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Get the f*ck outta here. . .

“I’m here to f*ckin’ amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? ” Continue reading

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Just a quick thank you. . .

I myself have had to learn and find out the hard way, and that despite everything we’ve had to endure here in Greece lately, can only say with a confidence born of experience:

There is hope. Continue reading

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You don’t get much better hypocrisy than this!

Having approached numerous similarly connected, affiliated or ‘so called’ responsible NGO’s who deal with these people, the inaction suggests that maybe quite a few more people should be investigated before people are allowed to put their trust in them.

Especially those who’s lives are or can be affected by a halfwit pretend Doctor giving you potentially life saving information which he found on the back of a cereal packet.

P.S. You’d probably fare better with what’s on a cereal packet! Continue reading

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WAC – World Aids Day and another year of systematic abuse…

World Aids day, and who really f*cking cares about how the help is being abused when everyone is busy trying to make themselves look good ‘supporting’ the cause. Instead everyone likes to pat themselves on the back doing f*ck all … Continue reading

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Volunteers wanted – Serious applicants only…

‘FCKDUP DRASE TOAST’. – (The Fckdup Coalition to Keep Delicious Uber Preserves) will be the first official (NGNLO) – Non Governmental Non Legal Organisation founded to fight the misrepresentation of Strawberries, as well as society’s prudery to Jelly and other preserves by putting a stop to all prejudice and guilt. Continue reading

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So what do Greek Politicians actually do…?

Corruption, lies, theft, pretending to care, ignorance and doing f*ck all when something is asked of you – apart from that, what do Politicians do…? I’m going to delve into the seedy world of Greek Politics because I’ve been unfortunate to have had to try and see some positivity in it, sadly I’m sure its the world over, but the facts remain the same…

“All Skirt and no Knickers” – That’s the reality… Continue reading

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How to create your own NGO in Greece.

Unsure on how to swindle large bags full of money from your Government, then follow this handy guide as practised by ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS.

Two of your board of Directors should be pretending to be Doctors, another should be in a position whereby they can blackmail people with highly sensitive personal medical records, and the rest should be able to lie and back up any bullsh*t they expose themselves to… Continue reading

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