Sex and the City, Athens stylee – How f*cked by the state can I really get. . .

If it’s not bad enough that the corruption and systematic state abuse never seems to end in the news these days, now we can’t even run the risk of getting f*cked anymore for fear of serious complications – And, in a Country whereby WE the people are getting more f*cked than anyone. . .

This is grave news indeed.

HIV/Aids – So what is it? A new IMF incentive. . .

Well, Yes kind of if you like. The Incentive is in stopping us all getting anymore f*cked than we would like to be and not being used as a strap on in the next Ministerial bout of ‘how’s your father’. . .

Currently here in Greece there is a Health regime running things which would probably make Hitler blush with some of it’s Policies.

I’ve been trying to raise some awareness on this with a few others for a while now, and over time you’ll have to learn to ignore my vitriolic, bitchy and at times sarcastic ramblings because having had to plough through this sh*te for most of my time here in Greece, I’m quite honestly sick to the back f*cking teeth of it myself. so just bear with me and enjoy the ride and feel free to try and help make an already great Country, better yet.

So, sadly the health sector has recently come under fire recently due to the Monty Python style f*ck up to which we know and expect from it. The chief sector this time is in no small part, the Greek CDC, and all those associated with HIV & Aids.


A HIV witch-hunt – Press Image for more Info

Ruins / Ερείπια – Chronicle of a HIV witch-hunt by Zoe Mavroudi

Let me just extend my sincere apologies and support for those who are GENUINE, those work in the front lines in this sector, without YOU, there would be nothing and my post is in no way aimed at the miracle workers who give so much for so little, this is for the corrupt and clueless morons running the show in office, and YOU know who they are.

Let me lay the foundations a little. If it were a horse, you’d take it round the back and shoot it, and not just once either. You’d have to get a mini-gun and a few thousand rounds just to be sure, mainly because something so incompetent can’t be left to risk, and it’s probably too stupid to know when it’s dead. . .

Thankfully all the recent news has helped highlight the systematic abuse of nearly two decades worth of major evil f*ck-up, so in some ways the misery and suffering experienced by those currently highlighted and ruined, isn’t all for nothing. . .

(That by the way, is the good news – it’s all down hill from here on).

To be fair, it would have been kinder to let the Mafia run the HIV/Aids sector here in Greece, at least they would have had a level of professionalism when dealing with the finances, they’d have had at least some ethics and a higher moral standard than the current bunch of hillbillies, AND despite it being run by the mob, you wouldn’t have had so many halfwit criminals working there for as long. . .

The average Greek could sort this mess out in a couple of days if he had the chance to, if you told him he’d actually get paid for it, maybe less but unfortunately, the remains of a bygone age which nearly destroyed this Country still hold the power in too many ways.

So, when the state is treating people with HIV/Aids like rancid meat (as it has been doing for so long) it’s normally ok, it’s only when foreigners, immigrants and trafficked victims suddenly pass it on through brothels and that it may upset the family that there’s now a problem worthy of discussion. . .

Firstly, Education, Trafficking and Immigration are individual problems which all need addressing for ANY of this to start working for the people here at best.

Most people I speak to always think that HIV/Aids is always someone elses problem. This current f*ck-up hopefully changes that.

I understand that not much sympathy is going out to the poor women involved in this case as well, they were prostitutes anyway, “getting f*cked is what they do. . .” – One comment I saw recently which says it all.

Many were probably gang raped anyway and metaphorically abused by everyone from the Authorities to the Pimps along the way, but that’s ok, the best was saved till last and they should have been more careful! After all, surely somewhere in the small print it says being victimised with HIV/Aids is part of the travel arrangement whilst being trafficked.

Then there’s the poor guys blowing their hard earned cash getting blown, they were far too busy to think about STD’s, and when your balls deep in some whore in a quality establishment who wants the embarrassment of having to ask the wife or Girlfriend for a condom!

Now it breaks up families, is passed from person to person outside the brothel, and many don’t know who’s got it. Damn right – And no one f*cking did in the first place.

Not many point out that if these people weren’t so happy to play russian roulette with their dicks in the first place, then half this problem wouldn’t be as bad anyway. If you are of an age where going to a prostitute is ok, and you still don’t think to use a condom, then you’re a f*cking moron and need taking out the gene pool anyway. It’s just tragic that your ignorance could cost many people so much.

That’s not a trafficking problem, it’s not even an immigrant problem and it’s sure as hell not even a sexual problem – that’s an education problem.

Whatever floats your boat.

I won’t begin to get into the rights and wrongs of the whole prostitution thing – Not my debate and sure not with an Orthodox based semi fanatical religious base, I’m just a guest here, idly trying to do my bit when I can.

But, observations lead me to question the validity of an almost non existant sex education platform for the youth of this Country. I sure as hell can’t imagine the Church showing you how to roll a Condom on after mass anytime soon and I’m guessing that here it’s possibly even more socially embarrassing for parents as well, so this needs some attention anyway.

So who’s in control ?

KEELPNO, the Greek CDC, or as it’s known, the center for Corruption, Deception and Criminality. . . One of the few buildings with security guards trying to keep the staff inside the building.

So, they’re the state authority on this are they – Yes.


If people missed the fact that the state ‘Authority’ on HIV/Aids here is quite willing to employ uneducated, un-qualified people, people who illegally pretend to be Doctors and to let them steal money, run non legal projects, gain access to Hospital and core data without any accountability before allowing them to run the COUNTRIES HIV/AIDS plan – to then allow them to criticise themselves as state employees as the KEY Non Government Organisation in HIV/Aids. . . Well, I’m not really sure there’s any hope for anyone here really then.

IS it so bad that in nearly 20 years of such blatant mismanagement and malpractice of a health sector, that not f*cking ONE person said – “Hang on, what the f*ck’s going on here. . . ?”


No, they didn’t, or if they did the system swallowed them up, moved them along or just threatened and abused them in the same way that they do the people they’ve abused for so long.

I know what happens when you question them directly, with the facts. Several of us did 5 years ago now.

They lie, provide misinformation and deny to your face facts (as signed by them) and allow those Guilty of the Issues highlighted to fabricate any manner of bullsh*t to try and f*ck you off. ANything so they can carry on their little money making scam. I’m not sure if it’s the Pharmaceutical payoff’s that fuel this greed and unwanton evil, the reward of knowing who in Greece has HIV/Aids, or the damage they can do with it which creates such a void in ethics, but either way, IT SURE DOES.

When you have the senior person for the Greek HIV/Aids plan in Greece covering up for colleages and helping them gain positions of trust within the state, masquerading as Doctors it’s more than just ambitious, it’s highly illegal data farming.

Helping them gain access to the Confidential medical data of patients, breaching confidentiality of those in trust and manipulating the system for your own gain has to be the most despicable abuse of civil liberties ever to have befallen this sector of people yet.

Knowing how so few care and how many pretend that they do, made me and those who have dedicated their time on this at least try to make a start in helping out where we could, that’s why we do what we do and why this blog came to be.

What is happening here is a Cancer and it needs removing.



No, I don’t need to be doing this either before you ask, if you’re one of the minority Greek’s who resents a foreigner doing this in ‘your Country’, and I’m not mocking that, I understand completely. Please feel free to take over, but either way, it needs doing and I myself would sooner it be someone else doing it, so that works out for us all. . .

Meanwhile, sh*t needs doing and me and a few others have made a start anyway.

5 years of having to watch everyone connected with Health, HIV/Aids and all this crap do F*CK ALL has led me to believe that half of them are as bad if not worse, and the rest are just as pathetic for allowing it in the first place OR subsequently much worse for doing nothing since so they can all f*ck off for all I care now regardless, I just did my bit because it had to be done.


Smile, act like a pro and take it up the ass…

Kind a Catchy don’t ya think…?

I’m thinking of helping a number of respective Government parties with it for their new and up-and-coming election campaigns.

Let’s face it, it’s what they secretly wish they could whisper in our ears whilst they’re f*cking us REAL good, which when it comes down to things, they could well be doing right now anyway.

Fortunately I haven’t got some sweaty Minister canoodling with my bits as they shaft us daily. I do check though, regularly as these days it’s hard to not feel like at any point a strange guy with nothing but a smile and an erection offers us a cigarette before he nods off and leaves us wondering who the hell he was.

That’s not from experience anyway, I may have been that guy in several cases, but I never nodded off… And to be fair, the focus of my passion wasn’t to feltch my way through your pockets in the eager anticipation of discovering whether or not you’d have a ‘fun-sized’ Mars bar.

Me, my particular vices all feature women, Mars bars being optional and usually lots of them, women that is, not Mars bars – although I’d probably be the last to complain about them either way.

Firstly, a word of caution though about any form of ‘Chocolate Liason’ if you’ve never had one of those little ‘accidents’ before, be careful, they do melt surprisingly quick and can end up in more than your pillow casing, so I’ve heard…

Secondly, don’t attempt any sexual encounters with Maltesers either, especially if it’s with me as you’ll only end up disappointed as you lie naked clutching an empty bag…

…of Maltesers that is…

This, my latest shameful outburst today comes after reading numerous articles about the Immigration problem here in Athens, and how in some sectors of the press it seems like people won’t be happy till everyone non Greek is rounded up and cattle-prodded into their own little Ghetto.

If I seem to remember rightly it’s Pink triangles for Gays, a Red triangle for political prisoners, liberals & communists and a Purple triangle for Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc, etc, etc…

Sounds a little too familiar does it not?

I’m in favour of any nation trying to resolve it’s immigration policies but not at the expense of human dignity and the suffering of others through persecution.

I learn’t that in History, lot of it about so I’m told.

Meanwhile the harsh reality is that the SS, Oops (state) are suggesting HIV monitoring and detention centers throughout Greece to tackle the current immigration crisis which it is competently terrifying people with at present.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in favor of a Nation sorting its own first, it’s common sense. It’s easier to help people full stop, but in reality the world has moved on beyond a point of being able to do that realistically.

Personally, I like the Ozzie approach – meet their criteria or they’ll sink your ship and feed you to the Koala’s, no messing about.

So, If you’re new to my blog then you’ll soon realise that the point of this blog was to help highlight state governed abuse of the Health Sector by KEELPNO and ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS, something that is now being discussed to control the people ‘who are running wild in Athens’ so they would have you believe… That’s the immigrants running wild in the city, not the Greek CDC who are sadly still running wild with their Policies.

(Brief interlude) – Man appears offering the crowds snacks – Albatross, get you’re Albatross here…

The Blog – I keep hoping to write a post about the many good things there are in Greece however these days it’s difficult to focus on the good when the bad eats at out hearts daily, have faith though, summer is on the way and even a serial sun dodger like myself can find the good in that.

So on I roll…

(Interlude over)…

To re-iterate, the same people who allowed non qualified, non legal criminals to masquerade as Doctors are providing their ‘Expertise’ to help plan and implement a solution’.

Fortunately isn’t hasn’t developed into a ‘final solution’ however you never know. You probably don’t know their current form to such malpractice, it’s the stuff of Legend.

Furthermore to this farce is that the KEELPNO Director in charge of employing at least one of these nimwits who illegally claimed to be a Doctor is in discussions about how this should be carried out. Not to mention the others who no doubt received pharmaceutical benefits through dealing with such medical cases, but who also managed to give themselves access to state and EU funding of their own approval.


The Higher echelon of this organisation act with complete impunity whilst the power that be carry on implementing which ever Mickey Mouse projects they so chose to embark on.

Now it seems to me that for 10 years at least and whilst these half-brained idiots were in control of this sector, they clearly f*cked it up to now that it’s beyond repair and subject to the ridecule that is now running rife within this sector, so the answer clearly is to let these people carry on with it as it’s not f*cked enough.

If it’s not bad enough that the Police have to pick up the burden of trying to Police these ghost citizens, the mainframe answer to coping with them is to lock them up, brand them as dangers to society and then what.

I personally recommend that Greece now bolsters it’s Space program so at the very least we can jettison some of these poor f*ckers into space and at least save them the misery and indignity of having to live like prisoners for trying to make a life for themselves.

Better still we could get the Greek CDC to use them as Guinea pigs on test medication, erm, and get Pharmaceutical companies to reward staff for using their Medicine… Now how about that for an idea that doesn’t seem like its a new thing already…

So, back at the Ranch and as the Greek bailout plans push to gain the confidence of it’s nation by locking up absolutely anyone else, it truly seems like progress will be made and that tube of super strength lube will come in handy for at least somebody here.

I’ve long thought that those in power have little clue about their own Nation at best, but now it seems that they not only fail to have a clue about ANYTHING, they don’t even know what it is they are suppose to be doing.

Smiling, acting like a pro and taking it up the ass is all they can ever hope to achieve for those in front of them whilst those behind stand eagerly awaiting, dick in hands wishing it was their turn…

* Will probably add to this as the initial anger that poured out on reading much of what is going about failed to give me time to properly digest the stupidity of it all…

Three years today…

And what a load of sh*te it’s been so far…!

I’d like to personally thank ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ for allowing such scum and petty minded criminals to work for it, for allowing them to persecute people for standing up to their rule of tyranny and for acting in every way possible to be as inept and blatantly useless in every way in helping fight the corruption which runs through it like Diarrhoea, especially when civilians attempt to make a difference and come to YOU to help your stupid f*cking joke of a CDC sort itself out and do something good for once, instead you lie and promote those Guilty of fraud who illegally claim to be Doctors… Bunch of C*nts you are!!!

I’d like to also thank ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ  ΗΕLLAS for stealing my finances, failing to pay my taxes and IKA and allowing me to help reveal to the world what maggots the current Board of Directors are and how their conduct is befitting of the immoral, lying cheating bastards they are and have been for their duration in charge.

Since hijacking a once good Non Government Organisation and abusing it, its funding and its resources and good name, whilst in the meantime threatening and damaging those who worked so hard to believe in it and what it once stood for with your malicious lies and slander when you deliberately set out to delay and pervert the course of Justice with regards to your own exposure being proven to be TRUE, ie… Let me see now, all of it.

If there is a parasite which feeds on the sh*t of the dung beetle, its the current President and his band of merry thieves. What pretentious, empty headed lying thieving retches you truly are, and yes, please try and sue me (again) for me pointing out how by your own hand members of your board of Directors claimed to be Doctors, please explain to myself and the many how that is slander…!? How me stating that you being investigated by ΥΔΑΣ was a lie, which when you WERE being Investigated, you tried to deny for nearly a year – and then were found GUILTY of, is liable…

Which part of ‘Dumbasses‘ do you not understand…?

A VERY special mention also to all the f*ckwit scumbag Politicians and other Organisations who failed to act responsibly and who still allow these criminals to slander and abuse those who fought to highlight their lies and shameful behaviour.

In words which can only briefly summarise how I feel about your ignorant, arrogant and completely useless and pathetic voices, which similarly show that cretins such as yourselves aren’t worth wiping our arses with :

I can only hope your genitals drop off slowly you retarded tossers

with affection,

Simon A.Rawicz

x x x

Oops, did I use my name and stand proud for what I know and believe in when I have nothing to fear from the truth coming out…? OMG…

Or should I hide myself behind petty closed groups slandering the good name of people who are innocent, lying to protect other lowlife phlebs who listen to lies without seeking any form of proof… Would I not be better off making up accusations, lies and failing to show a shred of decency while I abuse every aspect of what I could stand for in a futile and empty last gesture before the courts close in…

Even when facing the truth, facts and being shown to have lied and abused your position for nearly a decade, should I still LIE and make up yet more f*cking pathetic lies about people who have exposed me for the anal stain that YOU ARE…

No thanks, I’ll stand proud and wait for the Pepsi challenge thank you very much and leave you to your standards…

Things to look forward to in 2011…

Social networking with a difference, coming soon...

Social networking with a difference, coming soon...

Inspired by KEELPNO and the Greek CDC…

WhoTheF*ckAreYouLyingToTube was unfortunately shut down due to having too many members who had been lied to and abused and the server couldn’t handle the amount of people or complaints, not too mention the amount of lies and criminal activities discovered by people who have been unfortunate enough to deal with this organisation and the many it tries to cover up…!

Nearly 2 years of fighting to expose the corruption and the medical farce that they call a Health plan, by endangering the very people they loosely claim to be protecting as they provide illegal and unqualified staff with nothing but their own benefits in mind, as the system so far allows this to be a well orchestrated part of their recruitment plan, we salute you.

Unfortunately there is no one protecting you from them as they lie, steal and manipulate the system to risk the safety and medical confidentiality of those who put their health at risk and by approaching the many sectors in which this organisation can jeopardise your safety, you allow this farce to continue unless you demand action to be taken to protect yourself from further criminalisation.

Abusing those with highly sensitive medical problems and those who have been trafficked or seek refuge is the standard to which KEELPNO expects it’s members to adhere to, by allowing NGO’s that they protect to manipulate those who seek help knowing that they are too scared or ill to do anything about it they run a cartel on the funding, the financing and the situation that they claim to help by opening the Doors to European funds and projects enabling them to ruin the lives of other people who may unfortunately believe their bullsh*t abroad.

ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ ΗΕLLAS is just one case exposed, and the system here clearly protects those who are all affiliated with such malpractice and mistreatment of the resources available for those who are capable of cherry picking the fringe benefits of pretending to care. Their current president Kostadis Kaburakis is the standard to which new lows are met so it seems when he threatens and slanders innocent people for exposing his trail of lies, failing to appear at court when he claims to seek Justice, failing to provide accountability when he claims to seek honest representation and for lying about the many Investigations underway, most notably the one by ΥΔΑΣ which found them guilty of providing non valid documentation, irrelevant receipts and for paying staff when he claims that they are ‘purely voluntary’…

Since, his exploits have shown his true character as he has tried to sue those for revealing to all how he provided false documentation stating he was a Doctor when he wasn’t, perverting the course of Justice when he brought out non legal court cases against those who brought this matter to air on SKAI Radio, denying that they were under Investigation, claiming that they had been victims and it was all lies when he knew and intentionally since tried to damage those who stood up to this.

A subtle reminder of the system and the state of the people who work there who have so far lied, provided false documentation, slandered and abused the state to serve their own ill gotten means is by no means a laughing matter, what is though is the number of people within this sector who allow this to happen, who even think this is acceptable, and worse still those who protect and harbour this activity or feign ignorance to it’s existence.

National and International organisations like the numerous members of TAMPEP, HelmSIC and Doctors of the World and the many more who have all been approached, who in turn allow and condone unqualified staff illegally claiming to be Doctors – who abuse the people who sought help, who allow NGO’s with no experience or no relative expertise in such a specialised area to do as they wish, who when notified tried to protect themselves by trying to help defend the problem rather than address the cause, again trying to help damage those who seek the truth rather than acting in the way in which they should as people, as members representing the cause who’s name they betray by their actions.

Those who have long forgotten what their jobs are all about, who have forgotten who they serve and who have forgotten what the Health sector is there to represent – seemingly need to see a Doctor, preferably one unlike themselves who is hopefully qualified, experienced and not corrupt and likely to set about damaging the people they claim to care about unlike themselves.

What does KEELPNO teach us :

If you want a Doctor – go private. If you want some half witted dumb ass who may abuse your medical state, threaten anyone you know for exposing them as an unqualified liar and thief, or who may illegally claim to be something that they are not ie (a Gynaecologist as reported online in one article) as they illegally claim to be Doctors anyway, then good luck…

You’re by far better off buying yourself a kids Doctors and Nurses set and chopping your own leg off as a precaution as you burn what money you have left and give some criminal the resources for them to be able to blackmail you with your details.

A little extreme maybe, but not really when you think about it…

One method is just stupid, the other is just called trusting the system.

I know which I’d sooner choose!

Buy this and claim that your a Bonafide Doctor working for KEELPNO, Comes with European Union cheque book, numerous non legal projects and a whole department who will cover up your lies and deception as you screw the system and the People...

Buy this and claim that your a Bonafide Doctor working for KEELPNO, Comes with European Union cheque book, numerous non legal projects and a whole department who will cover up your lies and deception as you screw the system and the People...

If you’re lucky you can even run your own NGO and be President as you pretend to everyone you know that your a genuine member of society when in fact your nothing but scum, deliberately screwing the system…

If we’re lucky – we all get Alzheimers and this sh*t goes away, if not, no one cares and this sh*t bites you all in the ass one day.

Your choice…!

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WHO is responsible for Human rights and Global Health issues…?

FAO : Tunga Namjilsuren,
Team leader, Communications,
HIV/AIDS Department.
Dear Tunga,
I recently read your article on Human rights for HIV/Aids and hoped your would show interest in helping to fight the current state system in Greece which has been abusing people for nearly 10 years as the Greek CDC (ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ) has allowed a non Legal NGO (ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS) to destroy the name and faith of organisations connected in this sensitive area.
This Organisation has provided false documentation in Greece and abroad to gain access to state and European funding, and as two of their senior members of the board of Directors have been illegally claiming to be Doctors for nearly 10 years as they manipulated the trust and name of the ACTUP cause for it’s own gain it deserves to be highlighted to the respective authorities in order to protect people from these criminals before more people suffer the same fate and they further isolate the people from having faith in such organisations.
In this time they ran a number of projects which deliberately deceived the people who placed their trust in this NGO to gain access to the confidential medical results of the patients who were exposed to the ongoing deception. In this time whilst working for the GREEK CDC and whilst being on the Board of Directors for this NGO they managed to champion false cause, claim to be affiliated with other genuine organisations to further their lies and attempted to run their NGO without any due morals, ethics and with blatant disrespect for the people they claimed to protect and the community in which they have taken so much from.
The Greek CDC employ another bogus Doctor to implement HIV policies...

The Greek CDC employ another bogus Doctor to implement HIV policies...

Myself and a few dedicated others have been fighting to highlight this and have faced the entire system of ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ, ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS, and more shamefully so – the whole HIV/Aids community who have (for two years), tried to absolve themselves from this behaviour despite knowing about it and whilst many organisations still try and cover them up and allow them to continue this dangerous farce.
I have tried contacting numerous authorities and can only try all means possible to gain the support and help of the wider community who I feel it is in the best interest to deal with this matter and prove that standards such as this aren’t to be tolerated and the criminality and abuse of position towards such a vulnerable and sensitive sector of society is protected.
I look forward to your response as does the rest of the people genuinely connected in helping stamp out world problems such as this, however whilst this activity is allowed and common place in the system here it’s unlikely that the people who need help the most can dare allow to put their faith, trust or medical needs in such organisations or state assisted projects.

I will be forwarding a copy of this mail to the rest of the many organisations who so far have failed to address these matters in the hope that they will finally act responsibly enough and try and actually help people with this stigmatised social issue further enabling many of those who actually seek to help to be able to knowing that the help isn’t misused or in vain.
yours sincerely,
Simon A.Rawicz

My dear Greek friends, please feel free to join in the fun…

After all, it’s your system more than mine first and foremost, secondly it’s your Health sector and thirdly a prime example of the state at present, who run it, try and cover it up, and who then after being shamefully exposed by their deception – then turn on the hand that feeds them… After they are removed from their positions (thankfully) for being 1) unqualified, 2) unregistered, 3) immoral, 4) unethical and 5) liars & thieves…

Not necessarily in that order though all relevant I assure you!

Please use a translation tool such as Yahoo babelfish or Google chrome’s if you need but do.

I won’t bore you with a run down, many of you may know or at least should do by now and if you want Greece to be a better place for us all, want to know where the Money goes, who steals it and just how bad they are, well, the comedy element is provided by the President of this NGO who for 10 years illegally claimed to be a Doctor as they stole from the state, staff, and the valuable time and effort given by so many volunteers who were abused, lied to and deceived by the current Board of Directors at ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS.

Who were previously involved in the projects at KEELPNO to which they ran and now criticise… Hence the note.

Please have a read and ask some questions yourselves, I’m sure they’d provide a number of false responses for you as they have with the courts, the state and the people so far…

You can find a complete run down of events so far here on the ACTUP section :

BUT, The comedy really starts here though :

I’m sincerely hoping that they don’t sensor the comments again, having no response to the truth doesn’t sit well with this NGO as they have proven so far to enjoy lying without any unsubstantial proof to back up any of the events or actions discovered to date.

I didn’t want to really have to get into this till nearer World Aids Day to be honest but having nearly hurt myself laughing at the farce unfold I had to hope that I could at least share it with an number of other people who are either interested in the state and how to help make Greece run without lowlife pond-scum like this abusing their positions within Ministries so far. 10 years this joke has been allowed to run its course.

How do you feel about people pretending to be Doctors employed by KEELPNO? Stealing your tax paying money as they live it up at your expense, running non legal projects which endanger those it claims to help, is this what you expect from your Government…?

It’s matters not that they are connected with HIV/Aids, this was just the easiest area of health to manipulate, the opportunity to prey upon people that they chose to exploit with minimum fear of recrimmination suited them well for 10 years.

Knowing that most people were too exposed to complain, and too reliant on their help or sensitivity they elected to move into a very vulnerable and fearful area of society, working with complete impunity knowing that their Ministry (which has shown recently) would try and cover it up to protect their own exposure.

Two years fighting this has discovered the events to be factual, we have proof and more importantly, the relevant authorities have the information too.

Look into the facts please –  and don’t ever say you want a better World, community or Country without at least being aware of what is happening, secondly don’t ever think you can’t make a difference, if you don’t educate yourself to things, you never will make a difference but you can…

Health, sexual origin, Political beliefs or even which football team you support are irrelevant in this. It’s one thing to have people illegally claiming to be Doctors, quite another for the state to actually employ them and allow them to help themselves to funding without accountability as they masquerade as something they are not for 10 years.

I worked there by accident, friends and Volunteers I know dedicated their time, love and support to these people to try and make a difference. I have no bias to whether someone has HIV, is Black or White or from Mars and beyond, we pay for this, YOU pay for this.

Want to make a difference…? Do you really…

Not many do. Too many people ‘like’ to press ‘like’ to Organisations, ‘like’ causes and all the other stupid bullsh*t opportunities there are to save the Planet but when it comes down to it, what do people do really?

There is no ‘like’ button in life that matters other than our own choice to do all we can. Those who do need help in life and those who bang the drum when an event like world Aids Day comes up all pretend they care so it seems.

UNAids, WAC and all the other health organisations that have been notified about this NGO are all guilty of neglect, and should be ashamed of themselves for doing nothing.

Those who all have tried to sit back and pretend everything’s all right and who have done nothing about this NGO when it claims to be apart of them. Whilst this NGO sits under their umbrella and network, presented itself at HIV/Aids conferences knowing nothing other than embezzlement, deceit and fraudulent behaviour, they allowed this, they still do, before they used them as KEELPNO representatives, whenever it suits as ACTUP.

Maybe making sure that those who claim to be doing some good is actual, and that an awareness on those who state to be involved are indeed what they say they are. Would you think that any Organisations with the prestige of those mentioned would be responsible enough to look into such matters, would come out with their views, release a statement clarifying the relationship between itself and the NGO in question and would you like to think that they would be concerned about members of it’s community putting the safety, confidentiality of people in need at risk, not to mention the fact that they have been claiming to be medical staff and breaching health, safety and confidentiality as well as the legal implications…?

Hmmm, well I did too at first, two years on and it’s still ‘business as usual’.

Fortunately awareness is a temporary measure till justice kicks in.

Staff wanted at the Greek CDC – People with no criminal background needn’t apply…

We need you... Do you have what it takes to lie steal and rob the citizens of Greece, if so contact KEELPNO NOW...!

We need you... Do you have what it takes to lie, steal and rob the citizens of Greece, if so contact KEELPNO NOW...!Semi appropriate really as it's actually the truth.

This was the old KEELPNO – (maybe no better than the new KEELPNO, but at least they’ve shown willing) anyway, I suspect their own motto maybe ‘no crime, no time’ because getting them to do anything to help themselves was mission impossible. It’s probably what they teach you in your first week at work from what we’ve discovered over the last two years fighting this corruption riddled malaka-filled building.

The sad truth is that the character above (who has and will inspire countless new parodies) was actually the Head of the trafficking sector of the Greek CDC. The President of a well known NGO (MKO) which was more than happy to run non legal projects, steal Greek and EU money and which had the whole KEELPNO network trying to cover it up as they funded their own pockets, who illegally used their own board members to pretend to be Doctors with another member to specifically gain access to HIV/Aids patients medical records, and who since has lied and tried to cover it up, slandered others for being exposed and who brought out an illegal court case against myself for highlighting his activities by claiming that my Information raised on SKAI radio was a breach of his privacy and misrepresented him…

Well, he was right, when I went on SKAI radio we didn’t have half the information we have now, and the original 50,000 euro’s I’d accused him of stealing was vastly smaller than the amounts we now know about. His denial of even being Investigated by ΥΔΑΣ – (The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs) for the last year was obviously a figment of my, the state and everyone else’s imagination and the fact that he and the other members of the Board were all found guilty suggests that we really need to cut back on such trivial fact before they sue us all for having one foot in the real world and subsequently not spending enough time with Alice in wonderland and the Oompa Lumpa’s.

So, no morals, no ethics, and unlimited bullsh*t isn’t a policy that a Government run body should adopt then…? Interesting. Whatever next, maybe their Doctors will be registered, not liable to threaten or abuse people who question their authority when they risk the safety, confidentiality and health of those who they deceive…

That used to be their previous approach to employing staff, I joke about it but it’s exactly the case in the current situation that I and others have been trying to highlight for so long now.

The truth on just how bad they were is that even after exposing these people as not being registered, qualified or having any experience, having pretended to be Doctors for possibly 10 years, and providing all the proof on a plate about their financial crimes and much more, they then went on to offer one of these members an extended contract – I kid you not.

Time will tell if they actually employ people who are genuinely qualified and experienced in the respective fields in the future however it’s a great step for Greece, the health sector which deals with such a specialised area within the health sector, and for us, people who rely on this sector to prevent us having a leg chopped off when one of their plumbers tries to cure our throat infection with a hack-saw.

I personally always hoped they would just get the security firm which works at KEELPNO to prevent them from leaving as it was far easier to monitor so many criminals in one place, and my thoughts were on it just being easier and cheaper to change the name to something like ‘A Prison’, and by locking the gates after an emergency meeting whereby everyone relevant was summoned to appear it would have solved many problems.

Indeed, what a crazy old world it may be then.

Just think what could be done if more of us here decided to stand up and question the bullsh*t we hear and see on such a regular basis, and this applies everywhere – not just here in Greece though. I’ve had two years of people telling me not to bother, that nothing would happen, that ‘Etsi’ was and will be the way of things. – Well it is. ‘Etsi’ is what we make it so it seems…

Just because someone tells us something doesn’t mean they’re right or they know what they are doing, it doesn’t even mean they are actually trying to do anything that doesn’t put us in further danger either when we take their word when they are trying to help us – And this is especially relevant when dealing with your Goverment, Ministries and anyone else who shows willing to abuse their positions and which affects us on many levels.

Know your rights, question everything and find out exactly what should be done no matter what the cost, otherwise you face being involved in your own downfall as a person and helping an already difficult world get worse for yourself and others you know and care about…