Putin unveils the new Russian federation flag in honour of Trumps commitment to the Motherland.


Helsinki, Finland 2018.

Trump’s blatant collusion wakes America!

Wow, quite the day, and a great header regardless. But made even funnier when it’s true, and yes, you really can’t make this sh*t up!

Not often you get to see a leader of a sovereign Nation surrender his own to an adversary without a single shot being fired.

I bet Hitler’s rolling in his grave…

With Thatcher, obviously… Like some kind of freaky Despot kebab. – You’re welcome.

All of a sudden Americans suddenly seem surprised, 542 days late, admittedly, but thanks for turning up anyway, and that’s not including the pre-election clusterfuck that anyone with half a brain saw coming even way back then, all the way from Moscow, by donkey, riding on the back of a turtle, Terry Pratchett stylee.

You can steadily hear a few more Democrats shouting for Republicans to stand up and call him out but surely even they must realise that if Putin had the foresight to hack the servers and get dirt on Trump and his immediate gang, then he’s clearly got dirt on the rest of the bottom of the barrel too.

It’s hard not to, just look at the cast, it’s like a who’s who of the Top 100 reprobates to ever have walked the Planet, and are you surprised they never stand out against him…the guy’s linked to the mob, he’s now had Putins buddies for several years backing him up online and working people over with poison etc, so go on, please do name me a brave American Government official in Trumps party who’s not had their spine surgically removed anyway, not to mention one who’d stand out against them knowing how he deals with people in the UK…

Just look at Trey Gowdy, when you have to sink that low you normally go blind and develop gills.

And shall we maybe assume that maybe a few aren’t like ‘Randy’ Roy Moore or ‘Deceitful’ Donald Trump either, lol, I know, ludicrous to even consider, but please do… so then maybe Mueller needs to open up a few more investigations too… #justSayin.  Money talks just as readily as it stops people talking.

That all changes when you threaten to take it away though, hey Cohen…!

Yeah Trump, we can all make stupid nicknames up, FYI… it’s not because you’re a ‘Stable Genuis’.

In all my time you’d never expect ANY Americans to shut up about anything when it came to Treason or surrendering a Nation to anyone, let alone Russia, all that kissing the flag bullsh*t and now you give it away.

As a nation you weren’t guilty of it being blackmailed away from you, individually you all just watched, but someone was, and willingly gave it away, and you all know who deep down…

Open Treason!?

If you watched the news today, and here below if you didn’t : *short version.

If you haven’t seen the meeting, then please check out the small video above, you can see the exact moment Donald Trump hands the USA over to Putin, they show it in slow motion so don’t worry, you won’t miss it…

I seriously suspect when the door shut and they were in private, Trump gave Putin a big Key to America like the Mayor’s of cities do and we’ll see a big cheque being handed over as we see a new Trump tower go up in every city in Russia.

What happened behind closed doors :

If you don’t know what happened in Helsinki, then listen up…

The doors shut, all fell silent and as Putin looked Dumbo straight between the eyes, he pulled out his phone, and said this as he played him a high definition video of a Russian hotel visit :

“So, listen up f*cknuts. If you still don’t believe we made you President and own your bloated ugly orange piss covered hide, then know it now.  Firstly we’re going to sit here in silence while you watch this and I see how the Mueller investigation is going, and when the Doors open you’re going to respond to the usual bullsh*t out there in the manner you do so well, send my love to Melania and we’ll speak again soon.

Now stop fidgeting and get ready.” – says a cheeky Anglo/Russian accent.

So, if you’re American, keep telling yourself your lies and preaching to your God while you bring upon your own individual rapture.

God bless America suddenly seems a long time ago now doesn’t it.

I suppose it was the same for Rome when that collapsed too. A nation watching on as it fell at their feet, those in power with gold lining their pockets, now realising that the money they lied and stole to get  is all worthless when no one accepts your currency or lies, and there’s nothing left.


Putin unveils the latest Russian flag, complete with the new 51 states of America…

It equates to America’s recent discussions about North Korea and ‘winning a Nuclear war’… The clues in the title, no one f*cking wins a Nuclear war you morons.  Like D’Uh!

I’m no expert and I dare say with a fair amount of certainty, that no one EVER will be, I’ll wager all I own on the losers being comparable to the winners by the time it’s over. #fact

But these are no ordinary times, this is Trump’s America and the world he is laying waste to as we all watch on.

As a species, we surely don’t deserve to live beyond this point if we allow what Donald Trump and his spineless party of sycophants now have come to be.

You only have to look at Greece and what their Political circus has became, the UK with whatever the f*ck Brexit is supposed to be doing, then there’s Italy and beyond to see it happening all over the world as even more become disillusioned with life, so much so that they are prepared to ultimately forego their own. and the lives of everyone else because of their own misery, spite, hatred or disillusionment…or stupidity, of which if this, they can’t even be educated to a wiser state.  Apparently it’s frowned upon to shoot them and against some sort of Law also.  Ho Hum.

If so, I’ll press the button myself.

On a more personal note, I literally died on the operating theatre a couple of months back.  When I woke everything had changed, I was a wreck, in pieces and emotionally wrecked having known how this was indeed my ‘second chance’ – if not more, and whilst waking at 5:30 am and being fortunate enough to see what was my first ‘new’ sunrise, was to read the news and see how close we were to the threat of Nuclear war with another crackhead loser, backed through either fear, subjugation, dedication or good old fashioned ill gotten gain or survival, all because of some mentally unstable f*ckhead who’s got a peanut for a cock and the brains to match it, someone who wishes they were maybe almost, half as charismatic as fungus and who has the etiquette and social grace of a chimpanzee on LSD, is allowed by so many to behave like this and cause so much collateral damage to everything he comes into contact with.

So I woke, words couldn’t describe that moment anyway, but to feel so beautifully overjoyed for being ABLE to enjoy another day, another sunrise and to live another moment on this beautiful Planet broke my heart, thinking how for the first time in my life, truly, I wanted to live.

And live like I’ve never lived before.

So if you’re fucking FBI (who I deeply respect, hurry up and lock him up and we’ll have no problems…throw his ass in jail), so, yeah, if you want to come and talk to me about my negative connotations of Donald Trump, then understand completely when I say this :

He threatened me, and everyone I know and those I don’t know with Armageddon, so tell him to kiss my peachy fucking arse, and if HE and YOU don’t like it, you can quite frankly go f*ck yourselves.

So, this whole collusion thing… Why do people assume that Trump knows anything about the chaos that unfolded behind his back while he ran for President…!? And this is the masterstroke! There is no collusion.

Trump didn’t need to know, Trump’s too stupid to know, and he’s so fricking moronic, that had he have actually known, then he’d have either accidentally told everyone by now without even realising, or boasted about it because he’s always considered himself better than everyone anyway and above the Law now he’s Dictator for Life.

Collusion, who needs collusion when all you have to do is give the average American something to think about and watch them tear themselves apart…

All you need to do is to light the fuse and stand back, and that’s all that Putin did.

Not that there’s seems to be an average American left these days either. There’s those with the common sense enough to know that their Nation is slowly being destroyed from the inside, and then there’s those who stand in their Chinese made MAGA hats chanting “Space Force”, all while their economy collapses around them, their Industries become victims to a needless trade war, started by a man who has as much Economic understanding as the Cheese burger he snuggles up to at night, and as the idiot they voted in does his utmost to dismember everything that currently works in the US, (and I use the word ‘works’ in a manner which implies that at least for now, you actually have something), they then applaud his Treachery without even understanding all of the above, and what’s to follow below as well…

I’ve tried my best to defend Americans throughout this abomination of a Presidency, but I can’t no more. You’re all complicit in this man being your President.

Those who didn’t vote deserve to lose everything you ever had just as much as those who did vote him in do, and as for the rest, well you’re all guilty of aiding and abetting and for doing nothing for the duration of his presidency thus far.

Turning up for a facebook rally and hanging about any number of the cities, parks and venues you as did, all happy taking your smug selfies and thinking that rallies are really what change democracies, well, quite frankly you’re as brain damaged as you are deluded.

You resist by DOING things. It’s how SH*T gets done… Millenials and the current generation of couch surfing do-gooders all seem to think that a good picture with some chick who’s nearly got her tits out will change the world. It won’t, some virgin nerd cooped up in his bedroom playing Fornight might get his rocks off, but tomorrow and the day after, *spoiler alert – IT’S ALL THE F*CKING SAME!

Parliament, voting, petitions and Court, extreme cases may require a darkened room and a few slaps in the face, and without condoning it, maybe a good high powered rifle a scope.

The press are guilty too and more than most.  For years the standard and quality of Journalism has fallen to lows never seen before and sure it’s because people don’t buy the papers like they use to. Digital media took over while you sat on your asses overcharging us for a Newspaper which even back then, at best was one or two agenda’s being pumped down our throats, and because of this, it allowed the likes of scum like Alex Jones and Fox N*ws, (apologies, I can’t even bring myself to put the term, Fox and News together, it makes me want to vomit) to stick their lying hypocritical racist views on backwater channels and ruin people the world over. But why is even this allowed!?

America sold it’s soul to Cable TV and that in turn sold it to the devil.

Well, the bad news is this, you still owe him, the good news :

Putin just paid him off for y’all.

But the news is pointless it seems, everyones more interested in showing their tits off and pretending to like other talentless numbskulls to appease their own fake like-ability status, or it’s Russian bots apparently!?

Depending upon your view, sex and Nationality, this may be not so bad.

These days we all have to become our own reliable source of information if we’re to invest in a story or news article online, facebook and twitter as by far the worst contenders lately as they freely allowed the message to flow for anyone without checking the content of the message or the intent behind the source, combine this with the leaks and software development abuses made my many of the data mining and hacker bot systems etc and it’s easy to see how this circus affects us all.

There’s just no excuse for it. Sure you can blame the Russians, Obama, the pixies and anything and everything you wish, but you ALL sat back and watched his circus come to town long before he was elected in.

Swayed by money, hype bullshit and ego, the American dream gone sour, he lied becoming Donald Trump the businessman and Tycoon that most people f*cking loathed anyway, and then despite decades of watching him being a c*nt, you then decide to let the spastic run for Office!

WT actual F…!? I mean, really, you want pity, screw you. He’s destroying the Planet by his actions on a Global level almost daily and threatened North Korea with Nuclear annihilation, tore up numerous agreements which safeguarded our immediate demise and has been on a warpath with everyone except the people who have slighted you as a Nation and abused their place in the world order for so long anyway, so F*CK YOU.

And if the FBI want to come and have a word about me joking about him being shot in the face or beheading him with a spoon, as may have been mentioned the odd time, well please do because I wasn’t kidding either.

If you love you truly love America, you’d shoot him in the face yourselves, and more than once just to make sure.

It’s astonishing that with over 17 million guns and the one of the highest murder rates on the Planet, you’re telling me you can’t or haven’t been able to find a f*cktard to do the job when it’s needed the most. And what’s the constitution actually about if not being able to arm yourselves and protect yourselves from exactly this kind of scenario… HELLO! Have you not heard of the word COUP!!!

Where’s our JFK moment when we need it…?

Trump didn’t need to know anymore or less about being voted in because he assumed he would win anyway, his ego trip over-rules any hint of irony or complicity when it comes to the last nearly two years of chaos, and Putin knew this.

Once it was clear that there was a trail back to Moscow for the election results, he knew America would fall apart, the divide between the few sane Americans and the over-ripe hillbilly Trump supporters was all he needed to know that regardless of the outcome, America would soon fall.

But in getting Trump to win, it ensured that an unhinged retard with no common sense, values, decency or experience would now in control of the train wreck that we now witness everyday, and be tantamount to throwing a grenade into a sewer.

His views were well known and his arrogance and stupidity would do the rest, it didn’t need direction, it was akin to letting him sit on that truck and pretend to drive like he did back in March 2017.


Train wreck America, all aboard…

Once you get something like that over someone like Trump you neither have to incriminate or exonerate them when you can just sit back and feed the anarchy, chaos has already begun, no one trusts each other, and combined with an angry three year old with no manners, and someone who clearly hasn’t a clue anyway, one who’s self loathing of repeated self inflicted failure to which he knows deep down, it’s all he is…drives his willingness to now have to appease a man who’s slowly unzipping his trousers as he motions him to his knees…

– “and Donald, this time I’ll tell you when to stop…”

No ones saying Hilary was the answer, the cure, Trump shook it up, but we all want more than what’s happening, and if not, then let the rest of us live, because we want to.

This is a long dark deep path America is treading now, at some point you have to accept that sadly it’s not the end, but it needs to be an end to the lies, the deceit to you as people, you deserve that, everyone does.

He’s so far out his depth just setting up mentally capable staff and his own personnel in key institutions, at least in the ones he’s not destroying, and then there’s the trade war that’s going to make everyone and everything become a rare commodity, industries that fail now won’t recover, technology is desposing of people in Industries half the world take for granted anyway, and we have no solutions for that now, allowing them to fail, markets to now shift, and who farms that when all your beans are pilling up?

Once China finds another source for what it buys off you guys now, you will NEVER have their business again after this… I promise you that America.

You think Trumps going to subsidise and bankroll EVERY export that will soon be stockpile and rusting, rotting or failing to be…

Blame Obama, blame Putin, blame Mueller and the FBI, the press or the Gods, it doesn’t matter when every day sleep walk into another day nearing the End of all we know.

Today we all witnessed it first hand. No fake news, no enemy of the people making sh*t up.

Reality. Welcome to my hell and thank you for staying and making it to the end.

We all need to enjoy life, and remember that living is ALL about that, and if it isn’t, we should make it that.That all changes when you threaten to take it away though, hey Cohen…!


κ.Γιάννης Ν. Ραγκούσης

Dear Γιάννης Ν. Ραγκούσης,

Thank you for your email.

I hope that in it’s sending you are keen to hear back from people who similarly share a hope in the context of what was sent and that you are not just another suit hoping to rub shoulders with the already well stocked ‘rogues gallery’ of potential successors to the current Comedy Government, as myself and 10 million Greeks seek something new and better than what has come before and we are all more than ready to see you prove yourself by your words and deeds if such is your plight.

I myself am a relative newcomer to Greece in the grand scheme of things however in my 5 years here have been fighting to highlight corruption and malpractice within the Health sector myself due to foolishly being led to trust in this sector by those who so easily have been allowed to mistreat it.

It is nothing but positive to see that some aim to help where help is long needed and I myself would further aid where possible as would most given chance to help push Policies retake power from the greedy cartels and individuals who seek to burn Greece from within.

I neither care for Political parties here and am neither swayed into believing any at present are truthfully seeking to help Greece build upon it’s foundations, most rather seem intent on helping themselves to what is left whilst whatever bounty is still available on the way down. I am however similarly affiliated with like minded individuals who I know here who just want the Country to be moving forward at a time when so many in power seek to bask in the spotlight of Government rather than the attempt of future glory.

Having witnessed first hand the level of systematic abuse which goes on within Greece on so many levels, and foremost in Government itself, I cannot stress enough how someone in a position such as your’s needs to address the trust of those you seek to vote for you if you are to ever gain anything.

My fight has been with (Non Government Organisations – MKO’s), although KEELPNO and other sectors within Health have proven as guilty too however I find it appalling that the state not only allows this to happen, but seemingly has it as standard procedure when it comes to this sector in particular. Fortunately my time has been tied up with this and trying to survive whilst the state persecutes those for fighting it, and yet rewards the criminals for their audacious malpractice and behaviour, otherwise I’d have happily helped lift the lid on many other issues as well, not particularly because I want to but because it needs doing and someone has to, something few within roles capable even vaguely attempt to do so. . .

I am keen to help in anyway with Greece as it is now my home, one I love and I have and will do all I can to help make this place a better place, for not just myself but the many Greeks who once boasted of it’s wonder and only now watch to see it robbed, abused and neglected by so many of these ‘Lamoyo’ scum who have made a living out of helping run this Country down in their own selfish pursuit of either fame, money or status.

On a personal note, I’d personally bring back hanging and be rid of half the problem by lunchtime tomorrow, by the time their assets would have been seized we’d have Sakis back in next years Eurovision and have change from all the Champagne I’d have been buying Greeks in celebration of a job well done. But that’s just my opinion, on the upside, all the ‘now’ empty positions would mean that as a result of so much greedy, incompetent or ‘connected’ driftwood cast aside, we’d also have solved the unemployment problem too, but hey, that’d be crazy right?!

So, the links you’ll find below cover just a fraction of what has been discovered and highlighted on how KEELPNO (ΚΕΕΛ) has illegally employed staff to pretend to be Doctors, ran non legal via projects through NGO’s who in-turn  have stolen state & EU funding whilst their staff masquerade as something they are not, abusing those they claim to help and misinforming those whilst prolonging their deceit. Take this as a test case and apply it across the general practice of such Organisations and before you know it you’ll have saved hundreds of millions of Euro’s, rid the world of another couple of thousand Malaka’s and given people a reason to trust the state and NGO’s once again.

If you’re mail is one of virtue and your intentions are clear to purpose with making Greece a better place too then many issues need addressing, the ‘Lagarde list’ as mentioned in your mail is a point which drew attention however whilst many people debate over whether or not the gaining of this list was acceptable, the context of what the list represents highlights a small fraction of where Greece’s monetary value has disappeared over the many years individuals have found opportunity in such avoidance.

Arguing about why and how the list happened is irrelevant when the life of a nation hangs in the balance and until the core issues are addressed it only weakens any hope for progress anyway.

As a foreigner and having come from the UK, my first alarming observation is how the System, the People and the Law allow and have allowed Politicians, the wealthy and State employee’s who have been known to embezzle or rob from the state freedom and immunity from prosecution in many cases over time. This is clearly one of the most important issues that needs amending within the Constitution, (TODAY), and is something which subsequently will help seize much needed assets from those who still spend the money which led the Country to now borrow from the IMF in the first place.

Few people seem willing to acknowledge the fact that by allowing people in Government a ‘get out of Jail card’ to start with also gives them a ‘steal all you can’ card the very same day they start office.

Failure to change this means that all finances gained will still prove benefit to those seeking to steal them rather than spend them on the Greek nation and people who voted them in to at least do their jobs correctly. It won’t stop the problem overnight but accountability enables a Nation to properly govern it’s finances, where at present whilst EU money comes in the front door, MP’s and civil servants are passing it out the back door we have no hope.

I would like to put some faith in yet another Moral and Ethical defender of Greece and would like to see action come to task in fighting these and many other problems however fear that presently Government is just an old boys club where corrupt MP’s just pass the baton to the next recruits when window dressing needs re-shuffling due to media pressure rather than Policy’s being forged into bonds.

Please prove me wrong and stand up for the people as I sincerely hope you will however change needs sacrifice, I know I’ve been through hell just trying to get those within the state to do the right thing and know from first hand experience here that corruption sadly still runs this Country on too many levels.

Also on a personal experience which I lived through here and saw first hand, I am saddened to have experienced being treated like a criminal by the state for refusing to steal state money and by approaching the authorities to help when those who committed such unethical behaviour were discover by myself and a few others who tried to do the right thing, sadder still to see elements of the press and certain factions work to cover this up only to finally get to the Government body responsible which then spent the best part of a year denying the facts, providing mis-information and by allowing those found guilty to continue. . . WTF.

The message that the system gives to everyone right now is ‘be a criminal, we will protect you’, hardly a vote of confidence or something to inspire the people with.

Making a nation great again will take more than popularity and Policy, it will take Balls and in my humble opinion they’ll need to rival King Kong’s. A popular person won’t ever be able to make a difference because what is needed won’t make that person popular, (so bear in mind that if you want to succeed, you need to be hated to get sh*t done), something I know which largely conflicts with the current media vogue when MP’s set to running for Office these days, however if you haven’t already given up on common sense and still feel Greece can become what it deserves to be once more, then you have my help in anyway possible, and I’m sure you will have that of all the Greeks here keen to see their lives becoming their own once again too.

Put simply, stop the corruption, punish and seize from those who have stolen, make people accountable and make people know that their taxes are being spent where they need to be spent, no one here presently likes the idea of growing old only to get to a Hospital and find their either on Strike, out of medication or have to wait 2 days to be seen by a f*ckwit plumber who’s paid by the state to pretend to be a Doctor. . .

And yes, that’s what’s happening now. I know, I’ve been fighting it for nearly 5 years and these pricks are still doing it. . .

That’s what these years of Austerity measures have done for people’s confidence, F*CK ALL. . .

Be different than the other’s who’ve come before : Do something good for a change. Please.

Links of note :




yours sincerely,

Simon A.Rawicz

The Elections 2012 – Celebrity ‘Malaka’ Factor begins…

If you hadn’t noticed, the ‘Greek Elections‘ are looming on the horizon and set to divide the Country yet further. This year however it seems like I’m the only person not running for Parliament.

– So far as I know anyway, maybe someone’s put me forward just in case there isn’t enough Political parties taking part already!

Had I a dodgy criminal past, affiliation with other unscrupulous characters or families as well as a general ignorance to the social and economic problems facing Greece, combine this with the ego and narcissism to lie and fabricate any number of ridiculous ungrounded Policies which lack vision or thought, (then and only then) would I consider any of the mainstream Political opportunities currently available.

Sadly and fortunately like many Greeks suffering at present, we’re just not that f*cking stupid or full of sh*t to attempt it in a manner which others are clearly more suited to doing for us.

So, the current elections seem to have become a parody of a modern day Greek tragedy- “Celebrity Malaka factor” as I like to call it whereby the only winner is the leader of one of the many half-baked bandwagons on offer, whereby too many Oozo’s fuelled a bunch of idiots into believing that they could run the Country better than the big fat guy who ate the two old men from the Muppets.

– I’m not 100% sure but I think that’s what happened originally, and now look at the fine mess we’re in. The Oozo, not eating the guys from the Muppets, I will have to check though just to be sure…

Muppets, which ones are you talking about...?

Venizelos explains how years of Kung Fu have paid off in fighting off opposition from the likes of the KKE and others…

Admittedly you’d really struggle to do worse than the last lot of incumbents, however that doesn’t necessarily make it a good idea either.

I personally was thinking about entering a Parrot I know in the local pet shop near me to run for Prime Minister. It wouldn’t be any different from most of the other party leaders standing to run either.

It know’s f*ck all about Politics, has no concept on the reality facing Greece, understands little about economics and finance yet would be able to reel off any sh*te it was taught like a pro. It wouldn’t surprise me if Papandreou was sat on his perch right now reading this thinking why would a ‘Pirate’ be entered into Parliament…!

‘Parrot’ numbnuts… I said Parrot…

Never in my life have I seen so much petty minded, blind, incompetent ignorance to the current problems facing Greece. Sadder still is that the majority of those sat discussing the future of Greece are the very same f*ckwits responsible for nearly plunging it into the dark ages already.

It’s like the blind leading the stupid. At least the blind have many other senses they can rely on, what do we have… Samaras? VenizelosPapariga?

Please spare me, you’d do better voting Sakis in… SAKIS! Where are you when we need you………All is forgiven, (except Eurovision), we’re desperate, not stupid…!

Vote for us and come see a WHOLE Country in Ruin...

Aleka Papariga shows off the new proposals for ‘their’ vision of Greece.

I wouldn’t have them in a sitcom about running a Country let alone anywhere near allowing them to do it for real. Except Sakis of course, he’d be great….

I’ve made it my mission to get Sakis involved anyway, he doesn’t know about it yet but we’ve got time and hopefully maybe 10 million Euro’s to spend according to the press reports of what some of the main parties have been allowed to spend, that will get me Sakis I hope and a few packs of Gum for those fierce Political rallies we’ll be on over the next week or so.

I drafted up our campaign poster : I opted for subtlety instead of something brash, you know, reach out to the demographic…

VoteSakis - "Lets face it, if we're going to get f*cked..."

VoteSakis – “Lets face it, if we’re going to get f*cked…”

On a random note, I loved Elvis Presley when I was a kid but I wouldn’t have him run the Country let alone advertise Burgers just because he may have ran for President or Prime Minister in his day. Sorry Elvis, you can shake your ass in that dangerously provocative way but get the f*ck out of Parliament with your Blue suede shoes…

“Coffee, smell, and wake the f*ck up” all spring to mind as a passive observer.

I’d frankly sooner have ‘George WW3 Bush‘ in charge over here, at least he’d kick start the economy – or at least fund another one whilst we stole whatever resources we could in the meantime, (no one would be wondering where the Oil came from) that’s a fact and at least those submarines Greece bought from Germany could get some usage too…!

Meanwhile we have everything except the ‘Monster raving loony party‘ fighting to run the Country. – Actually, except for the name, we have nothing BUT the monster raving loony parties running for governance.

If you don’t know anything about these fruitcakes, please visit this link when you’ve read this : Monster Raving Loony Party

Long story but as you may tell by the name, they weren’t in danger of running the UK and they had about as much chance as the Liberal Democrats did, thankfully…

At times like this you just want to wake up and hope it’s all a dream, or a Sitcom. Greece’s answer to ‘Yes Minister’ but it’s real.

Georgios Samaras prepares to run for president in between matches...

Yay, vote Samaras, thankfully not the ‘other’ one, – Georgios Samaras prepares to run for president in between matches…
Having been exposed to the Scottish way of life he’s not one to shy away from nutting anyone who stands between him and running the Country…I hope!

Unfortunately, the future of Greece currently hangs on which clueless halfwits fail to  address the obvious and do so by smoothing over the ever deepening cracks whilst continuing headlong down the same proven route to ruin.

The current instalment of Bailout money seems to only have funded the current farce and failed to address any fundamental problems facing the Greek system, economy and people right now.

Greeks have every right to question the validity of being in Europe when their own Government has failed to fulfil hardly any of the obligations expected of them since joining it, however misplaced anger towards Germany and other EU Countries is misplaced and unfair on a system (rightly or wrongly) in which Greece is apart of.

People here may have forgotten that the only reason why the Country has only been at 50% bankruptcy is because of the help provided by Europe thus far.

Like it or not, that little bit of money you may be still lucky enough to have is because of this fact.

I’m neither condoning or agreeing with the IMF and the Austerity measures which are being implemented however I have to acknowledge their impact on Greece even being able to have an Election right now.

Your views on the EU are all valid and poignant however this is not the feature or subject which I’m trying to address.

The fact that much of the EU funds will never see the average Greek citizen is ONE of many issues which need addressing however Germany didn’t appoint any number of past Greek Government’s in place over the years who openly abused the funds provided to them!

The German economy didn’t allow all the current Tax evaders who are now being dragged in by the state to milk the system at YOUR expense for over twenty years to get away with it for so long…

Having lived briefly in Germany I can honestly tell you that the extent of fraud and corruption currently facing Greece wouldn’t EVER have been allowed to happen in the first place. FACT.

The current problems are what happens when you allow the same arrogant families to pass the buck every new term.

They cover for each other and accept much of what happened before because they deliberately set out to do exactly the same themselves – ‘Etsi’…

Now, for whatever reason it seems like the extra pressure from the EU measures have forced a number of institutions into pro-actively seeking out those who got away with everything for so long previously.

– Good, lock em all up. Strip them naked and make them forage a living on the streets like everyone else.

Prison’s too good for many of them and the Death penalty isn’t quite the answer in many cases. Don’t get me wrong, I’d wire the f*cking lot up, save on electricity and fry them all to feed the poor at the drop of a hat but ‘apparently’ I can’t, it’s deemed wrong but I’m sure we all have a bit of rope somewhere in the house come the day…

So, whilst the news, social media and web become littered with the latest Political party propaganda b*llsh*t, remember first and foremost they are there for YOU.

You are not their tool or plaything, a statistic which they have any right to call their own or misuse in any way.


Laurel and Hardy share another joke as they plan on dividing up the spoils of the IMF bailout...

Laurel and Hardy share another joke as they plan on dividing up the spoils of the IMF bailout…

Don’t listen to their lies, their policy talk, their preconceived party political horsesh*t which they like to pump out time after time. Tell them what YOU want to happen. Tell THEM what YOU as Greeks want to be done.


I don’t care if you have to throw one in the boot of your car and take him to a secluded spot, duct tape him to a rocking horse overlooking a cliff and make him listen to what as a citizen YOUR sick of, but make them know.

Seriously, tell them why you’re sick of their deception, lies, scandals, lack of opportunities and mindless acceptance of what is wrong with the system. Do it, if they fail to provide you with the requuired answers that suit YOU the Populace then they don’t deserve to be ‘representing’ YOU and that rocking horse should be set free!

I use the term ‘representing’ loosely as we all know who they will always represent first and foremost, themselves. Mr. Aren’t I f*cking the saviour of everything ‘Self’.

If you know they have skeletons, dig them up, if you know they have been lying, prove it, if you know they have agenda’s expose them. But first and foremost, if you think they are doing anything which will further damage your Country, then don’t even entertain them.

The thing that REALLY p*sses me off with Greece is that when you talk to the average person about all this, they are aware of who the scum are, they know all the corruption cases and could give you a full run down of all the ‘non reputable’ activities these front-running Parties are responsible for… WTF!


“Once bitten twice shy” as the saying goes and the snakes in Government here outnumber the people in some areas where they seek Office. Ring any bells…

Let’s not kid anyone, Elections are a big thing, we all secretly think well what can ‘I’ do, little ol ‘me’.

Well, little ol you can do a lot, trust me I know.

I am but a humble guest of this great Country, one which now calls it home and one who knows how desperate and critical the state has become due to so much neglect, misinformation and lies. All no less given out by those who have failed to work on the behalf of the people of Greece and which now has affected those in Europe through this plight.

Yes, all those foreigners you hear moaning about the state of Greece, the state of the EU and the state of their own Countries in some cases. They pay taxes too, ones which have gone into Greek banks, the economy and much more so it too gives them the right to question what the **** is going on.

Most are supportive, many aren’t. But it’s how it is. You’d be the same if the shoe was on the other foot. What our Government’s do with OUR money is and should be a genuine concern we all have.

After all, it’s because of us they have it.

Many feel that dropping out of the EU will miraculously help Greece overnight, blaming everything from ‘Hitler’ to ‘Merkel’ for the current problems. Whatever happens though, it won’t be easy.

It will get harder but sacrifice comes at a cost.

To replace the funds stolen alone would make Greece rich again for sure, lost taxes, state sponsored malpractice and poor funding, cutbacks to the many aspects of gratuitous overspending by the many Ministries which seems to be a pandemic are all slowly being done which will in turn will make it work again.

You have the most glorious location, history, scenery and natural beauty the world has ever known – not to mention men and women who are truly descendants of Gods themselves, this used correctly will alone make Greece stand proud once more.

If any other Country in the world had half the attributes that Greece has going for it at any one time they wouldn’t know what to do with them all. – All I know is that they’d be rich both mentally and physically.

I recently read somewhere that the Spartans used to leave the inferior in the woods for the Wolves to eat, maybe we can reintroduce that again and do that with those responsible for what we now endure?

I’ve been here nearly 4 years (2 weeks away) and have seen much, fought tooth and claw for the chance to even be able to write this and I fully empathise with the people here. With the state and the system NO CHANCE.

“It’s f*cked…”

If it were an animal you’d have shot it long ago but many still cling to this ‘ideal’ as they know no alternative, they are blinded by a lack of vision and know how to manipulate what’s in place, they just want a go at it instead.

(This is the bit where we tie them to a tree in the woods).

Learn. Listen. Adapt and most importantly – MOVE FORWARD.

Failure to do anyone of the above gives us license to drag their sorry ass somewhere secluded and duct-tape them to that rocking horse overlooking the sea we mentioned earlier.

If you’re a voter, ask questions, expect answers that suit YOU, not them and sh*t them the f*ck up while they listen to YOU.

It’s YOUR Country, not theirs.

A Country of wonder and natural beauty...

A Country of wonder and natural beauty, and yet at times all we do is wonder and watch many destroy it’s beauty…

So what do Greek Politicians actually do…?

So, what do Greek Politicians do…? Please, I’m really trying to work it out. I’d happily extend the matter the question to all Politicians of all nations however the issues I’ve been trying to deal with over this last year are a Greek matter, something that Greeks of all political influences should be concerned about however it seems no one is prepared to deal with reality or do justice to their country by acting responsibly.

Who loses out by all this neglect, the country does. The people they represent, me, you, and all the other Greek’s who I meet and speak to who are being screwed by the arrogance of incompetence and the stupidity and moral neglect these people show doing nothing. There are few Greek’s who can be proud about what their Government has done and is doing, everyone I meet seems to complain that this country is always run by a load of ‘malakas’, and from what I have sadly witnessed, rightly so.

If the people who are in a position to do something do nothing, then we’re all f*cked. That’s the best case scenario available in Greece at the minute. The latest Government is still mopping up the sh*t from the last one, and I’m sure it won’t be long before the cleaners need to come out again going on the current track record.

When faced with social, economic issues, corruption, people endangering the lives of others by people pretending to be Doctors, and by giving these people the opportunity to actually do something that concerns the general public that voted them in, what do they do…? – They do nothing.

So, it leads onto to wonder what exactly do they do. It’s not a criticism, it’s a fact.

In over a year of trying to highlight many of the issues listed to many of the so-called Politicians listed on Facebook, those who ALL have an orgy of socially correct comments on their profiles to make themselves look good and sound like they actually care, not one of them has done anything constructive to help the system in any way.

It’s very appropriate when so far a complete failure to act on information and act responsibly has materialised, and the most significant thing to arise from this observation is that we all know who not to ever Vote for in the future!

I’ll help with your next election campaign myself :

“Vote for me, I’ll do F*CK ALL and watch your country slide into hell…”

Its kind of catchy and I can see the general public really loving it too…

Do we need to invest in education to educate these people on the values of morality and good conduct or are these simply many of the values that people within this circle should have before they even chose to try to represent us?

For over the last year now myself and a few people I have been fortunate enough to know have been campaigning to highlight the fact that KEELPNO, (the Greek CDC) have been employing members of an active Non Government Organisation which receives funding from the very Ministry which employs them. Not only do members of this NGO also head the department which hands out projects and funding to themselves without competition, but one is also the head of the HIV/Aids committee for Greece, directly appointed by KEELPNO…!

The fact that KEELPNO has employed people who have been claiming to be Doctors whilst not being registered or qualified is quite alarming and dangerous in itself, however the fact that so nearly all of the Politicians on this profile, many who have been contacted directly have chosen to do nothing is even more alarming.

What is your point in life? What do you contribute to the well-being of society if you chose to do nothing when it is not only needed, but put on a plate for you to feast on…?

Wake up and smell the frappe, its time to prove that you’re not just another useless lump of flesh milking an already f*cked state of its goodness, but your also a valuable member to the people who expect you to do something pro-active for once.

Those people who I have written to and who have been expected to do something positive, I ask you what you have done about any of this? To those who read and have seen the articles in the Papers and featured on many online publications, and to those who already knew about the state of the system and those who were robbing and lying to everyone, how good do you feel?

Its simple, your paid to do something, you’re in a position to do something, and you’re in a job that expects you to so something, so do something.

Who am I to ask you wonder, how dare I write such things, and what does it matter to me…. Simple, I’m like every other person in Greece striving to survive, wondering why so many d*ckless people are running around with their pants down pretending to be doing something good when all they are interested in is themselves and how much they can get away with.

Most of you don’t seem capable of working in a McDonald’s let alone being involved in the well-being of a Nation and till you can prove to the people you can, you’d better take a long hard look at yourselves…

Remember the next time your face appears in an election campaign, this slogan will follow you everywhere :

“Vote for me, I’ll do F*CK ALL and watch your country slide into hell…”

Nevermind the crisis, what about the things that can be fixed…?

Well, its been a while.
11:22 on 07 April 2009

Unfortunately I haven’t had a great deal to write about lately due to the complications my life has thrown at me recently, the joyful honeymoon period of feeling Greece was great has worn off to the harsh reality of what it truly is.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love its madness and so many other aspects to what it has to offer but I’m just physically drained by how useless as a country it actually is.

I’m not here to upset people by saying any of this, I’m truly not, however I’ve been here nearly a year now, exactly one year in 26 days so I feel I have seen quite a bit and have as much a right to my views now as anyone, and I have paid my dues and have now suffered as many Greeks do on a regular basis anyway, and this last year I have seen much of the darkness this country has in store for all people from all walks of life anyway to be able to say my bit, and so I will.

E's a Greek

Tin Katsame (We’re doomed)

So where to begin…

Well, working in Exarhia prior to Christmas and seeing the city become a war zone in a matter of hours day after day was something I hope I never experience again, anywhere in the world, not just in Greece.

Its one thing when you turn on the TV and see rioters burning and destroying a city, Police openly beating protesters and demonstrators alike, and buildings being set on fire, yet when you have to make your way through the chaos, stumbling through broken glass and debris to try to sneak your way out of the area without getting beaten or hit by missiles, well its something else.

I’m not saying the riots were wrong, but as an innocent person trying to get by in life, neither the rioters nor the Police had any respect for anyone other than themselves at times and the fact that more people didn’t die as a result was quite amazing. And yes I can complain as our office was in the centre of Exarhia, we used to sit with our eyes streaming as the Tear gas hovered in the air as we tried to do our jobs, this after having to walk through it for some 4-500 yards as we avoided the glass and fires that raged along our street, watching the builders try to patch up the businesses as the fire brigade tried to put out the remnants of the nights folly, this all as we tried not to get arrested each morning for being in the area anyway.

Having had my first bad experience with a Taxi driver who stole my clothes on my Birthday to now having worked for a nasty lying piece of sh*t who openly lied and stole his way through his career has also been an experience. Despite him openly admitting to the staff that he was fraudulently fabricating receipts for money over the last five years at least, I still laugh in bemusement as no one is prepared to do much about it without a push, but there’s a push, and you can count on it… Everything from the way he treats the staff to the poor unfortunate refugee’s that are supposedly sent there to receive help is just shocking, and yet in Greece its seen as almost normal, he owes me several thousand euro’s and is being chased for rent owed and several other unpaid matters also, and again, who cares, no one. (The saga of ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS will be highlighted later on). I have now been attacked and nearly robbed by a drunk Taxi driver, (outside the Police station at that, and in view of three officers), and yet as the Taxi driver tried to drive me into another vehicle they didn’t see a thing, however after I was dragged into the station and wanted their testimony they didn’t see a thing or want anything other than to lock me up for the weekend for being a foreigner who wanted justice to be done, (outrageous I know), however fortunately a dear friend saved the day and kept me from having to hire a helicopter to fly me out of Prison.

E's Scum

No morals, No Ethics, unbelievable Bullsh*t…

Lets not forget that this is after the incident whereby a Prisoner had already stolen a Police car having been left unattended in the car with a firearm, he then went on to nearly escape, this is also after the Scandal whereby elements within the Clergy tried to sell off Holy land here in Greece, and before the classic case whereby a known criminal and offender who had previously escaped a so-called maximum prison by helicopter, escapes a maximum security prison by helicopter…

Now excuse me while I struggle to suppress a laugh, however if I offered a script like that to Hollywood, they’d have me thrown out and probably locked up too. You can’t make sh*t like that up unless you come to Greece and see it first hand, and that’s only scratching the surface of this last year, honestly…

I’m not sabre rattling either trying to say the UK is any better, if it were, do you think I would have left…? Hell no, that’s not my point, I’m just surprised and shocked about how poorly run, how few rights people have and how impossible things are to get done here.

In some aspects its very much worse than a third world country, broken beyond the point of normality in its governing system, run by dictators and people who have no reason to share the rights of the country with its people, and devoid of compassion for what should be or for those who truly want to attain any greatness in their lives. This is the truly shocking part for me.

No matter what you try to do, get done or want doing, you can’t as there is no sense of pride or achievement in most people as everyone knows the systems so unbelievably f*cked anyway, so why bother…

A friend of mine here informed us that recently where he works, out of a number of positions that were going within government, half had to be assigned to a select group of people who were friends, family or people who had been promised the jobs, the rest were to be just given out by someone who didn’t have any relevant experience anyway.

So, the next time you deal with the government and you wonder why nothing f*cking works and why no one has a f*cking clue, ask yourself if in a country whereby some idiots f*ckwit cousin gets a job he can’t do, is it probably because he’s stood in front of you…

And again I can confirm this on many levels, I’m not just clutching at straws on these matters, I’ve been here a year, had to endure some real sh*t and have dealt with the system with the help of informed friends, Greek’s who thought they knew the system too, only for us all to end up wondering what Planet we’d suddenly woken up on. When I first arrived, the UK embassy, the Greek consulate, the local authorities, the Immigration centre and the Police. ALL didn’t know where I was to go to obtain my Residents Permit. Every website link, every office we were told to speak to, every dumb assed office we were sent to, and every senior person within the afore-mentioned organisations, all didn’t have a clue…

Again, don’t get me wrong – I truly love Greece. I love the country, I love the madness, I love the weather, I love the people who suffer as I do, but I can’t stand a society that rattles on about being the architects of so-called democracy when they can’t even get the basics right 2000 years on. Now since I’ve been here, most people have pre warned me to the sh*t that happens here, and I thank you for your honesty, but don’t let what could be a great country be destroyed by a few that don’t care.

This isn’t just about Greece either, it’s anywhere where things are wrong. When something doesn’t work and screws the people its there to help, its fundamentally wrong on all levels and against why it was elected in the first place.

I see the coming election details appearing more and more on the news and sadly don’t feel I know or understand enough of your country and the mentality yet to be a true voter, however you all do! You know what you want and you know what is wrong probably far more than I do, so for god’s sake, don’t let the next elections allow the same sh*t to happen any longer.

My nan was heavily into Politics and always said you can’t complain if you don’t try to change the way it is, and she was right. You all have the right, I’m one person, a foreigner that no one gives a damn about at that and I don’t expect to change the world to suit me. Nice though it may be, I know it’s not possible, however you all can, its your country, you suffer, and you have the right to some things that some parts of the world take for granted.

Your rights…