– Chat room

Please don’t be offended if you find yourself sat on your own, staring at a screen wondering if anyone else would really be sat wanting to discuss the dangers of Penguins.

Please bear in mind that you’re in a Section dedicated to the pursuit and tracking of ruthless Penguins…

Don’t be surprised if you often find yourself thinking that your ‘special’, or maybe one of a Kind because you truly are…

But really, SHAME ON YOU…

How would we know that you weren’t a Penguin, think of the Security implications.

Did you really expect to hook up with other like-minded Penguin Bounty Hunters on a public chat forum?


Bounty Hunting is something that we oppose strongly. The humble Bounty is a tasty combination of Chocolate and Coconut and not to be trifled with.

Trifle Hunting however is completely acceptable!

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