– P.I.B. Supply Depot

Coming soon…

The War on Penguins comes at a price. Fortunately here at fckdupathens, we accept all types of credit card and will happily help you Arm yourselves up to the teeth with Weapons and Defensive measures to help you feed your paranoia.

The P.I.B. Special Weapons unit has been working round the clock since it was founded on state of the art technological advancements to combat all known threats. These will all be online shortly.

AP_missile - 01
Anti Penguin security you can count on…Be safe, be armed!

Prevention is better than the cure. Nothing short of a full Nuclear strike will guarantee safety but in the meantime its down to us all to own an arsenal that would make a small country proud.

Weapons, Armour and Psy-Op weapons will be available shortly.

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