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You don’t get much better hypocrisy than this!

Having approached numerous similarly connected, affiliated or ‘so called’ responsible NGO’s who deal with these people, the inaction suggests that maybe quite a few more people should be investigated before people are allowed to put their trust in them.

Especially those who’s lives are or can be affected by a halfwit pretend Doctor giving you potentially life saving information which he found on the back of a cereal packet.

P.S. You’d probably fare better with what’s on a cereal packet! Continue reading

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What time is it…?

It there were a court for deciding if people had a sense of decency and self worth, Judgement would have passed a long time ago for these people and they would have already been tossing salad… Continue reading

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World Aids day – Not just a fight against Aids, but clearly the corruption and neglect that runs rife within this sector…

To be honest I’m new to the whole HIV/Aids thing and if I’m honest it wasn’t what I thought I’d ever be involved in. An accidental bad career choice when I came to Greece exposed me to the corruption which … Continue reading

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