Dear Syriza, please allow me the opportunity to indulge in some constructive criticism. . .

Please allow me a minute or two of your time. If you will.

I’m by no means a Politician, nor a particularly renowned Economist, nor an Expert in anything hugely relevant other than maybe a few subtle aspects of life which on the shop floor of society, I feel may have passed you by in your Political pursuits.

I am just another wannabe survivor in the wasteland which is sadly, and rapidly becoming Greece.

I have lived here for over six years now and had privy to much more than the average person in my escapades, this unfortunately due to my active role in refusing to help steal from your Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in Greece when I mistakenly thought a long standing NGO here in Athens was something more than a front for State Sponsored Corruption within the Medical sector.

My observations through the Courts however may be of great help, and my willingness and ruthlessness in helping to hang the bastards responsible for much of the peoples financial misery, may, be of some solid use to yourselves during these trying times we now face.

I think I can speak on behalf of most people here when I say that regardless of a persons Political affiliations here in Greece, and maybe even Europe, that it’s genuinely been a refreshing change to see the previous incarnations of Government temporarily removed from office, even if for no other reason than to just give an illusion of hope for a change, then we’ll take it as it comes.

Time is the key and we all know that the clock is ticking, so please consider investing a few moments in to some of the suggestions, observations and comments I’d like to raise if only because they won’t do you any harm, and maybe, could aid in your fight to liberate a greatness in Greece which has been bound and gagged for so long, Nationally.

So, first things first.

Not to be a stickler or anything, but I’m quite old school when it comes to values. I was raised and given a glimpse into the world through my parents and indeed my Grandparents eyes, who presented a world through slightly more mature insight, but who never the less taught me so much about the things I, and many still hold dear to.

One of these things is almost elementary, and yet it’s still significant in many walks of life, and I’ll paint the picture to you as it came to me through my upbringing.

1. When you go to Court, regardless of the reason or a wedding, or a funeral, it’s unfortunately taken as Gospel to try and wear a suit for the event. You know, shirt, tie, polish your shoes and just be seen to have made the effort, for that day at least.

I’m pretty damned sure that if I were to present myself in the European Courts, appealing to the better nature of people who are about to be meeting ‘the new kids on the block‘ and be harassed into opening their minds to alternative solutions or strategies, then I’d damned well borrow a suit for the occasion.

You seem educated people and its clear from your attire that you are smart, well dressed, well presented, and yet even so, didn’t feel that wearing a suit, to what is essentially a suit wearing convention, would be a wise move. . .

Surely you must be surrounded by officials, Parliamentary people, stars, family and friends, and I’m guessing that you must have watched the news before, you must have seen what happens at these events on the TV previously, and despite this, not one thought, “you’re meeting the leaders of Europe, spruce the f*ck up”!

Looks great for Bouzouki, but old fashioned principles still stand strong, you try and turn up in a suit, if your in Europe begging to be heard as a new Government, make an effort at least!

It’s a game, we all know it is and it shouldn’t matter, but it is. At least turn up wearing the uniform.

Varoufakis, Yanis, Eurozone, Grexit, tie

Still, it could have been worse, they could have thought he was a male stripper at a gogo bar!!!

The price of failure is to devalue an already financially weak Country, lose currency and wipe everything off the value of everything that is left.

Had my nan been there, she wouldn’t have even let you in the building without a tie on principle alone, and would have probably tried to have you escorted off the premises for wearing a Burberry scarf. I know it’s mainly a cultural thing in Europe, one whereby some people actually wear it as a fashion accessory, however there’s also a social stigma to being seen as a Chav. Not a good look in Europe I assure you.

As a brit, I’d give you an ASBO with it for lack of effort and general failure to meet the minimum requirement. It’s like spelling your name wrong on the exam before doing the test.

Matteo Renzi, Alexis Tsipras, tie, government

Tsipras thinking to himself, thanks but I already have a belt, and this one has no buckle. . .

The rest becomes irrelevant, and under the circumstances of the meeting, is not one whereby you get second chances. I mention this because its a simple thing which shouldn’t matter, but it does, to many.

And to those it does, you shot yourself in your Calvin Kleins.

FYI, it’s not a dig. As a rule Greeks have indisputable taste in many things, fashion being amongst them, and it was clear to everyone that your a smart bunch, but maybe too over reliant on trying to look good as the new guys. I appreciate your new, but come on, play the game. . .

Borris, Bug Bunny, Clown college, Grexit, Prime Minister, lunatic

Look, I have no defence for the UK, we have this. No one knows what it is, but we have it. So, no comment please, you win. . .

Secondly, you need to tackle the whole transparency in office issue to gain any true respect off foreign Governments, let alone your own people. This lack of accountability in Office is pathetic, and the reason why Greece is f*cked at the minute and still not doing anywhere near enough to show that you mean what you say about the whole sordid affair.

Further to this, how can you honestly expect to earn the trust of Greeks, your own people if you as a Government in principal say that you are invulnerable from prosecution if you suddenly get the urge to rob and steal when the opportunity strikes.

I’m not implying that you will, but let’s just mull over the Countrys track record for a minute shall we. . .

So, you see what I’m getting at here. We have a history of nearly 30+ years of people running the Country and fast tracking peoples savings, insurance, and worldly possessions out the back door of Parliament. It seems that lately, the only time this isn’t happening is when Greece has no money left to steal and or people have blocked off the escape route with a protest or march.

See the connection.
Cause and effect.

Many would feel empowered knowing that the current Government would tackle these crippling injustices immediately, as there is simply NO REASON NOT TO.

I myself would suggest that as an Idea, you would forever become Saints, Gods, Legends in knowing that anyone ever to represent the people forever more, would be fully accountable to the people. We all know as a fact, that this is something much more than the people would like to see. This is what the Nation deserves. It should be your defining goal if you truly do care about your Country, now you represent it.

You’d also have the rest of your glorified careers to reflect and be praised for the long term, never ending future of security and potential trust which you gave back to the people, because whether in power or not, you’d forever know that you had a large part in making sure that no one else could EVER abuse the opportunity given them without facing up to lady Justice.

It’s relevant on so many levels because at present we live in a Nation where no one feels that you as a Government deserve to be trusted with their money. People scarcely have jobs, contracts, security in any shape or form, and when we do claw our way into saving a spoonful for ourselves, you want us to give it you, only for us to be able to tune in or read about which f*ckwit stole all we gave.

Poverty, loss, unemployment, Greece, faith, chance, salvation

Another eager shopper awaits the sales, courtesy of the financial hardships many now endure..

So how can you expect people to willingly be honest themselves. We have a ‘you f*ck us‘, ‘we f*ck you‘ mentality, and nothing in the bank.

No Insurance, no taxes, no employment, trade or commerce, because if anyone here is fortunate to be able to earn it, they’re gonna become like Al Capone.

Meanwhile, you have Europe, the IMF or who ever else is next in trying to help the Government ‘fix’ the problems and its getting worse and worse. And worse, and oh, here we are, where it really will struggle to get worse, but we’re under no illusion that it won’t, because we all know it will.

Meanwhile we have people going crazy about Germany, the EU, the IMF and everyone including the Eurovision Song Contest from what I hear. And why? Who set this show on the road? Who put the people here, Government, ie, you, the people who need to get a groove on plugging the internal flood of money which never seems to stop evaporating way.

Personally, I blame Bjork. The volcanic eruptions years ago, their Economy and the Bakns, coincidence, I think not. . . Who knows what powers she has in her voice.

Bjork, Grexit, Eurozone, Syriza, bailout, IMF, Sugarcubes

Some people have also suggested that Bjork is in some way connected to the Greek submarine incident too. . .

Hostility and anger at the ‘Austerity Measures‘ is like blaming the wound after chopping your own arm off with a chainsaw, and something unjustifiably aimed at the wrong people in much of this f*ckup.

EU, cuts, bailout, grexit, eurozone, IMF

Optimism, often the mother of all f*ckups gets a whooping at the IMF conference in Brussels. . .

I’m by no means saying Germany and the IMF is fair either but, if people want to get mad, they only have to walk around the capital here in Greece, the islands and to visit all the Ministers basking in the sun on the peoples money!

I’ll say it again, the Lagarde list. It’s like, we have the names and people who can give us the means to recover most of what the people had stolen, but do nothing, still. . . WTF, get mad at them.

Siemens!? Anyone remember the ‘great submarines scandal‘, “International Mine Initiative“, Mayor of Thessaloniki to name but a few, and still no one in Government is being made accountable. . .

Submarine, scandal, corruption, Greece

Amazing, you wait for one submarine scandal to come, and then three more turn up at the same time!

For years the world marvelled at the Beatles and their yellow submarine, but imagine if only people would have know that it was owned by a Greek Minister!!!

Seems like Syriza are just as keen to ensure that loophole stays as open to them as previous Governments, so why would you trust any Government who doesn’t hold it’s own Ministers accountable, and I ask that to Greeks? How do you allow this?

And similarly to everyone, why would any other Government trust anyone who allows such ridicule?

The Party who grows a pair and who changes this will forever lead the way forward, anyone else who doesn’t is as guilty as the rest before they even start and not worthy of standing for the people.


Nothing to hide, prove it from DAY 1. . .That’s what the people need.

Otherwise why would you expect the people to adhere to the rules if your own Government doesn’t, and that’s what we have now.

And that last comment is by no means a blight against Greeks, it’s the way I see it here.

‘F*ck them if they f*ck us, and ETSI and a frappe to go. . .’

You’re showing promise, now show direction and lead the way.


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The Greek ACTUP, this time Insurance theft.

February 2015, ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS had their appeal thrown out by IKA for failing to fulfil their legal obligations to myself having withheld part of my salary in 2008/2009 under the guise of it contributing towards my Insurance as per my Contract, and keeping it for themselves.

This appalling behaviour from an NGO which falsely claims to support the rights of workers, immigrants and the people, yet again exposes the true character of the people who abuse the name, the Organisation and the cause for themselves.

An NGO which exercises Hypocrisy like it's FAT!

An NGO which exercises Hypocrisy like it’s FAT!

This appeal dragged out for several years due to their continual failure to present themselves when required, provide factual evidence and to lie and fabricate falsehoods to deny people access to the truth surrounding this immoral and unethical NGO.

Despite having their own court case thrown out in 2014 for lying about my Contract and having all their evidence revealed as lies, their maggot of a lawyer who eventually did turn up at IKA tried to sell the same lie again, classic!

There must be somewhere this level of Stupid gets taught surely because these pricks can’t all have been born this retarded! It’s not possible, you couldn’t even make it up if you tried.

Their numerous other court appearances also faced the same verdict when the Courts had access to the truth and the ongoing lies which they have hidden behind for so long, their own case against myself for highlighting the fact that the President had been illegally pretending to be a Doctor is nothing short of Comedy genuis. Nothing can or will be able to replicate the look on the Judges face when the case started, sheer disbelief on a level never EVER seen before.

The President Kostadis Kaburakis, Chysoula BotsiKonstantinos Zikkas, and George Papachristos all now face Penal court for the lies surrounding their 6 year hate campaign against me for refusing to defraud the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in 2009, and for exposing them for the lying thieving parasites that they are.

The ongoing lies which they have taken refuge behind whilst blaming everyone who previously worked there, volunteered or who similarly found out what the NGO really represented over the time these people took charge of it by deception all stand vilified in their refusal to bow down to their threats, non legal court cases and slanderous behaviour.

The trial against them for defrauding the state is ongoing as are the many other investigations against members of the Board of Directors for nearly 20 years of providing false documentation to run an NGO and embezzle Ministries out of funding, illegally pretending to be Doctors, working and running unsafe projects whereby their sole purpose was to gain access to highly sensitive medical data where possible.

Cases such as the many to which have publicly come to light lately shed light on who it is within this sector which has access to the data and the ‘problems’ which are caused, and the same people who magically appear to be on hand to help defend those exposed! Coincidence!?

Hmmm. . . Hardly.

Considering that many of the NGO‘s working alongside this Organisation knew of this for so long and allowed it to happen points to a far deeper evil abusing the very people within the HIV/Aids sector for their own gain.

As the people highlighted within ACTUP here in Greece have proven, lying, working for the state and representing an NGO they run who’s main role is to criticise the very projects and programs implemented by the Greek National Health plan, (to which they are working for by the CDC), shows complete hypocrisy and a systematic abuse of the sector by those who run it.

Cherry picking EU and State projects, opportunities and career opportunities that came available after lying to run up the NGO is just a small list of the many liberties taken by the people in charge over the period in Question. Stealing state funds, persecuting those who dare stand up to them and abusing every opportunity behind a lie is the sad truth to how this once respected name took advantage of those who turned to them for help, who volunteered and worked for them, and the many people who put their faith and trust in people who have no respect for anything.

The lowest form of people would only dare to stoop so low, and worst still would those who protect them. . .

For the last 6 years, whilst the many people, Organisations and so called ‘respected’ people listened to their lies, they abused, threatened, and tried to sue me for exposing them, and while they hid behind campaigns to pretend to raise HIV/Aids awareness they persecuted myself and two others who stood up to them.

The list of people who share the same low lying immoral behaviour is f*cking dismal. I’ll be taking great delight in covering that shortly so people can see the true extent of the horrors of the HIV sector, the NGO‘s who work alongside them and the ‘civil groups’ and other ‘responsible’ causes that claim to provide’ social well being’ in general just so people can see the extent of the cover up.

On a positive note , despite having to endure the misery inflicted on me for so long by these dmbass criminal halfwits, the best news is all the positive reactions and genuine responses I’ve had from all concerned in bringing these c*nts to light.

Everyone from the Court secretaries, the Magistrates and Judges along the way, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in Athens and the many IKA employees who found themselves involved, the behaviour, attitude and work expected of them has been nothing short of what I would have expected anywhere in the World.

In some cases (and I do mean quite a few), the sympathy received for having to endure such appalling treatment by these cretins has been touching. Several people almost felt responsible for this barbaric treatment having seen over the years here in Greece so many people abuse the state and those who dare interfere, and with me refusing to back down shows how having faith in the Greek system, and YES, there is one, is something more people need to do.

Sadly, it is underfunded due to bast*rds like this who abuse the state in the first place, who take all they can and who give nothing back, and who then clog up the system with inept, selfish immoral court cases against the very people who expose them for being criminal scum like it’s their right to work for the state and do as they please. It’s not, and if they were too stupid to know before I came to Greece, they know now!

I haven’t had chance to thank all who helped me yet, and it’s not fully over either so I’m sure I’ll see some along the way yet, or to thank those who didn’t even help, those who were just good enough to do what was required of them, because for those of us in need of the simple things being done to regain our lives, it means the world, and for that I am forever indebted to you all.

The many unsung heroes of Greece will never be mentioned in Parliament, nor be in the papers or have a Statue placed in their name, but for the people striving to fight to do right, they are everything, and I’ve been lucky to meet so many along the way.

All genuinely decent people, most who are every bit as sick of the plague of petulant self serving thieves who abuse the system for their own gain, and that’s the reality of change here.

You can make a difference if you try. It’s not easy, it takes time, energy and patience that would make the Gods applaud, and will slowly f*ck you up in the pursuit, but it’s worth doing if you want to stand proud.

More to follow. . .

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Corruption, Malpractice and over a decade of lies, welcome to the Greek ACTUP

It’s now January 2015, nearly 6 years and 1 month since I was forced out of ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS for refusing to help the President defraud the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ΥΔΑΣ) in 2009, and finally the day I get to resolve my Insurance issues at IKA. The fourth attempt (I might add) to resolve these outstanding issues, caused (as usual) by the never ending lies told by the NGO, their refusal to attend, and or their delays and general refusal to face up to the facts. It’s current board of Directors and the lawyer who today represented them (January 20th, 2015) had no more lies to hide behind, they’d exhausted all their appeals, and their only attempt at providing a defence was to throw out the same lies which had already been exposed AND proven to be lies in the numerous court cases just last year (something I had to remind him of today). Previously in a Court of Law until proven, he almost had a right to some of the lies he was paid to say, but today was no such day, to deliberately try and lie in front of someone and NOT get a physical reaction wasn’t going to happen, especially when everything covered was shown to have been a lie anyway. When these shameful and pathetic excuses had only served to delay the inevitable for so long, as usual it was time for the truth, something we all know they have issues with.

Greece, Fraud, injustice, malpractice, persecution, lies

ACTUP HELLAS’s Lawyer, Representing criminal scum since 2010/2011

The lies and misinformation to which these people have based their defence on for so long and hidden behind when confronted by ‘allegations’ about their ‘virtue’ or their ‘morals’ reveal a career based on lies, deceit, and abuse, this was something myself and a couple of dedicated people revealed in 2009/2010. For over 15 years these people preyed on the HIV/Aids sector, it’s resources and those who dedicated their time, energy and resources, knowing full well that those already trapped within this sector were vulnerable and easily manipulated to either be used for funding, or for opportunity.

An NGO which exercises Hypocrisy like it's FAT!

* An NGO which exercises Hypocrisy like it’s FAT!

The long dormant NGO was taken over in 1999/2000 by three long standing members (Kostadis Kaburakis, Chrysoula Botsi and Konstantinos Zikkas) who have since been exposed as having forged elections, defrauding the state and persecuting those who stood up to them and their systematic abuse of this sector. I know this because in 2008/2009 I found out they had used my name and the name of a volunteer without consent to fabricate their election. They voted themselves in (as usual), and whilst lying to the people who worked there at the time, forged, provided false documentation and expected those who dedicated their time in genuinely helping the NGO to behave the same way. It was at this point in 2008 whereby after already noticing several unusual activities, we questioned another member of the NGO about his actions and that of the President whereby it soon became very obvious to what was going on. Since raising the issues with the respective authorities in 2009/2010, the Investigation for Fraud and financial Irregularities to which many of the Board had lied about at the time, found them guilty and fined them appropriately, this including the malpractice exposed through the Investigation also revealed the shocking extent of lies told by the Board of Directors to gain funding, run projects and abuse the resources to their own gain.

Malpractice, Fraud, theft, embezzlement, slander, corruption, Greece, ACTUP HELLAS

Abusing the state, stealing resources, and pretending to be Doctors to further your career – Priceless. . .

As a result of this the President (Kostadis Kaburakis) attempted to sue myself and two others for exposing him as a criminal, the NGO then hid behind this false illusion of being the ‘victim’ until 2014 whereby their lies were torn apart in court, inciting the Magistrate to recommend further Investigation into the Presidents and NGO‘s past and current activities. The day I refused to help them Defraud the Ministry, on returning to work the following week, they had already changed the locks and now tried to claim I never worked there (despite having a contract signed and witnessed by a member of ACTUP), later when I involved the Employment Tribunal they then tried to claim that the work Laptop which I had on me at the time, I had stolen and that the contract I had was a forgery. This was despite the fact that the President (Kostadis Kaburakis) had already provided five different lies to the Employment representative , two of which acknowledged that I did in fact work there, and that technically as I was still working for them, couldn’t have stolen something I couldn’t return.

ACTUP, lies, court

Oh how we laughed. . . Even got a slight chuckle from the Magistrate when we explained the story in Court. . .

The ensuing farce took a further 6 months to get them to finally appear at the adjudication and whereby as the verdict was expected to go in my favour, (for obvious reasons), they did the only thing that could delay judgement by filing a court case against me THAT morning to deny me being awarded the result. Legally as nothing had been resolved with my work tribunal and whilst my employment was still legally under question, I was still no nearer to Justice being carried out, and now faced a Penal case for thinking that having a contract would protect me!? – To quote the Judge at the final court hearing “Only in Greece!”. . . So, finally, four years after visiting the work tribunal to resolve my case, 5 years after unfortunately taking a job with a criminally run state sponsored NGO, I get my day in Court! I say ‘get my day in Court’, this wasn’t the first time I ‘got’my day in Court’, there had been several others whereby they had appealed, failed to represent themselves, or not provided evidence etc and yet online, they are the first to declare the need for ‘immigrant rights’, ‘power to the people’ and for ‘Justice’ to be heard. Clearly those rules don’t count when you’re persecuting innocent people for exposing you! So, the two cases against us/me, get to Court. Not only did the lies change so much, but they weren’t even remotely consistent with their own initial defence as submitted in their paperwork, and didn’t even tally up with each others lies.

I don’t know who was more surprised, me or the Magistrate, and I don’t know how it’s even possible. You had to be there, really.

The hardship for the many others awaiting their moment in court who followed our case soon became a much anticipated spectator sport as the Court room was now all keen to witness ACTUP’s board of Directors make complete arses out of themselves, AGAIN, to which they did in spectacular fashion. So much so that numerous strangers came up and congratulated me for exposing them further to those who just happened to be in the Courts that day.

The real tragedy being that everyone there knew exactly what people like this are and have done to Greece already, however on the upside, it was refreshing to see so many people reel in disgust as the information on these people came to light.

Kostadis Kampourakis - Doctor at Ministry of Healthcare.

Kostadis Kampourakis – Doctor at Ministry of Healthcare! Apparently. . .

The case against us for Slander needless to say was thrown out. We were acquitted and declared Innocent as the Radio broadcast whereby the President (Kostadis Kaburakis) was ‘wrongly’ accused of illegally pretending to be a Doctor, actually came from Legal documents he himself had submitted when making himself President whereby he stated that he was a Doctor, and whereby in numerous online interviews, boasted about being a Doctor!

ACTUP HELLAS, criminal, fraud, lies, slander, persecution, abuse, malpractice

It really is this obvious too when you see them all.

The facts written in this blog and on hundreds of online forums, posts and news stories worldwide, all cover the facts as revealed by five years of Investigation by ourselves, the Ministries Involved and the Journalists who exposed them previously. The malpractice, fraud and persecution as revealed is nothing short of what this NGO has done to myself, the state and others for the same duration that the current Board of Directors have been in charge of, and is something which they maliciously abused whilst trying to live a lie at the expense of any who stood up to them.

Keep the promise

We promised to lie and steal – we did and still do. . .

The facts covered here and on this blog aren’t hearsay or gossip, they are details gained in black and white through appearing at Court, through speaking with Ministry representatives and through first hand experience with witnesses, the lies to which they blame everyone who was there previously is the only thing they can do, as so many have proven to listen without thinking, and without questioning and seeking the facts which ARE available.

Justice, penal cases, Greece, corruption, law, fraud, slander, malpractice

Here in Greece at present, she needs a bigger Sword.

The full saga is still ongoing in a number of Penal cases against the individual members of the current Board of Directors, mainly those responsible for over 15 years of malpractice and criminal acts as covered above, and the full extent of the lies told by these people for so long is available through this blog, more of which shall follow. . . There’s so much to cover unfortunately, but I shall tackle the hypocrisy step by step, this was just today’s saga, finally another battle which was won in an ongoing war against corruption. * Not all the people represented in the Photo of ACTUP above are used with reference to the illegal and criminal behaviour of it’s current Board. Only Konstantinos Zikkas,  and Kostadis Kaburakis are featured, center and far right respectively.

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Update October 2014, ACTUP HELLAS

Updated information with reference to a previous article on NGO integrity :

Just a quick update surrounding the court cases exposing the corruption within ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS as per a previous post on here to help forewarn the community as to the legitimacy and perils of people who manipulate NGO’s for their own gain and so people know to be cautious in who they get involved with. More details shall follow however after being in court for what seemed like an eternity I felt it better just to highlight a few of the most significant findings.

Myself and the two others have been involved in a six year fight to expose the malpractice and financial corruption of this NGO whereby the president and another member of the Board of Directors illegally claimed to be Doctors to gain funding, status and position within the HIV/Aids sector whilst they elected themselves in, falsified signatures and fraudulently provide documents to achieve their goals.

corruption, ACTUP HELLAS, ACT UP HELLAS, ACT UP, ACTUP DRASE HELLAS, fraud, theft, embezzlement, lies, malpractice

Rights, high on the agenda, but only when preventing people from having any. . .

Shortly after summer 2014 their case against us for ‘slander’, exposing them as what they were went to court. We were acquitted and the case details were recommended to be passed on for further investigation of the details exposing the President of the NGO.

Justice, fight, awareness, corruption, Athens, Greece

Themisis and Dike protect integrity and order wherever possible, but  often at a price.

Another case against myself for supposed forgery of my employment contract and for theft of work materials was judged to have been nothing more than a poor attempt by the NGO to persecute myself for standing up to their abusive and inhumane treatment of their staff, their volunteers and the people to whom they lied and robbed as they sought to use the case to divert people from the facts exposed in 2009.

Ongoing cases by ΖΔΟΕ (for serious financial crimes), ΥΔΑΣ for financial crime and others all stand to shed light on nearly 20 years of deliberate manipulation, malpractice and systematic abuse of Greek, EU and private sector resources.
The similarities within this sector and the facts surrounding the many injustices within this domain only reinforce the harsh reality of who is to blame for the misery people featured below suffer for.

Using the cause as a smokescreen and then appearing to defend the problems created seems all to familiar a story.

Ruins, corruption, malpractice, systematic abuse, CDC, Zoe Maroudi, awareness, HIV, Aids

A documentary exposing the case whereby a number of women were publicly exposed as having HIV, and yet they collaborate with NGO’s guilty of everything which they claim to be fighting to expose. . . !?

One hand creates the problem whilst the other offers support, all attached to the same Government Body who employs or allows these people to carry this out.

Nurse, rubber gloves, anal probe, lube, pucker up

A helping hand is always nearby

When approached all knew of this and yet for 15 -20 years did nothing, and worst still when given the facts 6 years ago, still allowed it to continue.
Persecuting people such as myself for standing up to those who abuse the sector was clearly a higher priority than helping rid the sector of the cancer to which it feeds on.

Corruption, fight, awareness, justice

The saga is never ending, but fight we must

Maybe now this has been officially exposed people will help raise awareness and prompt NGO’s and people connected with this to act more responsibly, if not to convince people of their genuine validity, but to give people peace of mind to their integrity for their own sake, if not those to whom they seek help from, or offer help to. . .

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Prosecutor rejected complaint report of five HIV-positive women

The recent case against the people responsible for abusing the rights of the women featured in Ruins (documentary by Zoe Maroudi) was apparently (no surprise), a failed quest.

As predictably as they appeared, the very same people in this ‘self righteous’ sector which for over 20 years offered little short of corruption, malpractice and cover-ups, all managed to come out shouting about this (their latest project) and latest injustice, one by all accounts, they oversaw, allowed and had potentially all had their grubby little fingers in from the start.

How splendid that opportunity must have looked from way up on that moral high ground that they all bask in. Is it no surprise that this fell at a time when votes were needed nationally, and half the people involved were all sucking up to the latest Political cheque book with change imminent…

Yippie ki yay mutha-f*cka’s. . . Publicity, more funding, prestige at the expense of some poor women who were thrown to the wolves, and some backslapping all round. Well done.

How bad would it look for HIV/Aids and the people suffering from it being hung out to dry for say, Politics? The whole thing stank of career opportunity anyway, and after contacting the maker of the Documentary, friends and associates all ‘supposedly connected with this cause’, who mysterious that no one would dare tackle the issues at to why and how this came to be? Issues that called into question, if not the people involved in this outrage, but certainly people who could, should and better be doing more to STOP it happening in the first f*cking place, and not using it as a springboard for ego and opportunity.
Looking for blame? Hmmm. I’ll give them a clue shall I!

Many work, worked with, and some even contributed to the National HIV/Aids plan for Greece throughout their history within this sector (20+ years in some cases), many know of the failings, the corruption and the problems that would lead to this type of scenario in the first place, and what did they do about it.
Exactly. Some of these people sit on, govern and either run or participate in the NGO committee’s run by the CDC, AND, some also work for it, as well as being involved in NGO’s which present a conflict of interests as well. I know, I met with most of them in 2009.

The shocking truth is that many saw nothing wrong with this type of behaviour anyway. Wrong. Some knew of it all along, and one walked out as he was appalled we questioned the validity of the system and the people sat round he table.

I won’t name names but the list makes for good reading, and the details about what they knew is even better. something that someone who would be making a documentary trying to help the sector would look into, wouldn’t you think?

Apart from the general malpractice and disrespect some of these people and Organisations have shown to the people they are supposedly there to protect, many selectively isolate and ignore these ‘issues’ as nothing more than threats to their careers, so a documentary and high profile game changer needed to come from somewhere, HIV/Aids wasn’t getting half the publicity they liked, plus for some, the pharmaceutical payoff’s wouldn’t pay off all their summer houses would they?

I know this is the case in one particular case, as I’ve been involved in epxosing them for 6 years now.

So, leading on. . .
Having myself and those who fought with me to expose these people, been falsely sued for refusing to commit fraud at the bequest of the man featured in the case below, and for exposing him as what he is, nothing more than malignant and spiteful criminal scum, the court case which he tried to use against us as a smokescreen for his activity is to be further used to expose the rest of the malpractice as already covered.

Here below, (featured) we have the President of ACT UP HELLAS, or ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS or however they are using their name this year (as to avoid being linked to the previous criminal incarnations), Kostadis Kaburakis who was exposed (2009) as being involved in deliberate Fraud against the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ΥΔΑΣ), since it’s been uncovered that he illegally pretended to be a Doctor alongside another member of the board of Directors whilst being employed by ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ, to gain funding and to gain access to Andreas Syggros Hospital’s medical patient data etc – discussing the morality surrounding the unfortunate women who had their own confidentiality abused by the state, ie KEELPNO and the authorities. . .

Much more about that will follow after the latest court cases come to a close, but that’s about as hypocritical as you could even dare to make up, even if you had a really crazy imagination. But that aside, only serves to highlight further the genuine and real problem with the people involved in this sector. You can’t help. It’s like asking Pol Pot to help you with overcrowding, or Edward Scissorhands to give you a Brazilian, you just don’t do it.

On the one hand, why not have an expert on illegally gaining access to HIV/Aids data through masquerading as a Doctor lead the way? Why not have one of the many NGO’s (MKO’s) who have lied, covered up and worked alongside this practice for over 20 years, help share the fame and misfortune of those the very Health sector they plundered whilst stealing and abusing the resources they could get away with looked on in awe . . .
It all makes sense does it not?

The state, which consists of NGO’s working in this sector, who have staff employed by the Greek CDC, who are involved in the data/client human right violations as covered by the documentary Ruins, were by very nature, the very same people dealing with these women on some level anyway, so let’s start by having them all rally around providing help having done all they could to illegally acquire private and personal information which miraculously makes its way into the public domain to help raise awareness of serious issues to which they all created – in the first place.

One hand creates the problem just in time for the other hand to pretend to help.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good people involved in this plight, you can’t question the genuine desire to help of many, however it makes you wonder who’s telling who what.

If you ask a criminal if he’s a criminal, he’s not likely to say yes is he.
Give him a position, some authority and allow him to falsify and make up a good story and those below only serve to help the problem rather than the cause they set out to help.

It’s not a case of the blind leading the blind, but who the f*ck’s leading anyone nowhere fast. . .

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The calvary for the pilloried HIV-positive women is endless. A few days ago, the prosecutor rejected the lawsuit that five of the HIV-positive women, who suffered persecution and were insulted in May 2012, while eleven of them were trialed for misdemeanor on March 28, 2014.

The lawsuit was submitted by the five women, along with four NGOs that support HIV- positive individuals: the Centre for Life, the PRAKSIS health clinic in Athens, the Positive Voice and ACTUP Hellas.

“This decision sends a clear message that there was nothing blamable in this vile operation and that vulnerable people’s forced tests constitute an accepted practice in our country today”, as characteristically mentionned in a relevant announcement published at the social networking site of the documentary “Ruins- Chronicle of an HIV witch-hunt” by Zoe Mavroudi.

The content of the lawsuit is about the illegal violence, the inhuman and degrading…

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Dork Spring Tan Buttcreak, or is it Vorsprung durch Technik?

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It’s rare in Greece we ever need to care about the weather, and here’s one of the reasons why.

It’s only on days like today whereby being British comes into it’s own, and not just because of Petroula‘s arse either!

Quite frankly, the only weather I concern myself with is whether or not she’d wriggle free of the ropes I’d tied her to the bed with, in which case I wouldn’t care if the world was coming to an end let alone rained.

Incidentally and for the record, it’s not a current image, it’s not EVER likely to be just *(6 – 7) degrees here at this time of year, EVER, plus I’m not sure if Petroula‘s still doing the weather for ERT, ideally she should be still be trying to wriggle free. . .but that’s another story altogether.

* – If your like me and a typically voracious male, it may take you several attempts at the picture before you even see the 6 & 7, or realise in fact that there is also a map representing Greece in the background.

So, today was truly glorious here in Athens. Sunny, not a cloud in the sky and probably in excess of 20+ degrees. For the first time this year I had my first true opportunity to sit in the sun and enjoy my morning coffee before I felt exposed to a worrying level of sunshine, far beyond my normal UK limit.

A couple of hours sun to a normal person is just a couple of hours sun, especially in March, however to a semi-albino ghost ninja like myself who for over 5 years now has had to adapt to the wild Greek sun, a couple of hours is akin to nearly an entire British summer at this time of year- And, all in one sitting at that.

rain, british, misery, weather, sun

Damned if it does, damned if it doesn’t. . .

After the first hour I was fine, regularly checking my tan lines (as you do), but after the second hour, I was perilously close to needing more Tea, quite a shock considering I’m now a coffee head, but that is the inherent danger we face in this strange and hostile environment.

It f*cks with your metabolism, and your mind, and not necessarily in that order either.

After accidentally stepping into the house to get more refreshments (another hot drink), I instantly suffered hyperthermia as the temperature plummeted to about 18 degrees, AND I nearly knocked myself unconscious after getting blinded by the darkness within my home as a sharp and unforgiving contrast to the vivid outdoors hit me like a bat.

One of my cats was now looking at me like I’d just been beamed down to the Planet for the very first time as I fumbled about an area of my home to which normally I could walk quite freely, and yet now here I was grappling around furiously in the hope that my eyesight would return before I trod on something, fell over the sofa or walked into a wall.

Not only was my eyesight severely compromised but my balance had also been corrupted by the head rush I’d gotten from standing up too quickly all whilst accidentally dislodging one of my slipper sandal thingies on the door frame, I managed to send myself careering inbound like a deranged idiot.

If any of my neighbours had been watching, they’d have probably just seen a figure stand up randomly and appear to bounce off the door for no reason before running into the house sideways. Quality.

I’d have shimmied up the Eiffel tower blindfolded with more grace if the truth be told, but I feel in my own world that I may have done it with some style where perhaps I may have been lacking in composure as I did stay upright, much to my surprise.

The shock to my system wasn’t as bad as the shock to my senses so it seems, and here I sit writing this late at night with the early stages of a f*cking cold on the way.

It’s wasn’t even a case of ‘only Maddogs and Englishmen’ today either, I was sensible, aware and in control.

I’m not like the morons who when on holiday fall asleep in the sun or spend all day drinking before realising that they are burn’t as a crisp. I’m now hardcore, I’ve enjoyed the gradual build up to today and been out in the many days prior to today training for it, however prolonged exposure to this insane object people call the ‘sun’ is still at best a risky undertaking when abroad.

I still look for the clouds though, even when there are none to be found. Often out of habit, and yet after May, mainly out of a perverse longing for it to cool this place the f*ck down a bit.

By May to June, the rain doesn’t even make it to the ground here, if your lucky and it is cloudy possibly might ‘rain’, it fails, on an epic level usually.

It may leave the clouds with all the best intentions but it scarcely ever hits the ground and at best you may feel it hit you only for it to evaporate before your brain has chance to process the whole experience.

I’m not a huge fan of the rain, but it does have it’s moments, but having come from the UK, a Country whereby some people are born wearing wellies and holding umbrella’s, we can’t help but feel a need for it more than most sane people probably ever would.

weather stone, forecast, rain, chart

Today’s forecast, grim with an outbreak of doom followed by scattered misery and a spot of f*ck you too.

Today was not one such day. Today was the happy medium between ‘glorious’ and ‘perfect’ and yet my cruel reward and or punishment for such a delight is now to be assessing the need for a Cold and Flu Nurofen.

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Support NGO’s not the ‘Malakas’ who abuse them. . .

Finally some much appreciated and valued support from a genuinely concerned person like many who is sick of the corruption, and malpractice which plagues this Country and who wants a level of moral and ethical behaviour sadly lacking in this sector to be brought about by a change for the better. And I don’t just mean in the HIV / Aids sector, I mean the two faced hypocrisy as shown by those connected with it, all keen to talk the talk whilst doing nothing, those who moan and bitch about the Country being in a mess whilst actively condemning those who get of their fat arses and who do do something.

So, with pure and genuine warmth, I thank you ‘those who listened’ for also helping to do the right thing where so many people have failed.

As an FYI :

Corruption, NGO, MKO, Greece, ACTUP, "ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS", ΥΔΑΣ, Aπάτη

Let’s stop all the f*cktards stealing all the money shall we?

You wouldn’t believe the level of corruption shown, even when trying to highlight this malpractice and corruption to ‘so called’ people who care and or work in this sector. It takes an outsider, a foreigner at that to have to spend 5 years in and out of the Courts fighting to make this place a slightly better place through doing the right thing, and often all I get is abuse or people trying to cover it up.

So if your Greek, don’t say ‘Etsi’ and just shrug your shoulders thinking nothing can be done, it can. FFS, if I can get sh*t happening here with my limited (if not slightly amusing) broken Greek, no support whilst taking on your state and those who make a career out of abusing people and thinking they CAN, (but don’t) get away with it, then imagine what YOU could do yoursellf.

Sure, it’s not easy, it’s painfullly slow, cost you time, money and effort, but that’s the price of change, reform, something positive happening. No faeries come and sweep it all up at night, that’s for sure.

Yes, of course it drives you mad, often I’ve myself even contemplated walking into these government offices wired to the max and putting us all on the moon, but I persevered, sometimes even found it either funny or enlightening, as the many things you witness can cause a greater inspiration, but also, whilst doing this I’ve met some great people and seen those who do want change, who are mad and doing something too.

Then you have the Ignorant and ill-informed people who work this for a whole different reason, the celebrity factor. You have people like Zoe Maroudi who has recently been trying to milk a documentary whereby 12 women were abused by the state, which appears to be nothing more than a shallow opportunity for her and those responsible for this corruption in the first place, to YET AGAIN stand behind those they allow to be neglected and manipulated by a system and sector of Healthcare which seems to be openly involved in covering this up.

The women, and as before with a different case, the immigrants who get hung out in the public eye by the very people who let them down, only for them to appear on the bandwagon rallying for support seems to be nothing more than a vain and vacuous attempt to again appear to be doing something in the media when doing nothing good when asked of them, suits them best.

Who fed these women to the wolves in the first place? Who had privvy to being able to give the highly sensitive medical data to the Police and authorities other than the people who sheltered them in one way or another, and it’s simple, it’s either through the National HIV program to which they work in or run, or the NGO’s to which they abuse and manipulate whilst working for the sector which now appears as saviours?

Then you have people like one of the current front running representatives for Mayor here in Athens who when approached nearly five years ago, was well aware of all this and yet, despite being another ‘so called’ devout saviour the the Country and State, offered this soundbite for the press at the time “This Circus has to stop”.

Well, ‘This Circus’ he talks about is one he helped start, one whereby he was one of the NGO’s founder members, one whereby he worked with, alongside and next to for over 15 years, and one he oversaw and dealt with as a key member of the KEELPNO (CDC) board, the very people who (illegally) it seems misrepresent and abuse the f*cking people to which they are employed to protect.

So, that Circus he talks of, it turns out he’s a key Ringmaster of. As I’ve said before, if he didn’t know that everyone including the committees he sat on were taking the f*cking p*ss, then he’s too stupid to be Mayor, and if he did know and chose to do nothing but be a spectator to all that has happened, then he’s as guilty himself and too corrupt to be Mayor.

Personally, he probably stands a better chance of being voted in as Mayor if he says he is corrupt and did know of it, but that’s just based on a theory. . .

Similarly we should throw all the two faced lying thieving scumbags to the lions in order to genuinely help anyone who DOES need help, after all why have a Circus without having some entertainment . . . But guess who’s now helping with the Documentary, and the women exposed by the state recently and on the ‘Ruins’ bandwagon’, that’s right, the same people covered above, despite me contacting them directly and wishing to help them with regards to this case.

– What did they do, they removed the information provided, censored the truth about what this sector did, and those who they now affiliates themselves with, blocked me from contributing and now seeks ‘funding’ for the NGO’s and Lawyers to help fight the case. . .

I wonder if this ‘funding’ will go towards cases whereby the President of ACTUP prosecuted myself and others for exposing them? Is this how it works. . .

Makes you wonder, as that IS what happened to me after I exposed ACTUP, the state (KEELPNO) tried to cover up and provide false information as submitted by those guilty of the crimes, the NGO’s who all knew about this and did nothing dissappeared into the background when an Innocent person was being persecuted by an NGO of their own sector and the guy mentioned above, now running for Mayor who in one of his other soundbites online said he was prepared to “roll up his sleeves to help the people of Athens”, not to mention his own sector, the very bread and butter of his life by all accounts, clearly not.

Rarely a single day goes by without us having to hear how badly the economy is doing and how ‘yet another Lamoyo assh*le’ has robbed this place blind, AGAIN, and mostly all the people involved can do about it is shrug their shoulders and be spectators to their own downfall. Wise up.

corruption, fraud, NGO, MKO, theft, malpractice, ACTUP, Kabourakis, Kostadis

500+ NGO’ (MKO’) in Greece, and people wonder where the money goes?

Not for me, I couldn’t give a rats ass anymore, Do it for yourself if no one else.

I’ll do what needs doing for my own greater good and so that I can sleep at night but I’ll happily watch you wallow in your own ineptitude as life passes you by, and gain strength from knowing that I contributed, a lot, and probably more than them, EVER.

FYI for the haters and people who feel it their right to begrudge me being involved :

People have sometimes had a hard time with me doing this, sometimes because I’m not from here, but that’s ok, meanwhile when for the last 5 years I’ve been in and out of Court, at great expense and mental anguish trying to save the Country money’s stolen from it, helping fight and expose people abusing the Health sector to which we all need and use, ask yourself, where in the queue were YOU?

Because I don’t recalling you do anything else other than just bitchin and moanin about someone who actually did do something.

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