The Greek ACTUP, this time Insurance theft.

It’s hard to find somewhere that can teach you to be this STUPID, but surely somewhere, there is such a place. I’m guessing that someone had to open the door to let these f*ckwits in as the sound of them bouncing off the door would have gotten on peoples nerves after a while. . .

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Απάτη – από ΜΚΟ ACTUP

If you want to help fight HIV & Aids here in Greece, first you have to fight the parasites who have been stealing and lying to the people, the Ministries and the victims of the organised corruption which stops people actually getting access to genuine help, and those who abuse the Health sector if anyone’s ever going to get close to being able to treat people with some dignity.

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An Ode to Kostadis. . .

People moan about the State stealing your money and Insurance and causing you problems, well I had three of the arseholes doing it to my face and then slandering me for the privelege of defending myself.

To say I sympathise is an understatement.

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