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Athens, WARMER than Skegness, and a few things my nan used to say!

Yesterday it even rained! Well, I say ‘rained’, here’s what actually happened :

It got cloudy, it got a little cloudier and showed the promise of rain and at one point, somewhere high above the Planet a droplet of liquid was dispatched by the God of ‘Taking the P*ss’. Continue reading

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A few things you may not know about Summer in Athens…

If you presented to the rest of the world with all you see and hear over typically just a year of living here in Greece, no one would believe you, it’s just that surreal as a place.

It would make for a great film were it not real and something that we many experience on a regular basis and if it we’re ever put to celluloid, it would be one of those films whereby people watched and then afterwards joked how thankfully it couldn’t actually happen like that in real life, well it does! Continue reading

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