The Truth – ACTUP

* Ammended article : Mar 2015

The latest and final court case against myself, Chistina Chorianopoulou and Kallia Xatzigianni for ‘slander’ against ACTUP/Kostadis Kaburakis was delayed yet again whereby ACTUP failed to attend court on the 17th of March – (as expected).

It’s of little concern anyway as this final case by Kostadis Kaburakis is just a formality now all the other false cases he brought out against us for exposing him and the NGO’s Directors have been thrown out, and the new date is to correspond after the numerous Penal cases against ACTUP whereby the details will have finally been put to rest and the facts exposing them for what they are have been judged and sentenced, and the lies to which they have told in and out of Court will finally fall on deaf ears.

This time was particularly memorable as even their own lawyer failed to attend, showing just how little concern they have for the Justice system despite hypocritically claiming to be victims for so long, a fact made clear by the Judge. . .

It’s hardly surprising in fairness, who wants to turn up at a Court hearing for slander knowing that all you said was a lie, and to which most of the illegal material given in evidence was submitted by the idiot claiming to be the victim, and proven to be lies as well?

Not a wise move after the last case whereby the NGO made itself a laughing stock, (yet again I might add), so not turning up and being ridiculed in Court as usual was probably the better move in their eyes.

Either way, somewhat irrelevant now knowing that the next time it probably goes to Court, most of the Board of Directors if not all of them will quite probably already be in Prison anyway.

At least then we won’t have to worry about them not turning up!!!

This case is one whereby we exposed them as criminals for fraud, providing false documentation to the Ministries and having been found guilty by YDAS for misappropriation of funds whilst two of the Board of Directors illegally masqueraded as Doctors to run the NGO and gain access to funds for trafficking, this malpractice highlights the President Kostadis Kaburakis who abused the trust and confidentiality of those unfortunate to have dealt with the NGO under the guise of their titles as he abused his position at the key HIV/Aids Hospital in Athens and whilst attending and presenting himself as a Doctor in conferences and at meetings whereby he parades himself as a Doctor.

The case now is set to occur after the current Penal case against ACTUP which is underway for exactly such crimes, and which further exposes how the NGO and the Directors only sought to damage ourselves for exposing them whilst using the lie and the deception of being victims which were always known to have been lies from the beginning.

The many other cases against us by ACTUP have already been thrown out of Court or we were acquitted and found innocent of anything other than exposing these lying thieves for what they are, and the more recent case by IKA highlighting them for stealing Insurance during 2008/2009 only confirm what many knew already about the immoral and unethical parasites who run this NGO and who have abused the Health sector here for their own gain for their entire careers.

Fortunately nearly 20 years of embezzlement, fraud, providing false documentation, theft, illegally pretending to be Doctors and abusing the people, patients and responsibilities falsely gained through taking over this NGO have been reveaed and the Courts now pursue these people for what they have done.

All details below go into depth about the many activities uncovered by ourselves and those who fought to expose them for what they are, and the latest information suggests that the Case has been taken up by the highest legal Authority here in Greece due to the severe nature and the 15+ year history of this NGO and those guilty of abusing it.

More inevitably to follow. . .

* Ammended article : Oct 2014

The non legal case for slander in which Kostadis Kaburakis (the President of ACTUP) attempted to sue myself and two others for exposing his career of lies was thrown out of Court earlier this year (2014), we were subsequently acquitted and found innocent of any wrong doing whereby the testimony in which we quoted his own lie about him illegally pretending to be a Doctor and numerous other facts raised in the report covered by Journalists in the press surrounding this Joke of an NGO are now being investigated further at the request of the Magistrate’s ruling.

This case and the subsequent lies told by the President of ACTUP and it’s board of Directors became an integral part of their defence over the last 5 years, whereby after being exposed as having defrauded the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in Greece they then set about trying to damage myself and the other people who sought to reveal the true nature of those in charge, and something they could always hide behind as so called ‘victims’ awaiting Justice.

Despite these battles in court dragging out for 5 years, often due to them failing to appear in court or trying to pass off anyone of a hundred or so different lies at each and every turn, Justice was indeed done.

Another bullsh*t court case against myself whereby the Board of ACTUP tried to claim that I had forged my work contract, (despite having a witness), and never worked there for 2008-2009 was also thrown out and it was made clear by the ruling of the Judge that the Board of ACTUP had deliberately lied and set out to damage myself for refusing to steal state funding and exposing the world to their 20 year web of lies. Furthermore, their claims of a Graphologist report proving that my claims were false were based on a two year lie whereby they claimed they had proof by an authority a graphologists report prior to having one, and then basing their findings on a photocopy provided by ourselves in our defense. . .

In December 2014, my work tribunal case with IKA (insurance) will similarly be finished, exposing them yet again as criminals who set out to lie and take advantage of an employee, and the monies owed to me and the state, when they deliberately set out to cause as much pain and misery as possible. The hearing is now just a formality as the verdict was given quite some time ago, however, this as usual has dragged on due to them failing to attend in person when required. Pretty good for people who apparently fight for the workers rights, and the security of immigrants. Something else they have been found guilty of abusing when possible.

The clear and concise manner in which the Courts so far gave their findings, reiterated the reality to this selfish, fraudulent and self gratifying NGO and the people who have abused the state, the sector and the people who have gone to them for help over the years.

The medical confidentiality which is and has been so freely violated by these people over the years clearly shows how little they have ever cared for anyone other than the person providing the opportunity, and the lengths to which they will go to to protect their web of lies has no bounds.

As of November 2014, I am pleased to announce that after 5 years of investigations, the case against ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS and it’s Board of Directors begins. This is tied to numerous other relevant cases by several authorities and people such as myself for the malpractice, fraud and slander of all who have been abused by the people in charge of this Organisation.

The pathetic and shameful manner in which they have built careers at the expense of those in such a difficult and vulnerable predicament is testimony to what these people are truly like, and the threats, lies and non legal cases whereby they have built their identities on being the ‘victims’ has been proven to be nothing more than just another lie in a 20 year career of lying. . .

SO far all the events articles and facts presented by myself and the newspapers which exposed them have turned out to be true, and interestingly, everything that they’ve said has turned out to be a lie. . .


They have hidden behind the UNAids banner, and others whilst using international Organisations without validation or  to further gain access to projects whereby claiming to be medical Doctors has given them access to HIV/Aids medical data to which they have used for their own gain. The recent case whereby the women were exposed in the papers highlights the very dangers faced by people who allow this sector to have access to their details, and shows how on one hand they can ‘claim’ to protect the people suffering with the illness, only to then use them as a tool in the press when the need arises.

Who leaked the names? Who went out of their way to gain access to such data in the first place, and who had no right to having such access anyway. . . ?
Illegally pretending to be Doctors is bad enough, but this all shapes a very sinister image of a sector run by elements within the CDC, who are allowed to work for NGO’s who in principal ‘supposedly’ oppose state practice, only to do what they want with impunity.

Add to the fact that most of the NGO’s within this sector here knew about this and allowed it to happen for so long is just shocking.

* Ammended article : Dec 2013

Since many of these articles were written, legal action and further proof about the people covered within this blog have come to light to vindicate the facts about this unethical NGO and the behaviour of it’s board of Directors including those who attempted to cover up the reality of the corruption and malpractice exhibited by those in charge of ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS.

Our plight to expose the two faced thieving scumbags as per the ones highlighted within this blog have all now come to the attention of the respective authorities whereby they now face penal action for their roles in much of what has been revealed. This will be further covered once the courts have given their verdicts and whereby the crimes committed have been dealt with.

Meanwhile, the case of Slander against myself and the two others who valiantly fought to expose these people was thrown out by the courts and we were acquitted and found innocent, and the activities whereby the President of the NGO, his partner and the secretary and other board members who acted unlawfully in their running of this NGO have been passed onto the District Attourney for further analysis due to the severity of the actions committed by those covered in the article in which they attempted to sue us for, when it rightly revealed the true horror of the NGO and it’s members as backed up by the information obtained from the NGO itself and the Ministries connected with it.

On a lighter note, what kind of no brained halfwit tries to sue you for slander when he himself provides Ministries with the documentation he then spends most of his lifetime boasting, about when it’s a lie. . . Well, you can ask him yourself if you want, its just still too funny. . .

For more information feel free to visit my latest link, An ‘Ode to Kostadis’.

Needless to say that all the evidence provided by ourselves was given to us by the Ministries concerned and highlighted the fact that all 5 members of the board of Directors, Kostadis KabourakisChrysoula Botsi, Kostandinos ZikkasGeorge Papachristou and Andreas Grilleas all were found guilty of defrauding the state, not to mention some of who illegally claimed to be Doctors and abused the access this gave them to by gaining privvy to highly sensitive medical data, illegally obtained by decieving their way into hospitals and key HIV / Aids projects.

This was overseen by the one genuine member of the Greek CDC who worked for KEELPNO and was the financial Director (Chrysoula Botsi ),not only responsible for the financial issues currently under further investigation by Ministries, but who covered and was part of the deliberate deception whereby other members of the board could illegally pretend to be Doctors and provide false documentation to whoever required it over (now) a 15 year period.

The lies and slander go on by the afore mentioned people in their last ditched attempt to blame others and provide a smokescreen for what has been a very elaborate and deliberate opportunity by immoral people who took advantage of the HIV & Aids sector for their own gain.

——————————————————————————————- Original Post.

Its time the truth about ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS came out as for over a year and a half whereby faced with the truth, the facts and the reality of their actions, they have openly lied, threatened and abused those who have sought to reveal the facts.

The presidents most recent bout of lies (Feb 2011) are highlighted here with links to the facts found on most posts on this blog.

Many of the proof’s required are already online and covered in my latest blog entry which provides links to where the president has openly claimed to be a Doctor and other issues raised :

Keep the promise.
We promised we’d lie steal and blame others, we kept the promise…

ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS was formed in 1993, originally a HIV/Aids awareness group run by genuine members, activists and people suffering with the illness till 1995. For whatever reason it disappeared till 1999 whereby it was hijacked by two people who had ambitions of their own, who still coincidentally control and have been the source of the majority of problems recently discovered. Kostadis Kaburakis (Κωσταντής Καμπουράκης)  and Chrysa Botsi (Χρυσούλα Μπότση), as well as other members that have since appeared to have elected themselves in charge and carried on with the Organisation, choosing to do so by abusing the name of a once respected organisation and their positions within the Ministries which they were connected to which allowed them the security and ability to act with impunity for nearly a decade.

From 2002 – 2010 they managed comfortably to lie and deceive their way into funding which they then treated as their own, provided false documentation and bogus receipts for projects, illegally had members claiming to be Doctors, whilst failing to provide any accountability for their actions secure in the knowledge that their Ministries, contacts and friends would all cover it up. Two members of the Board of Directors, (K Kaburakis and Andreas Grilleas) having pretended to be Doctors for nearly ten years, have illegally deceived people with HIV/Aids into trusting them and gained access to highly sensitive medical records through working for KEELPNO (the Greek CDC), Andreas Siggros Hospital (the main HIV/Aids Hospital in Athens), and by running non legal projects which jeopardized the confidentiality and safety of those who sought help.

They then having put themselves in a position to Blackmail people with these highly sensitive results accuse others who neither had the opportunity or the access to such records of committing such crimes. C Botsi and K Kaburakis, the Financial Director and President of this NGO who are known to be in a relationship, also work for the same ministry which employs them and funds them… Subsequently several receipts from the Island where C Botsi has her summer-house were handed in to an Investigation concerning financial Irregularities whereby the outcome revealed that the documentation and accountability of such evidence by ACTUP was neither satisfactory or valid, and as a result they have to pay back over 170,000.00 euro’s to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (YΔΑΣ).

The best thing is that we’ve lied to everyone for so long, even we forget what we’ve been telling people…

K Kaburakis and ACTUP for the last year have denied such an Investigation was ever ongoing and subsequently filed an illegal court case against myself to try to suppress the information by claiming that my report on SKAI Radio was false and to claim I didn’t actually work there. In part the broadcast was wrong as I estimated that they had stolen about 50,000.00 euro’s, 120,000.00 euro’s short of what was actually discovered by the Investigators at ΥΔΑΣ. Since IKA have judged that ACTUP are also guilty of their Legal obligations with regards to my contract which subject to their own Investigation (371 / 14 / 06 / 2010), states that I was employed with ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS for the duration I stated and they have been found guilty of failing their legal responsibilities, withholding my Insurance to which I knew all along, contrary to them stating that my Broadcast highlighting that they were under Investigation was lies, and that I have been holding them to ransom by claiming I worked there.

Justice in part is now being served at least, and with each new month brings new news. The details and all relevant documents discovered by myself and those who have sought to expose these criminals has now been handed over to the respective authorities and the outcome will be shortly decided upon. Since then other members of the Board of Directors, Kostantinos Zikas, Andreas Grilleas and George Papachristos have all tried to cover this up, and along with ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS have filed illegal Lawsuits against those such as myself for exposing this information, and have been proven guilty of stealing funds which they have lied and deceived people about for the last ten years while they tried to persecute me and others for claiming that the story highlighted on the Radio broadcast was false.

For over a year now myself and several concerned colleagues & friends have been fighting to highlight several serious matters about this Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), despite being threatened, falsely sued for exposing the truth and several Ministries and News agencies trying to cover it up, and more recently slandered for doing so.

We did nothing wrong till we got caught…Now it turns out that stealing Tax payers money and pretending to be Doctors is against the Law!

Well, you can’t hide from the truth, freedom of speech and the facts, over a year and a half of fighting to expose those involved has proven that, and so far everything they themselves have done has exposed them further for the criminals they are. Should they like the chance to openly debate these issues, then this is an open site whereby we look forward to engaging with the subject matter we now have, we don’t lock ourselves away behind hidden groups slandering innocent people, denying people the right to free speech, claiming to be something that we are not, and we don’t fail to provide documentation to validate our claims and we neither make accusations which we can’t prove unlike Kostadis Kaburakis and the other members of ACTUP have done for over a year now to ourselves, and for over ten years to everyone else.

Several online articles and National newspapers have confirmed what evidence we have gathered and many authorities involved have now also begun the steady process of Justice being carried out. It started out with Kostadis Kaburakis putting myself and a volunteer in a position whereby he expected us to fraudulently create documents to defraud the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in Greece. We refused and upon returning to work some days later to discuss the matter with the rest of the Board of Directors discovered that they had changed the locks and denied us access to our place of work.

I was already owed money for several months and had been lied to and treated appallingly throughout my duration working there as it was. Having never been paid on time and forced to starve and nearly lose my house on several occasions whilst they robbed money from a number of sources to use as their own, enough was enough.

Myself and a volunteer (Christina Chorianopoulou) who was the backbone of ACTUP during my experience working their, had also seen a number of problems and between us we decided to tackle them to try to improve the way the organisation was being run. We first discovered that funds from a Jennifer Lopez concert had seemingly gone missing and having been told by K Kaburakis that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also owed us money, it seemed strange to be in a position whereby our electricity and phones were being cut off, the Refuge centre next door had no water for over a month, forcing the people under our protection to suffer unnecessarily whilst we seemed helpless to do anything, and as we had a Lawyer acting on behalf of the Landlady threatening us with legal action for nearly a Years worth of Rent that was due. After a meeting between C Chorianopoulou and (YDAS) the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we were informed that ACTUP had actually failed to provide any receipts or documentation for over 5 years.

We pushed K Kaburakis for these documents as we needed them to be resolved so we could actually discover what state our finances truly were in, whereby he claimed that they’d already lost the receipts, the previous accountant had caused them problems and had run off, as well as a number of other lies to try to absolve himself from the reality he now faced himself in. After two weeks or so of pushing him, he turned up to work with several carrier bags full of faded, old, illegible,  non valid receipts. After we’d been through them and discovered how bad they were, he then asked us to help him fabricate a number of receipts to cover up what we estimated to be about 50,000 euro’s.

We refused and after a heated argument between ourselves, whereby we explained in no uncertain terms that was he’d asked of us, and what he’d brought us was neither valid or acceptable, we left to discuss it further. The next few days we tried in vain to speak to the Financial Director, C Botsi whose job it was anyway, however the opinion of the other member we could discuss it with, K Zikas was that it was none of our business and that we weren’t welcome any more doing what we did. At this point they changed the locks and the fight begun. Since K Kaburakis has claimed that the receipts were interfered with and that ACTUP had to re request several of these which is why it took so long for them to provide evidence to YDAS. Having been witness to the actual receipts at YDAS along with several of my colleagues who have been fighting this, we can all verify that the very same bullsh*t receipts he provided for us for cat food, dog food, sun tan lotion, champagne, trips to their summer-house, were in fact the very same ones they’d handed into YDAS, the ones he has many times denied, stating that he is ‘no English lord’ and has no problem accounting for what they chose fit to do with you, the tax payers hard-earned money. As it happens, yes you did have to worry about it and your blatant disrespect for the people who made you what you were, the ones who tried to help and those who funded you, who you in turn stole from, want to see the Justice you claim to be so eager to see.

Had you have ever turned up and presented yourself to the many trials at which you or others failed to attend, we wouldn’t have to still be listening to your lies, however as with everything – all things good come to those who wait, and how we wait…

The articles and many reports upon ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS :

SKAI radio ran a broadcast (In Greece) detailing the basics of what we had discovered already and this begun the ball rolling.

SKAI Radio Broadcast – 16th May, 2009 – (In Greek).

First Story in Kathermini – 28-10-2009 – (In Greek).

Verification of the demand by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs :
An English summary of the article covered in the National Newspaper & previous summary :
As reported in Elethrotypia 23rd, May 2010 – (In Greek).

More Information will be posted shortly revealing the extent of the lies and deception deliberately carried out by these individuals, as will all relevant documentation to prove what has been discovered to be true by those who fought for Justice to prevail.

Latest News :
30th September, 2010. Confirmation has arrived from IKA (371 / 14 / 06 / 2010), stating that the Investigation surrounding ACTUP failing to uphold their legal obligation to my Insurance (IKA)whilst working there has been decided upon and that they have been found guilty and are now being subject to prosecution for withholding my Insurance and failing to submit the respective details during my contract of Employment.

Other links covering this subject can be found here :

External Sources & World media :

31 thoughts on “The Truth – ACTUP

    1. Thanks for the good words.

      It’s sad and a shame but more staggering is people’s ignorance once they have been highlighted to these matters.

      KEELPNO, YDAS and most of the other affiliated health organisations in the same sector seem to think this sort of behaviour is acceptable and have failed to react in anyway considering the matters involved. It makes you question the very essence of what these organisations actually represent when UNAids, WAC and all the others have all failed to even respond and yet they allow them into their network and sit back while these people act as they do, with impunity and arrogance and undue care or respect.

      What sickens me the most is how they pretended to be Doctors to manipulate the system and gain access to people’s medical reports to further their own careers whilst putting people’s lives at risk and abusing their positions, the fact that KEELPNO employ these people and know about it is something that still needs addressing and casts a pitiful light over the whole medical hierarchy here in Greece…

      If the Ministries approve of this behaviour and allow it to happen what else can we expect to discover going on with such organisations in the future?

      What sort of Health organisations allow people like this to be in anyway connected with them…?


    1. Thanks for the article. It’s unfortunate as many who could benefit may lose out but in the long term it’s got to be a good thing since this isn’t small a small scale problem.

      What we’re dealing with here is state sponsored crime, run by the very ministry which claims to be actively involved in this sector of Health.

      Simply appalling to know that so many have abused their positions and the trust given to them within this highly sensitive sector of care.

      Hopefully now people will help fight the problems so that those who do care may actually get help to those who need it the most…


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    1. Eυχαριστώ πολύ Valahas.

      ACTUP – Πολύ Μαλάκες.

      Doesn’t Chrysoula Botsi now work with Okana?

      One of the Directors!?

      Responsible for defrauding the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in Greece when she was financial Director of ACTUP!

      They now await Penal prosecution which is imminent this year hopefully as well as a number of other cases against them for criminal behaviour and malpractice to name but a few things.


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