the current bunch of hillbillies, AND despite it being run by the mob, you wouldn’t have had so many halfwit criminals working there for as long. . .

The average Greek could sort this mess out in a couple of days if he had the chance to, if you told him he’d actually get paid for it, maybe less but unfortunately, the remains of a bygone age which nearly destroyed this Country still hold the power in too many ways.

So, when the state is treating people with HIV/Aids like rancid meat (as it has been doing for so long) it’s normally ok, it’s only when foreigners, immigrants and trafficked victims suddenly pass it on through brothels and that it may upset the family that there’s now a problem worthy of discussion. . .

Firstly, Education, Trafficking and Immigration are individual problems which all need addressing for ANY of this to start working for the people here at best.

Most people I speak to always think that HIV/Aids is always someone elses problem. This current f*ck-up hopefully changes that.

I understand that not much sympathy is going out to the poor women involved in this case as well, they were prostitutes anyway, “getting f*cked is what they do. . .” – One comment I saw recently which says it all.

Many were probably gang raped anyway and metaphorically abused by everyone from the Authorities to the Pimps along the way, but that’s ok, the best was saved till last and they should have been more careful! After all, surely somewhere in the small print it says being victimised with HIV/Aids is part of the travel arrangement whilst being trafficked.

Then there’s the poor guys blowing their hard earned cash getting blown, they were far too busy to think about STD’s, and when your balls deep in some whore in a quality establishment who wants the embarrassment of having to ask the wife or Girlfriend for a condom!

Now it breaks up families, is passed from person to person outside the brothel, and many don’t know who’s got it. Damn right – And no one f*cking did in the first place.

Not many point out that if these people weren’t so happy to play russian roulette with their dicks in the first place, then half this problem wouldn’t be as bad anyway. If you are of an age where going to a prostitute is ok, and you still don’t think to use a condom, then you’re a f*cking moron and need taking out the gene pool anyway. It’s just tragic that your ignorance could cost many people so much.

That’s not a trafficking problem, it’s not even an immigrant problem and it’s sure as hell not even a sexual problem – that’s an education problem.

Whatever floats your boat.

I won’t begin to get into the rights and wrongs of the whole prostitution thing – Not my debate and sure not with an Orthodox based semi fanatical religious base, I’m just a guest here, idly trying to do my bit when I can.

But, observations lead me to question the validity of an almost non existant sex education platform for the youth of this Country. I sure as hell can’t imagine the Church showing you how to roll a Condom on after mass anytime soon and I’m guessing that here it’s possibly even more socially embarrassing for parents as well, so this needs some attention anyway.

So who’s in control ?

KEELPNO, the Greek CDC, or as it’s known, the center for Corruption, Deception and Criminality. . . One of the few buildings with security guards trying to keep the staff inside the building.

So, they’re the state authority on this are they – Yes.


If people missed the fact that the state ‘Authority’ on HIV/Aids here is quite willing to employ uneducated, un-qualified people, people who illegally pretend to be Doctors and to let them steal money, run non legal projects, gain access to Hospital and core data without any accountability before allowing them to run the COUNTRIES HIV/AIDS plan – to then allow them to criticise themselves as state employees as the KEY Non Government Organisation in HIV/Aids. . . Well, I’m not really sure there’s any hope for anyone here really then.

IS it so bad that in nearly 20 years of such blatant mismanagement and malpractice of a health sector, that not f*cking ONE person said – “Hang on, what the f*ck’s going on here. . . ?”


No, they didn’t, or if they did the system swallowed them up, moved them along or just threatened and abused them in the same way that they do the people they’ve abused for so long.

I know what happens when you question them directly, with the facts. Several of us did 5 years ago now.

They lie, provide misinformation and deny to your face facts (as signed by them) and allow those Guilty of the Issues highlighted to fabricate any manner of bullsh*t to try and f*ck you off. ANything so they can carry on their little money making scam. I’m not sure if it’s the Pharmaceutical payoff’s that fuel this greed and unwanton evil, the reward of knowing who in Greece has HIV/Aids, or the damage they can do with it which creates such a void in ethics, but either way, IT SURE DOES.

When you have the senior person for the Greek HIV/Aids plan in Greece covering up for colleages and helping them gain positions of trust within the state, masquerading as Doctors it’s more than just ambitious, it’s highly illegal data farming.

Helping them gain access to the Confidential medical data of patients, breaching confidentiality of those in trust and manipulating the system for your own gain has to be the most despicable abuse of civil liberties ever to have befallen this sector of people yet.

Knowing how so few care and how many pretend that they do, made me and those who have dedicated their time on this at least try to make a start in helping out where we could, that’s why we do what we do and why this blog came to be.

What is happening here is a Cancer and it needs removing.



No, I don’t need to be doing this either before you ask, if you’re one of the minority Greek’s who resents a foreigner doing this in ‘your Country’, and I’m not mocking that, I understand completely. Please feel free to take over, but either way, it needs doing and I myself would sooner it be someone else doing it, so that works out for us all. . .

Meanwhile, sh*t needs doing and me and a few others have made a start anyway.

5 years of having to watch everyone connected with Health, HIV/Aids and all this crap do F*CK ALL has led me to believe that half of them are as bad if not worse, and the rest are just as pathetic for allowing it in the first place OR subsequently much worse for doing nothing since so they can all f*ck off for all I care now regardless, I just did my bit because it had to be done.


Lies, cover ups and censoring the truth, welcome to the Greek HIV/Aids sector. . .

* Ammended article : Dec 2013

Since many of these articles were written, legal action and further proof about the people covered within this blog have come to light to vindicate the facts about this unethical NGO and the behaviour of it’s board of Directors including those who attempted to cover up the reality of the corruption and malpractice exhibited by those in charge of ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS.

Our plight to expose the two faced thieving scumbags as per the ones highlighted within this blog have all now come to the attention of the respective authorities whereby they now face penal action for their roles in much of what has been revealed. This will be further covered once the courts have given their verdicts and whereby the crimes committed have been dealt with.

Meanwhile, the case of Slander against myself and the two others who valiantly fought to expose these people was thrown out by the courts and we were acquitted and found innocent, and the activities whereby the President of the NGO, his partner and the secretary and other board members who acted unlawfully in their running of this NGO have been passed onto the District Attourney for further analysis due to the severity of the actions committed by those covered in the article in which they attempted to sue us for, when it rightly revealed the true horror of the NGO and it’s members as backed up by the information obtained from the NGO itself and the Ministries connected with it.

On a lighter note, what kind of no brained halfwit tries to sue you for slander when he himself provides Ministries with the documentation he then spends most of his lifetime boasting, about when it’s a lie. . . Well, you can ask him yourself if you want, its just still too funny. . .

For more information feel free to visit my latest link, An ‘Ode to Kostadis’.

Needless to say that all the evidence provided by ourselves was given to us by the Ministries concerned and highlighted the fact that all 5 members of the board of Directors,Kostadis KabourakisChrysoula Botsi, Kostandinos ZikkasGeorge Papachristou and Andreas Grilleas all were found guilty of defrauding the state, not to mention some of who illegally claimed to be Doctors and abused the access this gave them to by gaining privvy to highly sensitive medical data, illegally obtained by decieving their way into hospitals and key HIV / Aids projects.

This was overseen by the one genuine member of the Greek CDC who worked forKEELPNO and was the financial Director (Chrysoula Botsi ),not only responsible for the financial issues currently under further investigation by Ministries, but who covered and was part of the deliberate deception whereby other members of the board could illegally pretend to be Doctors and provide false documentation to whoever required it over (now) a 15 year period.

The lies and slander go on by the afore mentioned people in their last ditched attempt to blame others and provide a smokescreen for what has been a very elaborate and deliberate opportunity by immoral people who took advantage of the HIV & Aids sector for their own gain.

——————————————————————————————- Original Post.

It’s late, I’m tired and to be perfectly honest – I’m f*cking sick of having to be what seems like the only voice of reason, sense and dignity in a vile and pathetic sector of systematic health care abuse which isn’t just rife, but is what can only be disturbingly referred to as the ‘norm’ here in Greece and Europe.

Quite frankly after all the horsesh*t I’ve had to endure trying to do some good for once, it’s not worth it. If your affected by any of the content on the afore mentioned post, or content on the site then feel free to contact someone who cares but rest assured, as of now, that person isn’t me anymore.

I’ve done my bit, I rest easy and know deep down that I tried and did what mattered and in many ways, was more than enough, but when no one else cares, including those who claim to be involved in this farce then good luck with it. Quite frankly my dear, you can go f*ck yerself with it.

It seems like if you haven’t got a ‘Mickey Mouse’ NGO (Non Government Organisation) scamming money from the state and people, (like you and me), then you’re a nobody and no one gives a damn.

It's all about caring, and I don't. . .

Pretending to be a Doctors Billiant…

Between the Bankers, the Politicians and all the other wankers robbing from the state, those in Government run NGO’s seem to be mopping up what’s left and having stumbled onto what appears to be the largest scam ever, have just had enough. It’s not like we’ve lost all our money as a Nation, it’s just the greedy f*cktards who lied to us all have it and as they watch us all get screwed and from what I’ve seen as well, too many people can’t be arsed.

F*ck you, I work for the Government and I do as I want...

F*ck you, I work for the Government and I do as I want…

Everyone wants a cure, things to get better and life to be good, but when given a chance to help and make it better, what do people do? Jack Sh*t.

The long and short of the subject matter can be found here and in many other posts online within this blog, but you should get the jist of it anyway, regardless.

So, this comes after yet another pathetic attempt to conceal the truth by another affiliated website which has the usual pretentious bullsh*t peppered over it’s pages in a poor attempt to give it’s owners an illusion of grandeur as they also live out the lie of appearing to care as so many do in this sector.

I can at least respect Organised crime, it’s crime, and it’s organised. In many ways, it does exactly what it says on the tin however this whole psuedo-health sector which lives out a lie day after day pretending to care is quite something else, and in all honesty, the most shocking and appalling aspect of society to which I have ever known.

We only lie to protect ourselves and rob for our greater good...We're just like Robin Hood but corrupt and working for the state!!!

We only lie to protect ourselves and rob for our greater good…We’re just like Robin Hood but corrupt and working for the state!!!

I’ve been trying to raise awareness and help for over four years now, admittedly it’s not always been by choice, not by affiliation or by need, and neither by necessity or particularly caring for however maybe for once, just once in my life I may have tried to have done something good despite it being a complete waste of time. Either way, I tried.

I never guessed there’d be a stigma attached to trying to do something good in life but trying to do anything positive for HIV/Aids without either being gay or having Aids seems to be more of a curse than a benefit, and is often something that people seem to resent you for when they try and talk to you about it.

It’s not a slur on the cause or the diseaseillness (whatever the Politically acceptable term is these days) nor anything that I wouldn’t have done for any other cause had the circumstances arisen, however when I came to Greece initially I ended up working for ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS and felt obliged to do something once we discovered the horrors of what had gone on there.

Now, despite my best efforts have had to concur that this sector of medical healthcare is just beyond help. If it were an animal, you’d take it out back and put a few bullets through it’s skull to put it out of it’s misery. It’s not an animal, sadly, and is in need of much more than a few bullets putting in it’s head.

Having done all I can, having contacted the leading bodies on this both here and abroad as well as affiliated Health Agencies, Health Organisations and Government sectors (CDC’s) accordingly, can only surmise that in part, HIV & Aids is just a lucrative money laundering market whereby NGO’s, the Health Sector, EU Funding and Global forces just allow whoever the f*ck they want to do what they please. No, seriously.

You could get a retarded Baboon to do a better job and act more responsibly than most of the people involved on a Governmental level and if you spread the net Internationally the other ‘responsible’ bodies involved say and do f*ck all too.

President of an NGO

Just because it looks like we don’t give a Monkeys. . .

The ones you contact by and large do one of two things – (I know, as previously mentioned, four years experience has taught me this) :

1 – They do F*CK ALL.
2 – They do F*CK ALL.

The majority of people within this sector seem reluctant to do anything themselves (I’m guessing) because they don’t want people to have a spotlight shining on the way they do things themselves, and the rest all seem to cover for each other whenever required and would sooner support or allow corruption to continue rather than ‘help’ those in need and being lied to, deceived by people who clearly are in this sector for one reason only. Easy money.

In fairness, it’s a great Idea, I can’t fault it in many ways. Set up an NGO, pretend to care and feed people the bullsh*t they need to hear to gain access to EU, state and private funding, this obviously is made better by choosing to illegally pretend to be Doctors, run bogus phone lines and dodgy projects whilst you cash in on money this sector desperately needs. F*cking genius really.

Priceless... Have you got your Malaka Card...?

Priceless… Have you got your Malaka Card…?

I would like to add that it’s not the way this whole sector works, there are a few good Organisations out there and I for one wouldn’t like to say that they’re all vacuous empty self important pretenders not decent enough to help a sector of people who GENUINELY  need help, but in four years of of trying to find one, I gave up.

The pretence is in saying you support an ACTUP or WHO (World Health Organisation), or UNAids. Posting a picture of yourself on facebook with a cheesy grin and your tits or arse hanging out seems to be the norm these days, adding a little ribbon once a year and going to Rainbow concerts in a vague attempt to be seen to give a sh*t about something that probably doesn’t affect you anyway.

Most people don’t really give a sh*t about HIV/Aids, it’s just another ‘worthy cause’ in a long line of  other ‘worthy causes’ that maybe once, twice a year rolls into town with it’s ‘socially correct’ band wagon and you have to hop on, just like everybody else.


Of course I give a sh*t, I’ve got the picture haven’t I?

We all do it, ‘Save the Planet’, ‘Save the Whale’, but who’s actually going to go and try and save a Whale? Not you, fact. We’d just look bad not saying we would if we could and someone gave us a picture or a badge to stuff in other peoples faces.

“Check me out, I’m SAVING F*CKING WHALES, it says so, so I am”.

Save, whales, causes, responsibility

Whatever the reason, you just know there’s going to be an arse involved. . .

Meanwhile, this sector of society and health care seems to revel in being a problem of it’s own making. You try and help them and what do they do, F*CK ALL.

Responses have ranged from one member of the New York ACTUP telling me to ‘go f*ck myself’ to numerous NGO‘s not even recognising the fact that people illegally pretending to be Doctors is a problem.

Excuse me you f*ckwit? Which part of ‘if you don’t understand it as being a problem, you’re clearly too f*cking stupid to help anyway, or you’re probably as f*cking bad yourself anyway not to see that it’s a problem!

The general concensus seems to be just ignore it and hope we don’t get involved, after all, working with potential criminals and allowing people to behave in this manner is perfectly acceptable in our sector of health isn’t it?

Maybe I’m at fault for hoping that these people having a sense of decency, value and worth. Maybe expectations like these are outdated in an environment whereby people will openly allow common theft, systematic abuse of trust and resources to be squandered by those seeking vanity and their 15  minutes of fame over care.

All I read about ‘constantly’ online and in the news is the same bullsh*t cries from the same people, and organisations crying out for more funding, better health care and more resources and yet they all sit back and allow people to steal the money, breach confidentiality and abuse their trust whilst they squander the precious few resources they do get away.

Do they help regulate and prevent corruption of their own sector?
– No, yet they want YOUR money.

Do they provide trust for those who seek to help and volunteer for the cause of their own freewill?
– No, they rob and devalue the name of the cause and the few genuine people who are trying to make a difference.

And do they even fake interest in the well being of their own sector when you approach them?
– No, do they f*ck.

Four years of my life trying to help make a difference and one year working for the cause of a bunch of c*nts who lied, stole and abused the name of an Illness for their own gain, and still do.

Welcome to the World of HIV/Aids.

Be my guest and try to do something yourself, but if you don’t I don’t want to hear your petty whining about funding, corruption of the state of the World when you clearly can’t be bothered to do something yourself.

Reality check people, everyone needs to look in the mirror and man up because the future seems to have us heading for a spineless and gutless utopia whereby as a society we won’t even be bothered to help ourselves.

I apologise to those who do, like myself care and try to help within this sector and those who aren’t all bad, like those highlighted, however if it now comes across as though four years has shown me nothing but the petty minded, resentful hypocrites, ignorant and arrogant of so many working in this field, people who only recognise the cause as a means to be self important and gain access to funding, responsibility and resources to abuse those who seek genuine help, then that’ll be the reason as it is.

When this problem is run and set up by the state – It’s more than just a problem. When it’s endorsed and allowed Worldwide, it’s a f*cking sham and a pathetic sick joke on a sector of society that deserve some respect.

If it’s isn’t bad enough that these people need medication they can ill afford, have Government employee’s illegally pretending to be Doctor’s and running halfwit NGO’s involved in EU projects overseen by the HIV/Aids community which look on. . .


* Some pictures of unknown origin (Gorilla on Phone, Save the Whale, WHO), credit to respective owners where due.

WAC – World Aids Day and another year of systematic abuse…

World Aids day, and who really f*cking cares about how the help is being abused when everyone is busy trying to make themselves look good ‘supporting’ the cause.

Instead everyone likes to pat themselves on the back doing f*ck all – watching how people abuse the health sector, european and state funding and allowing NGO’s, medical staff and people connected to get fat on YOUR money and time.

Wear a badge, show a picture, give some poor b*stard a sympathetic nod and ’empathise’ with them as you attempt to make the world a better place through inaction, it’s worked well so far…

Today, several million people worldwide have allowed this corruption to carry on for another year so we can all thankfully look forward to another ‘World Aids day’ next year! – Woo-f*ckin-hooo…

The general sector as a whole do nothing and have allowed this kind of systematic abuse to happen for too long, the people involved do nothing and the Government sponsor it, some f*cking cause.

Is it any wonder there has been no significant developments…?

Why not ask YOUR government how they plan on wasting more of your money next year sponsoring badly run, non legal NGO’s who profit from the despair and misfortune of others…?

What time is it…?

Atomic Wedgie time...

With Justice comes Atomic Wedgie time...

Ten years of ACT UP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS abusing their positions within the Health sector finally comes under the scrutiny that is required when they have abused their positions, the state, the resources available and whilst masquerading as something they aren’t and haven’t ever been.

It there were a court for deciding if people had a sense of decency and self worth, Judgement would have passed a long time ago for these people and they would have already been tossing salad…

Their current Board of self elected Directors – C.Botsi, A.Grilleas, K.Kaburakis, K.Zikkas and G.Papachristou are finally being prosecuted for being responsible for (firstly) the last two years of lies and slander, threats and abuses against myself and those who sought to highlight this farce of an NGO which for too long has recklessly endangered the public and the HIV/Aids community with its non legal projects, while it’s President Kostadis Kaburakis and Andreas Grilleas illegally claimed to be Doctors.

Their deliberate and vile campaign of lies against those who exposed them shows the true character of these immoral, unethical individuals as they withheld information from the public about the ongoing Investigations, and as they deliberately perverted the course of Justice to damage the very people who had tried so hard to actually help the Organisation.

I think a lot of people who learn of the recent developments may be shocked to realise that this once respected NGO was only another opportunity for the systematic abuse committed by people such as these, people who have milked this great country dry due to the public trust and their deceptive lies who now regularly criticise the system, the resources and the poor management of a sector which they have manipulated and ruined previously, And who with thanks to activities such as theirs have caused further suspicion on others genuine in their attempts do well for us all as they pour contempt on everyone else who doesn’t meet with their low expectations.

To find out that it was infected with blatant corruption from the onset of their tenure is one of the many true horrors being exposed, however the nature in which they conducted themselves during this period is truly appalling and what they have done to the public and the vulnerable sector which was neglected, abused and stolen from is horrific.

More notably are two individual reports claiming that the president had been a Gynaecologist and had abused the confidentiality of one of the HIV communities trust upon confiding in the President. Having been witness to the latter case on several occasions myself when I worked there I can only pause for thought on the implications for the people who have given their trust in these people, those who called their non legal phone line only to learn that they details hadn’t been securely withheld, that the people helping were unqualified non medical staff who there on had access to their details, phone numbers etc is shocking and outwardly mortifying to some of these people.

In their position, whilst being employed by ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ, this is the lowest and saddest part to learn and having spoken to several people who confirmed their knowledge of this am still in shock to know of how many people within ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ knew of this, the Politicians who chose to stay silent, and the media especially a number of Journalists and others involved in the Health sector who still try and pretend that they are ignorant to this, who by their inaction all still endorse or allow this.

The most recent arrogance with regards to the ΣΔΟΕ Investigation whereby the President mocks the process and revels in his false sense of injustice, despite him failing to present or provide documentation or reply to the many requests made by the respective authorities, press and media when required to do so shows the contempt they have for a system which they have abused for their duration. – One they now ridicule for having no funding and poor staffing levels, incorrect treatment and incompetent guidance, appropriately so as members of their own Board ran it for a number of years and incidentally are the ones found guilty by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who found them guilty of (fraud – embezzlement), call it what you will really, providing false documentation to deliberately gain funding which you wasted on Champagne and sun tan lotion is just the minor specifics when they tried to blame others for highlighting this in between playing Doctors and Nurses for a decade…

Their two faced lies and press releases deliberately providing mis-infomation and malice towards innocent people who have had to endure the misery of such slander whilst having all the proof and documentation proving the state of ACT-UP shows just how heartless and vacuous they are as individuals, and how as an NGO they have abused their way into the situation they are in now.

Their contempt for ΥΔΑΣ and the Investigation which was ongoing whereby they continually lied of its existence and subsequently found them Guilty of defrauding the state as well as the way in which they treated the SKAI Journalists when after being correctly portrayed as lying thieving bastards who embezzled the state for nearly a decade, they threatened to sue them for liable and misrepresentation, despite it being proven to be true.

So, as a staunch advocate of causality and the old saying “what goes around, comes around…”

For now, I do believe that Atomic Wedgie time is nearly upon us…

Belief…What are you stupid enough to believe in…?

This is long overdue to be fair, I’ve had some issues boiling over for a while but hadn’t had the chance till I was inspired writing a little reply to another post on things you believed in but don’t anymore, and out it came…


So, I used to believe in the the Health sector, in Politicians and in International Organisations who falsely lay claim to acting in our interests, in NGO’s and people who all claim to want a better world – only to find that most of these people when given the chance on a plate to do something positive, rarely will and are more interested in their title rather than the cause.

I used to believe in people helping you when you were in need, people acting in the interests of right over wrong and in the principals that I remember my Grandparents instilling in me whilst growing up, only now to find that so many people who put themselves in a position whereby they can do something positive usually turn it to their advantage and trample over those who genuinely seek to help, or who then could potentially expose their ignorance and incompetence in matters which they themselves should be involving their sorry asses in.

I used to believe in the mental security that raising awareness and highlighting problems, major problems would be embraced by the public and that through action rather than words people would all help make the world we live in at least tolerable for many, not perfect – just tolerable, enough to know that there is some good in the world but I was wrong so it seems, this at some point changed and nobody told me about it…

I came to Greece in 2008, thought a change of scenery would be good and ended up working for an NGO which I thought was helping society, since I have come across the most vile and blatant malpractice possible, scum on a level I never though could exist and corruption and morally devoid/unethical servants to the cause who manipulate and abuse the Health sector for their own self gratifying needs. Whilst they are allowed to do this, to lie, steal and abuse the lives of those who object, it affects lives.

Its only when your involved in something like this whereby the matter truly is real. I remember walking or scurrying to work through the centre of Athens when the Riots broke out two years ago and though to myself through tear gas strained eyes, Wow, that’s not like on TV… It’s pretty hairy, even for a hippy like me!

So I come to Greece, I look for work, get offered several positions across the Islands but turn the best one down at the bequest of the President of the NGO. So, Contract sorted, witnessed and ‘ola kala’ as we say in Greece (all good), onto better things so I thought…

I was new to this sector and have little interest in Health matters normally other than to try and live life, avoid being hit by Greek Taxi’s and to do my little bit where possible whilst I still have time on this Planet, but my hopes were shattered by the sector, the organisations who all sit back and allow this type of mistreatment of its public, and the Ministries who allow it- all whilst being run by the Government, International Organisations and the so called people we vote in, who then allow this in the first place and do nothing when it’s revealed…

Since, having had money I first needed to survive whilst being lied to, never paid properly and then treated like sh*t, It was then stolen from me due to these bastards when I first came to Greece and refused to commit fraud for the President of the NGO… Is it me or is that a bad Idea anyway…?

Possibly a bad mistake I guessed at the time as they then changed the locks and have tried to claim that my contract is a forgery, the same one a witness testified to us both signing, which depending upon which of their lies you believe, I either then planted on the organisation months after being locked out and having no contact with them, or another member of the board signed it, then planted on me so I could then plant it on them, or one which was for half the time stated which we did sign, I just decided to work a few extra months for fun, as you do… Damn I’m good…

So I’m unable to still get many of my possessions over nor get anywhere or see anyone for this duration I then discover they’ve stolen my Insurance, my IKA, and not paid my Taxes.

They slander me for exposing them and months after I leave and fight for my rights, the morning of my tribunal against them they then bring out an illegal court case against myself for claiming that the Broadcast on SKAI radio was wrong and that my accusation of them being under Investigation by the Ministry of Foreign affairs was a lie. Hmmm, a lie…

So, even though they had been notified about an Investigation into their affairs which they claimed was false and wasn’t happening, they were then found Guilty of and highlighted for defrauding the state, illegally claiming to be Doctors and many other activities which are still ongoing, by an Investigation which was under way at the exact same time i stated, for financial Irregularities which turned out to be worse than first previously thought… Oops…!

Their court case served one purpose, to delay my tribunal against them whilst making it impossible for me to claim any benefit in the meantime, hoping I’d fold and have to give up while my dispute was ongoing. No, so I starve for three years, and still am fighting every way I can to survive and to inform people to the genuine facts unlike the horsesh*t these maggots spread. – I lose my house, I watch my health deteriorate each day as it seems I alone fight this problem and I do all I can, in myself, in my work and my hope for the future still.

I wait eagerly for another tooth to drop out through malnutrition whilst they laugh it up, another day at the office robbing and stealing from us all while they abuse further the resources at their disposal willingly decieving all they can, still living the lie they created ten years ago. After all, pretending to be Doctors is a full time Job in the Greek CDC so it seems, certainly at KEELPNO anyway.

It’s not to say it doesn’t happen elsewhere too, but I know elsewhere wouldn’t have them f*cking over innocent people while they were known filth, liars and scumbags who hide behind other parasites in their pursuit of longevity in a cause which is so far exposed it’s laughable.

I in the meantime, not being content with having to suffer abusive treatment by the Greek CDC who are the ones responsible for allowing this in the first place, who then allow their staff to run a hate campaign against myself and others after the threats made by their staff failed to achieve anything other than to p*ss me off, refuse to even investigate or react to the many serious issues about their staff and organisation. Etsi…

First, I turn to the people I thought I knew who don’t seem to give a f*ck, the Politicians whom many all knew of this and seem to believe this is common practice and not really a problem, then the press who daren’t report on it, many for fear of upseting their connected ‘friends’ or family, or because I’m just some Johnny forigner, having seen what is allowed and having spoken to many of them, I know it’s not that, many supported and helped these people achieve what the have, after all, a criminal you know isn’t as bad as one you don’t.

When this first came to light over two years ago, the editor at SKAI Radio wouldn’t run the full story because of ‘intervention’… Nice. I’m happy to bear the brunt of your misgivings in the meatime, I’ll starve and be persecuted while you fail to address the news, YOUR key f*cking responsibility…

Since it’s in the hands of the Judges but in the meantime I wait, I live off thin air and fictional vegetables, discover new ways of making pasta with f*ck all taste like something other than pasta with f*ck all. The little money I have goes on my cats as they have no understanding of soon, and the precious help of the one or two people I know well enough I have managed to just stay alive through charity, genuine affection or maybe even a profound sense of sorrow for my never ending predicament.

People used to ask me if I fasted for Easter when I first came to Greece but those few who have bothered to get to know me know I’ve ‘fasted’ every f*cking day here so far. If I ever see meat again, it’s got no chance and Inedible isn’t a word I think I’ll ever recognise officially either.

No disrespect to anyone but I couldn’t give a sh*t about your religion, your dietary needs or your medical imbalance, if foods offered, it’s going to get eaten. My dear Grandad used to be able to take the pattern of a plate when he was hungry, I personally think I could now take the enamel off one…

People used to ask me if I believed in Aliens, right now I don’t even believe in meat…

But still I fight on…

I couldn’t righfully express how f*cking pissed off I am at the minute with regards to these parasitic, anally retarded, Vacuous cretins but an eye for an eye as they say. Let’s see who has the last laugh shall we?

I have a future, talent, skills beyond their wildest dreams, hope, possibilities and belief in not just myself but what I know I can do, and this is after all I have been through. The best thing they ever did was to threaten me, I probably wouldn’t have pursued it this far to be honest, I’d won already anyway. I was right and I hadn’t done anything,  I’m not a saint, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t decietfully screw people, threaten and potentially blackmail people unlike some folk…I certainly wouldn’t expect to if I was working for the state either, and if I did I’d expect to face investigations after being exposed for such behaviour.

What did ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ – the Greek CDC do after the president of this NGO who was under Investigation do after being exposed to his actions…? Extended his contract… Well done with that! Subsequently he was the head of their trafficking department, ideal behaviour and standards you want someone to have when they’re dealing with immigrants, after all we know how well I was treated when I came here…

Then there’s the refuge they so often like to boast about! A non legal refuge they had, barren, ill equipped and which housed a collection of immigrants who were largely abandoned by this man and the senior members of this ghost NGO, who were all conveniently never around or prepared to equip or feed them. Gracious attempts on one rare occasion they appeared had the secretary of the NGO forcing one resident to eat food he stated he was allergic to, after he came back from Hospital it was deemed maybe a bad idea and something that he should have respected despite our attempts to convince him otherwise. Allowed for over a month to survive without water, and exposed on TV without being censored was all part of the ‘protection’ these individuals also endured.

Previous members of the NGO including myself and a former volunteer can testify to how their elections are a sham and after they self-elect themselves into the same key positions they then fabricate whatever is required for their farce of a statute. I discovered by accident that my name had been illegally used as an entry for their election committee despite having only been in the country a month or so and not having any knowledge of Greek after pursuing the President to prove accountability of our funds prior to Christmas 2009.

As for the confidentiality they abused, running non protected phone lines for HIV/Aids patients and enquiries, allowing them direct access to caller information, something that they failed to address whilst illegally claiming to be Doctors. We’re not talking just anybody here but the President and another senior Board member… Presenting themselves as Doctors for not only access to funding but for access to key medical data thanks to the head of this sector within ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ itself, nice work if you can get it so I hear.

The real problem is that ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ oversaw this and were responsible for employing them, giving them their unaccountability and allowing them to run this sector without any respect, moral guidelines or form of ethical conduct whatsoever.

Meanwhile, back in realityville, justice is forthcoming. Their President who two years ago lied and slandered everyone possible in his attempt to cover up the truth showed his support for Justice being revealed, with thanks it now is.

They have lost their reputations, their future is very bleak, time for their lies is running out and then the fun really begins… The first of many court cases are now under way and having lost all I could for three years look forward to seeing what little they have left being taken by the authorities as they are properly exposed for what they are.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs took the first step and started the Investigation after being informed and the judgement was obvious. Fraud, malpractice on every level and other activities which were handed over to the respective legal bodies followed. Judgement imminent on many of these matters, but still their lie goes on…

This NGO and its staff who mock the ongoing ΣΔΟΕ serious financial investigation, and who ridiculed the Justice system for so long can claim persecution all they like in front of the Judges and explain to them why they have abused their positions as they have for so long.

Still they slander and damage those who seek to show the truth about this Organisation and sector which is what hurts, and still they pretend they have done no wrong and that they are the victims…

Not yet sh*t for brains, but you will be. You can count on that.

Life… Thank god for just the one!

When I came to Greece I fell I love with it, I stayed in Exarheia and was subjected to what I believe to be the best and the worst of Greece. Its a hard country to adapt to, the language has your mouth having a nervous breakdown, the system is so wrong it needs to be taken outside and shot, and the problems are evident in many things but that’s why in many ways its so great. It has hope. It has promise and we all have the ability to actually try and achieve something good, as so many don’t.

I still believe in what it could be like here and I’m always humble enough to still say I’m learning, but while I have hope for myself and what I do somehow, I will never believe in anything ever again…

Is Doctor Dumbass in…?

Doctor Dumbass Strikes again...!

Doctor Dumbass Strikes again...!

Inspiration comes in many guises, this sad reality is an example of the Health system gone wrong, a Sector of Health which openly abuses it’s position as well as the trust and validity of it’s own cause by allowing people to persecute and jeopardise the health and safety of those in need.

But there’s no need to worry, after all it’s not like it’s real or happening within the Health Sector right now… Well, actually, yes it is.

I moved to Greece in 2008 and unfortunately ended up working for this particular Non Government Organisation which at the time I falsely believed was true to it’s ideology. This unfortunately turned out to be a corrupt and self serving dictatorship run by petty minded criminals who lied and stole from their staff, their volunteers, and a nation for nearly 10 years.

This was further made worse by being state sponsored and technically run by the Greek CDC which clearly allows it’s staff to abuse their positions. Defrauding the state whilst they damage those who need help and risk their own confidentiality and health when they put their trust in the Greek National HIV/Aids plan (this of course is run essentially by the same substandard and morally devoid cretins who have made a mockery of everyone’s trust for nearly a Decade anyway, and who still slander and threaten those who dare to speak out against them as they carry out their ‘well practised’ deceitful ways).

The CDC is guilty by allowing their own staff to illegally claim to be Doctors to gain access to highly sensitive medical data which they in turn can do whatever they want with, and by allowing the same people to run their own NGO without accountability has lead to a complete abuse of state resources as they deliberately sought to use this to their own advantage.

Myself and a few individuals have since fought to highlight this sector of Malpractice only to see that the majority of this sector is Ignorant to showing responsibility or will shelter and protect these people for fear of exposing further cases whereby this sector is exploited in this manner.

My overall shock however goes to the overwhelming number of Politicians and media people here in Greece who have since tried to cover this up, or worse still knew of it or are partly responsible for allowing it in the first place. This includes many of the NGO’s within this sector who were all made aware of this nearly two years ago who many have since been involved with them since, and further more who failed in some cases to even see a problem…

Well done there, give yourselves a well deserved pat on the back for that.

The response from this sector and the HIV/Aids community in general beggars belief in that no one is prepared to investigate this or even stop it from happening, subsequently this only leaves bigger questions unanswered as the joke goes on.

This rather pathetic character in particular – (Doctor Dumbass or Doctor F*ckwit) as I like to lovingly refer to him is a true representation of the incompetence, ignorance and arrogance of this entire sector, which has to my knowledge failed the very people who believe in it, and the many more who recklessly claim they care as they fool themselves into believing that they are actually helping people.

To sit back and do nothing is as shameful as when these organisations pretend they care, and yet when the UNAids, WAC, TAMPEP and the many others who all allow themselves to be affiliated with such low moral standards, it only serves to show how little they really care for the true cause that they claim is always underfunded, insufficient and in constant need of help.

Maybe if they didn’t allow such practice to go unpunished and didn’t excuse themselves from having to be responsible by covering it up, ignoring the issues or allowing this behaviour with these people then this sector would gain support and respect from the a larger section of the public who see enough public money being wasted as it is.

If those in need don’t act, those in charge don’t care and those who run this sh*t all fail to give a damn then why should we believe anything they say… One former member who had their medical condition recklessly used by the President of this NGO I’m sure would have their own thoughts on how they were helped.

To those involved, sort yourselves out and stop f*cking ruining it for those who do want to help and the many worldwide who dedicate their time, money and faith in allowing YOU to do F*CK ALL about serious problems that YOU all allow to happen…

Further Information covering the rest of this farce can be found here :

Now onto a lighter note, ‘Hard nipples’ is trending on twitter… Good day!


What if just isn’t good enough for those who really need help…

So, what if…?

What if an NGO had ceased to be active for a period of nearly Ten years and was restarted without a temporary board being appointed by the courts and the leading members effectively voted themselves in and then when it was restarted, two members of the board of Directors ended up working for the same Ministry that provided funding for themselves, whilst another member worked at a Hospital that also received funding and support from both the Ministries and the NGO that they were working for…?

What if when they released information about International causes that they were supposed to be members of, they weren’t in fact members at all and just used this title to gain further opportunities which they could manipulate for themselves…?

What if members of their Board were regularly referred to as a Doctors despite not being qualified or registered, and had allegedly attended a major hospital whilst being unqualified/unregistered as well. Also new information claims that one was passing himself of as a Gynaecologist as alleged  by one concerned member of society, and a previous member of the NGO claims the president violated medical confidentiality also…?

What if another Member of the Board of Directors also worked for a Hospital and was also not registered on the official Doctors registrar as stated by the Hospital itself despite abusing his position gaining sensitive medical data, HIV/Aids results and having access to other medical records and information…?

What if certain members of the same Board acquire funding without the full knowledge of the current Board of Directors and fail to provide any form of receipt or accountability during their actions except by providing mis-information and deliberately false information, such as stating even to the Ministries that they were Doctors…?

What if the NGO were to allow the Members of the Board to appoint themselves as Directors on the Board despite all the members not always knowing that they were elected or even being present during the elections as confirmed by a previous member of their Board and using peoples names without their consent to provide false documentation for their ruse…?

What if their own accountability has been compromised by their neglect to provide a suitable diary of events, meetings, and accounts for actions planned, intended or previously worked on, and what if they were to create their own version of events whenever suited themselves as proven…?

What if three Members of the Board of Directors we’re informed about financial Irregularities highlighted by staff and their reaction was to change the locks and to then try and pass the blame onto previous members, whilst at the same time denying the other Members of the Board the information requested by those genuinely concerned enough to care…?

What if the President were to ask members of staff to illegally create receipts and commit fraud for previous projects that had happened up to 5 years previous…?

What if the Board of Directors file an illegal court case stating that a Broadcast on SKAI radio highlighting them for being under Investigation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for fraud was false just to delay their impending Judgement from a tribunal case against themselves whereby they deliberately lied and slandered the members who had previously sought to help the organisation in a way befitting it’s true nature, purposely setting out to damage those and cause misery so they could continue their deception, and as they have now for two years provided untold lies to try and cover their reality…?

What if the President, who was subsequently also Head of a Trafficking Department which regularly released press information on Trafficking and Migrants not having Insurance were to steal the IKA – staff Insurance, social security etc, and then tried to deny having ever writing a contract of Employment, despite it being prepared by a Volunteer who testified to this fact, it having his handwritten notes explaining what the Contract needed to say etc, and having being now verified by a Graphologist who specializes in Handwriting…? Their original statement nearly two years earlier claiming that their graphologist report denied it subsequently never materialised and only appeared this year when they were summoned into court for the beginning of one of many preliminary cases against them…

What if, when information was requested from one of the Ministries (in which two of the Members of the Board of Directors work), about funding issues related to the NGO in question they firstly refused the information requested, then stated that they didn’t fund NGO’s at all, then they simply allowed the President of the NGO in question to provide the answers…? Is this not like theoretically asking someone accused of being guilty if they are guilty or not…? And being more suspicious when they say of course not, because ‘I’ told you so…?

What if the NGO in question had a shelter for Trafficking victims and refugees and allowed them to live without water for over five weeks, would this not be against the very principle of trying to help…??

What if the NGO were to agree to participate in an potentially non-legal EU project that collects highly sensitive data (DNA) and highly sensitive personal data whilst failing to provide adequate medical staff to collect the data required…?

What if the office in which the President works for within the Ministry uses a number of its staff to work on the Project despite this clearly representing a conflict of Interests for the NGO as stipulated by the terms of the project, who all stand to gain funding as a result and who all have direct involvement with the Ministry which also represents a conflict of Interests for the Ministry also…?

What if the Ministry and the NGO both deny certain members of the Board of Directors receiving any funding despite documentation stating that numerous amounts were allocated to various staff on the Board of Directors, and yet when questioned the President told numerous members of the NGO that he wasn’t to receive any funding by anybody for his involvement…?

What if members of this NGO who worked for the Greek CDC received payments from Pharmaceutical companies…?

Unethical – Yes or No?

Immoral – Yes or No?

Illegal – Yes or No?

Do you not feel that this is something that needs addressing if your government was responsible…? Is this not a matter for the HIV/Aids community to address having allowed and encouraged these people into being able to do this for so long, or is it a poor example of the sector as a whole who have all failed those who truly need help the most when they put their trust, faith and safety at risk allowing themselves to manipulated by NGO’s and organisations who all fail themselves by their ignorance…?

This counts for all of the so called concerned bodies in this sector who have all hidden from their responsibility and who should be ashamed into knowing that they are all as guilty for their role in allowing this to be.

WAC, UNAids, STOPTB, KEEΛΠΝΟ, WHO, HELMSIC, INET and the many others who allow and encourage this abuse of state to happen should look into the mirror and question what they truly represent to the people who put their health on the line trusting in the names of organisations who sit back and let this happen…

This applies to the many Journalists and other media representatives who have lied, covered this up and allowed many more to suffer as a result of their neglect. Especially to the Politicians and members of Parliament who hide behind their pre-fabricated bureaucracy with their ignorance of indifference to the people they pretend to represent.

Quite frankly your all an embarrassment to your names and the institutions you represent, you know who you are, as do we.

For more information please browse through the following link :