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Putin unveils the new Russian federation flag in honour of Trumps commitment to the Motherland.

If you don’t know what happened in Helsinki, then listen up :
The doors shut, all fell silent and as Putin looked Dumbo straight between the eyes, he pulled out his phone, and said this as he played him a high definition video of a Russian hotel visit :
“So, listen up f*cknuts. If you…” Continue reading

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Top ten best thingy wotsits EVER!

The changes your life will benefit from will far exceed your wildest expectations and never again will you have to wonder about some of the greatest mysteries that baffled scholars, scientists and philosophers for, erm seconds… Continue reading

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What time is it…?

It there were a court for deciding if people had a sense of decency and self worth, Judgement would have passed a long time ago for these people and they would have already been tossing salad… Continue reading

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