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What if just isn’t good enough for those who really need help…

Do you not feel that this is something that needs addressing if your government was responsible…? Is this not a matter for the HIV/Aids community to address having allowed and encouraged these people into being able to do this for so long, or is it a poor example of the sector as a whole who have all failed those who truly need help the most when they put their trust, faith and safety at risk allowing themselves to manipulated by NGO’s and organisations who all fail themselves by their ignorance…? Continue reading

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And the farce goes on…

Since the activities of these people has come under further scrutiny as new information has come to light on their involvement with Pharmaceutical companies within this sector, and examples on how they receive funding from them but that will be covered in another post.

Of who’s interest does that serve best, the patient or the pusher who can supply the most Patients, I’ll leave that with you as the story unfolds… Continue reading

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It’s all gone Pete tong… (Wrong)

History has taught us much about our conduct as a species but like at school, most of it was ignored or forgotten as we all sought to get laid at the school disco.

Basically its always worked on a simple principal – kill everything that doesn’t conform, isn’t edible, is edible, or might be in the way of something edible… The earliest options were to say God told you to do it, this method worked for a lot of people and everyone rallied behind you as you begun your evangelical annihilation of non believers and passive resistance, nowadays its frowned upon a little more but still applies in rare circumstances. Continue reading

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Houston we have a problem…

Nice to know that God is like the dysfunctional red neck parent who happily watches his children burn themselves on the stove having left petrol and explosives lying around for us to play with.

It’s not that we’re potentially doomed that worries me, it’s that we’re going to get seriously fckdup in the process… Continue reading

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Don’t Panic…

In years to come maybe Alien life will discover our ruined Planet and have the foresight to prepare an epitaph for our memory :

R.I.P. Mankind – Stupid bast*rds never had a chance really… Continue reading

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