Insomnia – I can’t get no sheep.

It’s been a very long hard week. 8 years of misery and none the wiser. One more week of complication, doubt and endless worry for no reason too only to find out the illusion never ends.

The shock of what happened when I first came to Greece still cuts deep, it affected my health, my sanity and my trust in not just people but the state, the ‘system’ and the people who so readily abuse it.

The corruption and the ongoing fight to expose the criminal scum who for over a decade profited at the expense of those they pretended to help never seemed to end, their lies, threats and parasitic behaviour in trying to falsify a truth from their lies ate away at me and those who stood up to them and the fact that we achieved our goal, stood proud and did the right thing still weighs heavy.

This week is the ‘anniversary’ of me being here 8 years, when once full of hope and inspiration, I now sit worn, tired and sick of the low life parasites who feel it their right to abuse those who attempt to do the right thing.

My desire to have some inner peace at some point in my life prevented me from exacting my own revenge, something that on a day may run tired of restraint.

For years I fantasized about the many ways to dispose of such parasites and whilst being highly creative, fantasized about many of my own. These dreams still linger like happy thoughts, caressed into sight by the foolish thought that I’d be free for once of the misery I held back to allow them to still breathe.

Sometimes you spend so much time burying your demons so deep I can only assume I’m on the flipside of hell, looking up at them, trapped and destined to forever torment them, as they now torment me.

Raped by the damned and left to live out the night knowing that the day will never end.

You try to do the right thing and can’t always, you try to do what people hope you to be able to do but they don’t let you, and so you hope to do what you can when you’re denied the ability to do anything and it’s still never enough.

Sleep sometimes is the only place I am free of them. Death being the only other choice available, one I longed for these years.

A darkness so tainted would never leave, beckoning me forth into its midst, wishing me clear of mind and soul.

I resisted, time and time again only to question the purpose, family, friends and my dear cats keeping me strong, often blind to the hatred and pain tearing me apart inside.

Those who helped tried where many knew not as the spectacle played itself out, week after week, year after year.

The charade ran on, the circus grew large and the effort to keep focused ravaged me and those close.

Somewhere within burnt a fire forged from those who raised me to be better than those I fought, the crippling cost eased by the slow satisfaction of the truth being set free and yet no solace ever came, no peace helped shed the weight nor did the shackles fall away.

Then came the hurt, the loss to all I knew, what I had and what I hoped for and the pieces of my spirit ripped apart long to heal.

When that is taken from you, life eats away at you, slowly like the seconds on the clock, echoing out in the night as you lie awaiting the dawn.

If you could just rest, be at peace and relax, to in some way hide away the turmoil, the worries and the pain would be some consolation but it never comes.

To have them torture your mind, hour after hour is beyond cruel. Day after day, week after week and so forth pushes you to places feared.

There is no medication to give you back what is lost, there are no words, no feelings to replace or to reaffirm yourself to who you once were and only now when you see beyond where you started, the end flicker into view.

Our mind is capable of much greatness until we lose control of what we thought we knew.

Life evolves, people come and go and so we dance the dance again.

Faith once flowed freely as did a joy I know I had. Unrecognisable now for the scar I have in it’s place but healing slowly with each day, with each moment I try to enjoy a little more, knowing how quickly it may fade.

Enjoy the comfort of the bed while you can, as it either wraps it’s heavenly arms around you or suffocates you as you wrestle with your mind, flitting restlessly from thought to thought.

Inspiration gives us fight, a cause to the effect, as do the people we seek to unite with on the path we chose to walk.

Some days the path is lonely, not a footprint to be seen, other days may come a figure, one we hope share our route.

To each one we chose to hold dear, we leave a piece of ourselves.

Some treasure what we give, others break without due thought.

Where one sweet dream may end, a nightmare may begin…

We all tackle our pain in ways we may not understand, hoping that in whatever way it comes, it comes. Anything as long as it comes.


Two years ago the tunnel finally showed its light, a distant glow drawing near and such despite the rope hanging round my neck, slowly but surely I managed to step free.

Focus shifted and the pain slowly ebbed, just the thoughts still catching me unaware, less and less, but still aware.

Creativity if you have it is like a beacon in the gloom, lighting all before.

You can never control this, never predict when it comes and how long it will last, what triggers it or anything else to drive you from your shadows, but when it comes embrace it, long for it and feel in throughout for it may not come again.

I awoke a while back, but now I can see once more.


2008 – 2016 : Fighting to expose *ACTUP in Greece.

Nearly 20 years of state sponsored abuse, malpractice, theft, bullying and treating people like filth to exploit the HIV/Aids sector and illegally pretend to be Doctors and then persecuting myself and those who stood up to their fucking diabolical tyranny.

*You only still draw breath for I was too weak to do what I should have.


The Greek ACTUP, this time Insurance theft.

February 2015, ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS had their appeal thrown out by IKA for failing to fulfil their legal obligations to myself having withheld part of my salary in 2008/2009 under the guise of it contributing towards my Insurance as per my Contract, and keeping it for themselves.

This appalling behaviour from an NGO which falsely claims to support the rights of workers, immigrants and the people, yet again exposes the true character of the people who abuse the name, the Organisation and the cause for themselves.

An NGO which exercises Hypocrisy like it's FAT!

An NGO which exercises Hypocrisy like it’s FAT!

This appeal dragged out for several years due to their continual failure to present themselves when required, provide factual evidence and to lie and fabricate falsehoods to deny people access to the truth surrounding this immoral and unethical NGO.

Despite having their own court case thrown out in 2014 for lying about my Contract and having all their evidence revealed as lies, their maggot of a lawyer who eventually did turn up at IKA tried to sell the same lie again, classic!

There must be somewhere this level of Stupid gets taught surely because these pricks can’t all have been born this retarded! It’s not possible, you couldn’t even make it up if you tried.

Their numerous other court appearances also faced the same verdict when the Courts had access to the truth and the ongoing lies which they have hidden behind for so long, their own case against myself for highlighting the fact that the President had been illegally pretending to be a Doctor is nothing short of Comedy genuis. Nothing can or will be able to replicate the look on the Judges face when the case started, sheer disbelief on a level never EVER seen before.

The President Kostadis Kaburakis, Chysoula BotsiKonstantinos Zikkas, and George Papachristos all now face Penal court for the lies surrounding their 6 year hate campaign against me for refusing to defraud the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in 2009, and for exposing them for the lying thieving parasites that they are.

The ongoing lies which they have taken refuge behind whilst blaming everyone who previously worked there, volunteered or who similarly found out what the NGO really represented over the time these people took charge of it by deception all stand vilified in their refusal to bow down to their threats, non legal court cases and slanderous behaviour.

The trial against them for defrauding the state is ongoing as are the many other investigations against members of the Board of Directors for nearly 20 years of providing false documentation to run an NGO and embezzle Ministries out of funding, illegally pretending to be Doctors, working and running unsafe projects whereby their sole purpose was to gain access to highly sensitive medical data where possible.

Cases such as the many to which have publicly come to light lately shed light on who it is within this sector which has access to the data and the ‘problems’ which are caused, and the same people who magically appear to be on hand to help defend those exposed! Coincidence!?

Hmmm. . . Hardly.

Considering that many of the NGO‘s working alongside this Organisation knew of this for so long and allowed it to happen points to a far deeper evil abusing the very people within the HIV/Aids sector for their own gain.

As the people highlighted within ACTUP here in Greece have proven, lying, working for the state and representing an NGO they run who’s main role is to criticise the very projects and programs implemented by the Greek National Health plan, (to which they are working for by the CDC), shows complete hypocrisy and a systematic abuse of the sector by those who run it.

Cherry picking EU and State projects, opportunities and career opportunities that came available after lying to run up the NGO is just a small list of the many liberties taken by the people in charge over the period in Question. Stealing state funds, persecuting those who dare stand up to them and abusing every opportunity behind a lie is the sad truth to how this once respected name took advantage of those who turned to them for help, who volunteered and worked for them, and the many people who put their faith and trust in people who have no respect for anything.

The lowest form of people would only dare to stoop so low, and worst still would those who protect them. . .

For the last 6 years, whilst the many people, Organisations and so called ‘respected’ people listened to their lies, they abused, threatened, and tried to sue me for exposing them, and while they hid behind campaigns to pretend to raise HIV/Aids awareness they persecuted myself and two others who stood up to them.

The list of people who share the same low lying immoral behaviour is f*cking dismal. I’ll be taking great delight in covering that shortly so people can see the true extent of the horrors of the HIV sector, the NGO‘s who work alongside them and the ‘civil groups’ and other ‘responsible’ causes that claim to provide’ social well being’ in general just so people can see the extent of the cover up.

On a positive note , despite having to endure the misery inflicted on me for so long by these dmbass criminal halfwits, the best news is all the positive reactions and genuine responses I’ve had from all concerned in bringing these c*nts to light.

Everyone from the Court secretaries, the Magistrates and Judges along the way, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in Athens and the many IKA employees who found themselves involved, the behaviour, attitude and work expected of them has been nothing short of what I would have expected anywhere in the World.

In some cases (and I do mean quite a few), the sympathy received for having to endure such appalling treatment by these cretins has been touching. Several people almost felt responsible for this barbaric treatment having seen over the years here in Greece so many people abuse the state and those who dare interfere, and with me refusing to back down shows how having faith in the Greek system, and YES, there is one, is something more people need to do.

Sadly, it is underfunded due to bast*rds like this who abuse the state in the first place, who take all they can and who give nothing back, and who then clog up the system with inept, selfish immoral court cases against the very people who expose them for being criminal scum like it’s their right to work for the state and do as they please. It’s not, and if they were too stupid to know before I came to Greece, they know now!

I haven’t had chance to thank all who helped me yet, and it’s not fully over either so I’m sure I’ll see some along the way yet, or to thank those who didn’t even help, those who were just good enough to do what was required of them, because for those of us in need of the simple things being done to regain our lives, it means the world, and for that I am forever indebted to you all.

The many unsung heroes of Greece will never be mentioned in Parliament, nor be in the papers or have a Statue placed in their name, but for the people striving to fight to do right, they are everything, and I’ve been lucky to meet so many along the way.

All genuinely decent people, most who are every bit as sick of the plague of petulant self serving thieves who abuse the system for their own gain, and that’s the reality of change here.

You can make a difference if you try. It’s not easy, it takes time, energy and patience that would make the Gods applaud, and will slowly f*ck you up in the pursuit, but it’s worth doing if you want to stand proud.

More to follow. . .

Corruption, Malpractice and over a decade of lies, welcome to the Greek ACTUP

It’s now January 2015, nearly 6 years and 1 month since I was forced out of ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS for refusing to help the President defraud the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ΥΔΑΣ) in 2009, and finally the day I get to resolve my Insurance issues at IKA. The fourth attempt (I might add) to resolve these outstanding issues, caused (as usual) by the never ending lies told by the NGO, their refusal to attend, and or their delays and general refusal to face up to the facts. It’s current board of Directors and the lawyer who today represented them (January 20th, 2015) had no more lies to hide behind, they’d exhausted all their appeals, and their only attempt at providing a defence was to throw out the same lies which had already been exposed AND proven to be lies in the numerous court cases just last year (something I had to remind him of today). Previously in a Court of Law until proven, he almost had a right to some of the lies he was paid to say, but today was no such day, to deliberately try and lie in front of someone and NOT get a physical reaction wasn’t going to happen, especially when everything covered was shown to have been a lie anyway. When these shameful and pathetic excuses had only served to delay the inevitable for so long, as usual it was time for the truth, something we all know they have issues with.

Greece, Fraud, injustice, malpractice, persecution, lies

ACTUP HELLAS’s Lawyer, Representing criminal scum since 2010/2011

The lies and misinformation to which these people have based their defence on for so long and hidden behind when confronted by ‘allegations’ about their ‘virtue’ or their ‘morals’ reveal a career based on lies, deceit, and abuse, this was something myself and a couple of dedicated people revealed in 2009/2010. For over 15 years these people preyed on the HIV/Aids sector, it’s resources and those who dedicated their time, energy and resources, knowing full well that those already trapped within this sector were vulnerable and easily manipulated to either be used for funding, or for opportunity.

An NGO which exercises Hypocrisy like it's FAT!

* An NGO which exercises Hypocrisy like it’s FAT!

The long dormant NGO was taken over in 1999/2000 by three long standing members (Kostadis Kaburakis, Chrysoula Botsi and Konstantinos Zikkas) who have since been exposed as having forged elections, defrauding the state and persecuting those who stood up to them and their systematic abuse of this sector. I know this because in 2008/2009 I found out they had used my name and the name of a volunteer without consent to fabricate their election. They voted themselves in (as usual), and whilst lying to the people who worked there at the time, forged, provided false documentation and expected those who dedicated their time in genuinely helping the NGO to behave the same way. It was at this point in 2008 whereby after already noticing several unusual activities, we questioned another member of the NGO about his actions and that of the President whereby it soon became very obvious to what was going on. Since raising the issues with the respective authorities in 2009/2010, the Investigation for Fraud and financial Irregularities to which many of the Board had lied about at the time, found them guilty and fined them appropriately, this including the malpractice exposed through the Investigation also revealed the shocking extent of lies told by the Board of Directors to gain funding, run projects and abuse the resources to their own gain.

Malpractice, Fraud, theft, embezzlement, slander, corruption, Greece, ACTUP HELLAS

Abusing the state, stealing resources, and pretending to be Doctors to further your career – Priceless. . .

As a result of this the President (Kostadis Kaburakis) attempted to sue myself and two others for exposing him as a criminal, the NGO then hid behind this false illusion of being the ‘victim’ until 2014 whereby their lies were torn apart in court, inciting the Magistrate to recommend further Investigation into the Presidents and NGO‘s past and current activities. The day I refused to help them Defraud the Ministry, on returning to work the following week, they had already changed the locks and now tried to claim I never worked there (despite having a contract signed and witnessed by a member of ACTUP), later when I involved the Employment Tribunal they then tried to claim that the work Laptop which I had on me at the time, I had stolen and that the contract I had was a forgery. This was despite the fact that the President (Kostadis Kaburakis) had already provided five different lies to the Employment representative , two of which acknowledged that I did in fact work there, and that technically as I was still working for them, couldn’t have stolen something I couldn’t return.

ACTUP, lies, court

Oh how we laughed. . . Even got a slight chuckle from the Magistrate when we explained the story in Court. . .

The ensuing farce took a further 6 months to get them to finally appear at the adjudication and whereby as the verdict was expected to go in my favour, (for obvious reasons), they did the only thing that could delay judgement by filing a court case against me THAT morning to deny me being awarded the result. Legally as nothing had been resolved with my work tribunal and whilst my employment was still legally under question, I was still no nearer to Justice being carried out, and now faced a Penal case for thinking that having a contract would protect me!? – To quote the Judge at the final court hearing “Only in Greece!”. . . So, finally, four years after visiting the work tribunal to resolve my case, 5 years after unfortunately taking a job with a criminally run state sponsored NGO, I get my day in Court! I say ‘get my day in Court’, this wasn’t the first time I ‘got’my day in Court’, there had been several others whereby they had appealed, failed to represent themselves, or not provided evidence etc and yet online, they are the first to declare the need for ‘immigrant rights’, ‘power to the people’ and for ‘Justice’ to be heard. Clearly those rules don’t count when you’re persecuting innocent people for exposing you! So, the two cases against us/me, get to Court. Not only did the lies change so much, but they weren’t even remotely consistent with their own initial defence as submitted in their paperwork, and didn’t even tally up with each others lies.

I don’t know who was more surprised, me or the Magistrate, and I don’t know how it’s even possible. You had to be there, really.

The hardship for the many others awaiting their moment in court who followed our case soon became a much anticipated spectator sport as the Court room was now all keen to witness ACTUP’s board of Directors make complete arses out of themselves, AGAIN, to which they did in spectacular fashion. So much so that numerous strangers came up and congratulated me for exposing them further to those who just happened to be in the Courts that day.

The real tragedy being that everyone there knew exactly what people like this are and have done to Greece already, however on the upside, it was refreshing to see so many people reel in disgust as the information on these people came to light.

Kostadis Kampourakis - Doctor at Ministry of Healthcare.

Kostadis Kampourakis – Doctor at Ministry of Healthcare! Apparently. . .

The case against us for Slander needless to say was thrown out. We were acquitted and declared Innocent as the Radio broadcast whereby the President (Kostadis Kaburakis) was ‘wrongly’ accused of illegally pretending to be a Doctor, actually came from Legal documents he himself had submitted when making himself President whereby he stated that he was a Doctor, and whereby in numerous online interviews, boasted about being a Doctor!

ACTUP HELLAS, criminal, fraud, lies, slander, persecution, abuse, malpractice

It really is this obvious too when you see them all.

The facts written in this blog and on hundreds of online forums, posts and news stories worldwide, all cover the facts as revealed by five years of Investigation by ourselves, the Ministries Involved and the Journalists who exposed them previously. The malpractice, fraud and persecution as revealed is nothing short of what this NGO has done to myself, the state and others for the same duration that the current Board of Directors have been in charge of, and is something which they maliciously abused whilst trying to live a lie at the expense of any who stood up to them.

Keep the promise

We promised to lie and steal – we did and still do. . .

The facts covered here and on this blog aren’t hearsay or gossip, they are details gained in black and white through appearing at Court, through speaking with Ministry representatives and through first hand experience with witnesses, the lies to which they blame everyone who was there previously is the only thing they can do, as so many have proven to listen without thinking, and without questioning and seeking the facts which ARE available.

Justice, penal cases, Greece, corruption, law, fraud, slander, malpractice

Here in Greece at present, she needs a bigger Sword.

The full saga is still ongoing in a number of Penal cases against the individual members of the current Board of Directors, mainly those responsible for over 15 years of malpractice and criminal acts as covered above, and the full extent of the lies told by these people for so long is available through this blog, more of which shall follow. . . There’s so much to cover unfortunately, but I shall tackle the hypocrisy step by step, this was just today’s saga, finally another battle which was won in an ongoing war against corruption. * Not all the people represented in the Photo of ACTUP above are used with reference to the illegal and criminal behaviour of it’s current Board. Only Konstantinos Zikkas,  and Kostadis Kaburakis are featured, center and far right respectively.

Support NGO’s not the ‘Malakas’ who abuse them. . .

Finally some much appreciated and valued support from a genuinely concerned person like many who is sick of the corruption, and malpractice which plagues this Country and who wants a level of moral and ethical behaviour sadly lacking in this sector to be brought about by a change for the better. And I don’t just mean in the HIV / Aids sector, I mean the two faced hypocrisy as shown by those connected with it, all keen to talk the talk whilst doing nothing, those who moan and bitch about the Country being in a mess whilst actively condemning those who get of their fat arses and who do do something.

So, with pure and genuine warmth, I thank you ‘those who listened’ for also helping to do the right thing where so many people have failed.

As an FYI :

Corruption, NGO, MKO, Greece, ACTUP, "ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS", ΥΔΑΣ, Aπάτη

Let’s stop all the f*cktards stealing all the money shall we?

You wouldn’t believe the level of corruption shown, even when trying to highlight this malpractice and corruption to ‘so called’ people who care and or work in this sector. It takes an outsider, a foreigner at that to have to spend 5 years in and out of the Courts fighting to make this place a slightly better place through doing the right thing, and often all I get is abuse or people trying to cover it up.

So if your Greek, don’t say ‘Etsi’ and just shrug your shoulders thinking nothing can be done, it can. FFS, if I can get sh*t happening here with my limited (if not slightly amusing) broken Greek, no support whilst taking on your state and those who make a career out of abusing people and thinking they CAN, (but don’t) get away with it, then imagine what YOU could do yoursellf.

Sure, it’s not easy, it’s painfullly slow, cost you time, money and effort, but that’s the price of change, reform, something positive happening. No faeries come and sweep it all up at night, that’s for sure.

Yes, of course it drives you mad, often I’ve myself even contemplated walking into these government offices wired to the max and putting us all on the moon, but I persevered, sometimes even found it either funny or enlightening, as the many things you witness can cause a greater inspiration, but also, whilst doing this I’ve met some great people and seen those who do want change, who are mad and doing something too.

Then you have the Ignorant and ill-informed people who work this for a whole different reason, the celebrity factor. You have people like Zoe Maroudi who has recently been trying to milk a documentary whereby 12 women were abused by the state, which appears to be nothing more than a shallow opportunity for her and those responsible for this corruption in the first place, to YET AGAIN stand behind those they allow to be neglected and manipulated by a system and sector of Healthcare which seems to be openly involved in covering this up.

The women, and as before with a different case, the immigrants who get hung out in the public eye by the very people who let them down, only for them to appear on the bandwagon rallying for support seems to be nothing more than a vain and vacuous attempt to again appear to be doing something in the media when doing nothing good when asked of them, suits them best.

Who fed these women to the wolves in the first place? Who had privvy to being able to give the highly sensitive medical data to the Police and authorities other than the people who sheltered them in one way or another, and it’s simple, it’s either through the National HIV program to which they work in or run, or the NGO’s to which they abuse and manipulate whilst working for the sector which now appears as saviours?

Then you have people like one of the current front running representatives for Mayor here in Athens who when approached nearly five years ago, was well aware of all this and yet, despite being another ‘so called’ devout saviour the the Country and State, offered this soundbite for the press at the time “This Circus has to stop”.

Well, ‘This Circus’ he talks about is one he helped start, one whereby he was one of the NGO’s founder members, one whereby he worked with, alongside and next to for over 15 years, and one he oversaw and dealt with as a key member of the KEELPNO (CDC) board, the very people who (illegally) it seems misrepresent and abuse the f*cking people to which they are employed to protect.

So, that Circus he talks of, it turns out he’s a key Ringmaster of. As I’ve said before, if he didn’t know that everyone including the committees he sat on were taking the f*cking p*ss, then he’s too stupid to be Mayor, and if he did know and chose to do nothing but be a spectator to all that has happened, then he’s as guilty himself and too corrupt to be Mayor.

Personally, he probably stands a better chance of being voted in as Mayor if he says he is corrupt and did know of it, but that’s just based on a theory. . .

Similarly we should throw all the two faced lying thieving scumbags to the lions in order to genuinely help anyone who DOES need help, after all why have a Circus without having some entertainment . . . But guess who’s now helping with the Documentary, and the women exposed by the state recently and on the ‘Ruins’ bandwagon’, that’s right, the same people covered above, despite me contacting them directly and wishing to help them with regards to this case.

– What did they do, they removed the information provided, censored the truth about what this sector did, and those who they now affiliates themselves with, blocked me from contributing and now seeks ‘funding’ for the NGO’s and Lawyers to help fight the case. . .

I wonder if this ‘funding’ will go towards cases whereby the President of ACTUP prosecuted myself and others for exposing them? Is this how it works. . .

Makes you wonder, as that IS what happened to me after I exposed ACTUP, the state (KEELPNO) tried to cover up and provide false information as submitted by those guilty of the crimes, the NGO’s who all knew about this and did nothing dissappeared into the background when an Innocent person was being persecuted by an NGO of their own sector and the guy mentioned above, now running for Mayor who in one of his other soundbites online said he was prepared to “roll up his sleeves to help the people of Athens”, not to mention his own sector, the very bread and butter of his life by all accounts, clearly not.

Rarely a single day goes by without us having to hear how badly the economy is doing and how ‘yet another Lamoyo assh*le’ has robbed this place blind, AGAIN, and mostly all the people involved can do about it is shrug their shoulders and be spectators to their own downfall. Wise up.

corruption, fraud, NGO, MKO, theft, malpractice, ACTUP, Kabourakis, Kostadis

500+ NGO’ (MKO’) in Greece, and people wonder where the money goes?

Not for me, I couldn’t give a rats ass anymore, Do it for yourself if no one else.

I’ll do what needs doing for my own greater good and so that I can sleep at night but I’ll happily watch you wallow in your own ineptitude as life passes you by, and gain strength from knowing that I contributed, a lot, and probably more than them, EVER.

FYI for the haters and people who feel it their right to begrudge me being involved :

People have sometimes had a hard time with me doing this, sometimes because I’m not from here, but that’s ok, meanwhile when for the last 5 years I’ve been in and out of Court, at great expense and mental anguish trying to save the Country money’s stolen from it, helping fight and expose people abusing the Health sector to which we all need and use, ask yourself, where in the queue were YOU?

Because I don’t recalling you do anything else other than just bitchin and moanin about someone who actually did do something.

Get the f*ck outta here. . .

Unfortunately, this sh*t’s still going on here in Greece, the current stories hitting the news lately (and with no signs of remorse) all seem to still be surrounding the many cases such as this whereby people deliberately sought to rob and steal from the state under the guise of a once respected cause, or in some cases, one that would fool people into believing that it was a genuine cause in order to gain state funding in the first place.

Here in Greece, a Country where over 500+ Non Government Organisations are reportedly in operation, you’ think that we’d all be walking on water due to all the ‘good‘ work being done, but sadly the reality hides a far darker truth.

Whilst it is common for people involved within these Organisations to paint themselves as saintly figures with the blood of Mother Theresa coursing through their veins, what is found is often a fabricated illusion based of a persona which is so far removed from the truth that even the person who wrote it fails to recognise the person it was once supposed to represent.

That’s in no way to detract from the genuine people who do offer their valuable time, effort and energy to these causes, of which there are many, however it’s usually the Organisers who benefit, not the actual causes, or the people who need the help of the cause initially, their help as with ACTUP’s most likely got wasted away on all the champagne the funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided!

And yes, according to their records for the data submitted concerning the ΥΔΑΣ Investigation, Champagne is ‘apparently’ instrumental in fighting HIV & Aids. Now you know.

Last year for me did see the end of the key legal farce which tainted my life here since having the misfortune of choosing to accept a job for what turned out to be an Organisation run by petty thieves and pretenders to a cause they hijacked for their own gain.

Not only did they abuse my name, steal my wages, rob me of my Insurance and then slander me for the privilege when I refused to commit fraud for them, but then when threatened and having to listen to the horsesh*t the pikie thieves tried to hide behind when they were exposed for what they are, they then try and abuse their positions working for the state by getting them to provide false documentation to try and cover it all up.

After refusing to commit fraud against the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in Greece on behalf of the President of ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS, he then attempted to sue myself and the two other people who exposed him and the many immoral and unethical aspects of the NGO (MKO) to which they abused for 15+ years after already having reasonable doubt to numerous facts which had come to light in their own records.

The case against us to which he claimed was slander was something he chose to try and hide behind for three years, enabling him the opportunity to shrug off the realities which had come to light about him illegally pretending to be a Doctor and alongside the other board members, who provided false documentation for funding whilst working for the CDC and abusing state resources, for projects both state and EU.

Gaining access to the key Hospital Andreas Syggros hospital was just a small part in the overall plan to gain access to highly sensitive medical data alongside the non protected or confidential phoneline which they also set in place allowing them personal and medical details of all who came into contact with them, allowing them to potentially operate with impunity as they were employed by the state and working against it as members of the NGO.

The case finally came to an end in December 2013 whereby after choosing (as usual) to not attend, present themselves or turn up on previous appearances, after hearing all the information against them, the Magistrate not only acquitted ourselves for acting with integrity and for exposing one of the worst medical malpractice cases to have damaged the HIV sector, but then requested further Investigation against Kostadis Kaburakis and the involvement of the NGO as detailed in many of the documents provided by ourselves.

Many of the documents and claims to which he denied and claimed were false and nothing but malicious slander made up by ourselves, were actually the same documents as submitted by him to the Ministries whereby he and another board member, Andreas Grilleas masqueraded as Doctors. This  was whilst the key member of the NGO, the financial Director responsible for the financial crime Chrysoula Botsi, masterminded and covered this up for them at KEELPNO and who was also one of the leading members of the National HIV & Aids program here in Greece.

So, as this ‘subject’ again hit the headlines recently with regards to the other MKO cases currently coming to light for the same period, and the city elections concerning the Mayor debate surrounding Γρηγόρης Βαλλιανάτος, it felt right to get it back to peoples attention as it covers such an interconnecting aspect of the fabric of what is wrong with this sector in particular, but also helps expose two decades of corruption to which pretty much everyone currently involved in this sector on a significant level is well aware of.

Whilst I do not in anyway implicate people currently in the media spotlight who are running for Mayor with regards to the essence of this blog or for any of the other corruption exposed within this sector, as an outsider who has had to fight the immoral, two faced hypocricy of those who have tried to cover this up for the last 5 years now, I would like to point out that  people connected with the decision for who does become Mayor should realistically choose the right man for the job based on track record, willingness to act correctly and for their virtue, and not due to their sexual orientation, religious views or charisma.

Having dealt with one of the key people involved in this debate though, and knowing that he not only had a origin within the foundations of this NGO, who also similarly sat on the same comittees as these people whilst they provided lie after lie, and whilst he attended all the same conferences and NGO events as per the sector, and last but not least, as with the others involved within these NGO‘s, who when personally sanctioned and begged for help to tackle the corruption within HIS sector, did little other than be a spectator (as usual) to a legacy of shame and criminal malpractice and financial deception, then I would seriously reassess his credentials as a person to be trusted.

It comes down to this, (and I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, despite knowing what I know about what was known), if he honestly didn’t know that the people he worked with for over 15 years weren’t Doctors, were defrauding the state, and were running non legal projects with KEELPNO helping to cover it up, then he isn’t  really smart enough to fulfil any greater role in society, especially having already failed the very same people he claims to protect. If he did know and chose to do nothing, then he’s no better than any of the people who helped cause the mess Greece is in right now and shouldn’t be allowed to run for the position.

As a person, some people have charisma, personality and charm enough to talk your grandma out of her teeth, but whether or not they are suitable to live up to the false expectation painted up by the other dreamers blind to the truth, then nothing will ever get better.

Now more than ever Greece needs people who set an example, people who stand up to the tyranny which has ruined so much of it recently, and more than anything else, the people need to vote for someone who will inspire change because it is right, not because it’s a novelty, because of perversion, color or creed.

Personally I have time for most people, and especially the criminals to whom I now know many who have abused this sector so badly for, and yet it is better to know the reality of the man and be able to avoid the expectation which will always fall short, than to be led into darkness by those who mask their true intent by being something they are not.

On a lighter note, the blog does contain many more irrelevant and (light and fluffy) posts, it’s not just about hating the lies and fighting the corruption, and posts such as this (another day at the funny farm) should make for an alternative read should you need a break from the stress associated with daily life, however the effort required to get people to act responsibly when standing up to the state in 5 years caused for no respite, and similarly due to the amount of pathetic and two faced liars and other f*cktards who all attempted to cover it up, it was at times a fulltime job ensuring that people actually got to hear about the truth surrounding this sector.

Future posts will aim to highlight and expose those intent on covering this up and shed an interesting light onto the other aspects to which this case reveals many, who similarly (by their social profiles) are also related to Mother Superior, and yet who do nothing but cover up and censor the truth, but that’s for another day, and after no doubt more comes to light in the media anyway.

Meanwhile, at a board meeting somewhere in Greece. . . !

MKO, Απάτη, HIV, Aids, corruption, Greece

Just another board meeting at one of many NGO’s based around the Country. . .

#Truestory. . .

Appropriate links below :

Mostly in Greek –

An Ode to Kostadis. . .

If it’s your first time on fckdupathens, please take the time to appreciate that this blog does contain strong language and has a mature vitriolic theme coursing through its veins, you’ll understand more if you venture deeper into my world and the world that has been blighting Greece by cretins to which I shall endeavour to introduce you to shortly.

If you’re a regular and familiar with my anger, then please get comfy and share with me the glorious news which shall flow forth, like Champagne from a bogus project. . .

Its time to put the record straight on a few issues which have been the source of much amusement and angst over the last 5 years, to me anyway, and the reason for which this blog came into being in the first place.

To the new readers on here, firstly it’s never been a blog against Athens, Greece or anything to do with this wonderful Country of which I now call home, it was set up to expose and highlight the corruption which devastates many aspects of our lives here in Greece, and a corruption which unfortunately I found myself surrounded by after taking a job with the Greek ACTUP here in Athens.

We only lie to protect ourselves and rob for our greater good...We're just like Robin Hood but corrupt and working for the state!!!

We only lie to protect ourselves and rob for our greater good…We’re just like Robin Hood but corrupt and working for the state!!!

Were it not for legal concerns, I’d have made it the official ACTUP Blog as it was clear when events raised themselves several years ago now, there was no longer an ACTUP here in Greece, there were just a few select people deliberately manipulating the system against itself for their own selfish gain, something which had gone on for (now) – 15 of the 15 years they were in charge, and sadly something that currently still drags itself along, for all the wrong reasons.


The best thing is that we’ve lied to everyone for so long, even we forget what we’ve been telling people…

To quote Monty Python, ‘this ere NGO is dead, it has ceased being‘, and that sadly is what it is, and should always be now. If you care or genuinely want to help fight HIV & Aids in Greece then try joining one of the other NGO’s which isn’t quite as keen on self serving State sponsored abuse as this one became.

ACTUP in Greece, 15 years of corruption and shame

Still a better and more reliable way of fighting HIV & Aids n Greece.

A lot of good can be said for the humble cheese grater, more so than the President of ACTUP and it’s merry thieves, sadly.

Its been that way for a long time, and despite the few ill-informed or similarly corrupt hangers-on, it shall always remain this way when you consider that for half of the timescale of which HIV & Aids has been in existence, these people have abused the trust, welfare and resources of a desperately poorly funded and cared for sector of society – not much of a legacy, and one probably best forgotten in fairness.

30 years of HIV & Aids, 25 years of ACTUP‘s and 15 years of corruption! Well done with that. The single most appalling blight on an already stigmatised sector of society, made worse by the mistrust and general malpractice brought on by those in charge of supposedly  helping people in need.

There was a few genuine volunteers who worked there when I first came to Greece, and they all tried to get the help and assistance it needed when the obvious factors came to light 5 years ago, and many of those had given their hearts and souls to the place during their time there.

Those ‘genuine’ volunteers and people all like myself have done everything to try to make ACTUP be something that it once was, to try to retain the spirit and motivation for which it should and could have been, but sadly that wasn’t to be as this sector is a riddled with the same deprived and pathetic 2 faced hypocritical liars as those currently in charge.

It makes me laugh now when I see the so-called ‘interest & concern’ for the NGO by people who in my year there were never EVER present, people who claim to have supported and helped ‘keep the promise’ for so long! Longer still if you speak to the other volunteers who were present during this time and before my arrival, when now, apart from the misguided lies told by the many scavengers of this cause, all those that surround it and misrepresent the truth about those in charge, just to prolong the lie that’s been told for so long that its become almost embarrassing.

Keep the promise.

We promised we’d lie steal and blame others, we kept the promise…

Many of these people just need a cause to be involved in to enable themselves to push  their dire misjudged opinions onto others, others become facebook sh*heads, people who suddenly become online specialists in something they know f*ck all about, and other like-minded armchair revolutionaries who all sit around drinking their coffee’s preaching to each other about how special they are doing what they do, without actually doing anything relative anyway.

Someone who can manipulate these people can do well to ensure that more small-minded sheep all fall into the same trap as the others who came before them as they lap up the horsh*te which has been peddled by a learned man for so long. The same was said to us, and probably those before us. We’d all heard about how the previous Secretary had ‘apparently’ stolen money before, and how ‘previous members’ had been ‘caught taking things’, how they themselves were constant victims by the state, the Health sector and by the ‘establishment’ to which their anarchistic and activist beliefs were consistently under attack. Only to find out that when we approached previous members of the NGO, they painted a very familiar tale about those in charge.

Blind leading the blind

Having a brain isn’t a curse, though you’d struggle to believe it in many cases

Which brings me onto my ‘Ode to Kaburakis‘. A poor, sad specimen of (almost a man), who has spent so long lying to people, I fear even HE can’t remember all the lies he’s been telling people. But seriously, when it comes to peddling horsh*t, we should get this man into the Olympics while he’s still on form. . .

So, just over a couple of weeks ago I had to go to court to stand up against a low life parasite called ‘Kostadis Kaburakis‘, for what was essentially a Penal case for Slander against the afore-mentioned f*cktard above, during which an article in the papers here in (2009) exposed the NGO in which he was President of for numerous criminal acts, not to mention for similarly highlighting considerable truths against him during his 15 year tenure as a moron.

Some of you may know or be familiar with him due to the many hours of dedication I have spent to highlighting his great work here in the Health Sector, some may know this name through his many years of defrauding the Greek State, or some of you may know of him for his work illegally claiming to be a Doctor alongside the other astute members of ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLASAndreas Grilleas, also a Doctor, allegedly. . .

It's all about caring, and I don't. . .

Work for KEELPNO, steal state money and when exposed, have your contract extended, BRILLIANT!!!

Other key f*ckwits include Kostadinos Zikkas, a man so stupid in his blind loyalty that he was prepared to hang himself publicly by trying to pervert Justice with his own involvement in this farce of an NGO to which he tried to use my name illegally in their statute for a non legal election in 2008!

ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS - Impunity without ethics

I know, let’s elect ourselves in again so we can screw people for more of the same. . .

This goes without saying was poorly covered up and catered for by the only genuine member of medical staff that they do have, Chyrysoula Botsi, a woman who happily helped provide false documentation to the Ministries stating that moron (a) and moron (b) were Doctors, enabling them to get funding for causes to which none of them knew anything about, or were experienced in, allowing for funding from extra sources so she could defraud the state later in her career as they further abused their positions and opportunities within this sector.

This is fully covered throughout the many articles within the blog anyway, as are most of the facts missed out by those highlighted in their ‘fantasy version of the NGO’, but that’s for another day and due an update shortly as this is now being dealt with by the courts, as it should have been in the first place.

The ‘Ghost’ member of their board, George Papachristou who is as much of an illusion as the actual good they have done over the years and is also happy in his allowing for deliberate misinformation regarding their criminal activities as proven by the ΥΔΑΣ, (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) , recently his actions against myself for exposing them also provide cause for concern considering that this is yet another piece of sh*t who is prepared to lie and pervert Justice to try and cover up their lie as well as further help defraud the state as he has previously for his duration as well as for the article which found them guilty as per the investigation that for a year they all lied about, to which he collaborated with, and to which with his knowledge of their previous activities is clearly as poor ethically as the rest of them.

As providing misinformation and attempting to conspire to perverting Justice on numerous occasions is something which seems to be a key trait within this Organisation on many levels,  I look forward to prosecuting them further for the delibarate and personal attacks they have made on myself for firstly refusing to commit fraud on their behalf, for them illegally using my name when they illegally ran their election, and (for so far) 5 years of professional damage, slander and misrepresentation whilst the board all tried to cover this up.

After all, stealing from the state and covering it up , running non legal elections and trying to pervert the course of Justice when exposed is clearly acceptable behaviour within this sector of poorly titled ‘Healthcare’, however it isn’t so with myself and the remaining decent people to whom care about Greece, those in need of help and those who have an ounce of dignity as people anyway. Clearly no one associated within the confines of ACTUP or the remaining few people who prefer to try and persecute me for exposing this f*ckup and the filth which got away with abusing it for so long.

It’s saddens me when I see people associated with these f*cktards defending them, abusing me and supporting people who lied, threatened me, falsely sued me when they know nothing of me. People who are maybe blinded by some false sense of loyalty, misplaced dignity or just general ignorance when they freely disregard the facts, listen to malicious lies spread by the same people who brought this upon themselves in the first place, AND who have never shown any respect for anything.

It’s fair enough to not like me but at least choose to not like me for me being me, not some horseh*t which was fabricated by people who either have no reason to tell the truth of by others who know even less and have to suck into the same barrage of lies just to try and defend their own lack of worth.

The few cancerous growths who are still supposedly ‘active’ (for want of a better word) were all missing and doing f*ck all 5 years ago, and especially many of the years before that, and most weren’t even involved then. Amazing really, 15 years of abusing the very sector that they falsely claim to protect and everyone connected thinks this is OK. Nice. Says a lot about the cause when everyone allows Directors of the NGO to illegally masquerade as Doctors and steal from the state, those who contribute privately and who give their time whilst selling out those with HIV these days is a big media bandwagon for them all to hop on board!


It turns out that stealing Tax payers money and pretending to be Doctors is against the Law and to top it off, we’ve ran out of lies and excuses and can’t blame anyone else anymore !

Either way, back to the facts about the b*llshit lies as peddled by the President. It’s important to mention that, despite their case being against myself and the two others who helped stand up to these tyrants, the afore-mentioned turd ‘Kaburakis‘, as with so many of the other legal issues against him couldn’t be bothered to turn up. We knew this as he never intended to, it was to be used as a smokescreen for his many veiled attempts to blame others and to look the victim of a legacy he himself created, this has happened pretty much throughout the 5 years whereby they have tried to avoid the courts, work tribunals and everything else that pretty much shows them to be the liars they are.

Rats after all, are rats. 

Thankfully, this had no impetus on the proceedings as it was clear from the offset that the Judges knew exactly what this piece of sh*t and people like him represent, and after acquitting us, they recommended that the following cases against Kostadis Kaburakis be brought forward for processing in connection with the many issues raised about his character and behaviour during the period whereby he was President of ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS.

I heard down the grapevine that he classed it as a ‘personal attack’ on his fine upstanding character, well it wasn’t. this isn’t even a personal attack on his fine and upstanding character. Truth be told, you’d have a very hard time tracking back through history to ever define the moment whereby he might have actually had ‘fine character’. But hell yeah,  am I going to defend myself against their lies, I think so. If he’s going to bitch like a girl about me when I expose his lies, then sure, things are going to get fruity and he might not like it, after all – the truth hurts.

When everything these people stole, everything they could have had and wanted to have goes up in smoke it’s got to hurt, especially when history will tar their name with the deliberate malpractice and fraud of a vulnerable sector of people, perverting Justice and misleading the authorities and followers of a cause that they have now destroyed.

Karma started coming along that road the day they thought themselves invulnerable to their immoral and unethical behaviour and treatment of people , and as I’ve always stated, no one is bigger than the law. The sad reality of the few still connected with this NGO is that they haven’t even the sense or morality to either find out the truth for themselves, instead relying the already broken words of bare faced liars. Either that or they are as pathetic and think it’ acceptable which in anycase shows you the true virtue of what the cause has become now as a result.

Everynow and again there are one or two of his uneducated sheep bigging him up on his so called ‘fight’ and it just saddens the heart to know that such idiots could realy still exist. Not to mention those who’ve tried to acquire information for them to use against me, thinking possibly that the things exposed by the Ministries and courts are a lie, and that the people they care for are in fact still human in anyway.

The fact that he in particular classes ‘this’ arrogant enough to be considered a breach of his ‘personal information’ whilst working as a civil servant and lying to everyone whilst he illegally claimed to be a Doctor and robbing from us all, then its been an absolute pleasure being fortunate enough to introduce just a small bit of reality back into his pathetic and worthless life, and yes, now that’s borderline a little personal I suppose.

Etsi - It's just the way it is...

Etsi – It’s just the way it is…

I’ve had to deal with small-minded jumped up opinionated dickheads as a result of these people and their lies for the last 5 years now, people who couldn’t even be bothered to find out the truth, or people who are just so socially inept that they listen to people like these without question for too long, so as I always knew, vindication in part has come.

Think yourselves smart in private because in public your just a dumbass .

My only crime was refusing to defraud the state, and standing up to people who prey on foreigners, immigrants and people trapped within the system – and what happens – I face court case after court case for exposing a criminal NGO which is still living a lie so they can continue sucking each others dicks behind the lie of other people’s hopes.

So before people look down their nose at me and want to tut and moan about me doing what I do, being here and fighting to have an opinion in a Country which isn’t mine, they should maybe take on board that I’ve paid more than my dues here and I’ve more than earned my right to bitch about things, especially when some of those things affected me directly.

People moan about the State stealing your money and Insurance and causing you problems, well I had three of the arseholes doing it to my face and then slandering me for the privelege of defending myself.

To say I sympathise is an understatement.

So, if you want to make the world a better place, get off your fat ass and get a sweat on, it’s the only way anything good will ever come of it.

It takes time, sacrifice and misery, so think of it as a surreal marriage.

Suffering from HIV or Aids, good, F*CK YOU and take a number. . .

Hahaha, you have to laugh at the ignorance of those involved in this sector both here and abroad.

I had to highlight an article trotted out by the WHO (World Health Organisation) in another half expected to pretend they give a sh*t kind of way. News is obviously important business and appearing to be seen is often more important than actually being seen doing anything relevant, and you DO know what I mean.

Here’s a piccy of me about to do some sh*t, and here’s a piccy of me having a sun glazed prune with my Latte before I do the sh*t I was about to do in my last piccy, and guess what? Yes, it’s me darlings, about to do the thing I was thinking of earlier with Phillippe, and look at us now, trying to look like right luvvies as we head off to do that thing together.

Just do the thing. No one gives a f*ck anymore as everyone in the world and their dog, (who with it’s own profile) are posting the about to, on my way and soon be doing the thing photo’s. Get the f*ck on with it already. A normal human being would have done it better, without being distracted or having the need to be congratulated on something as mundane anyway, so grow up. And they’d have fiinished it hours ago.

Of course, socially, it’s very important these days to pop up in the news everynow and again, apparently people are now so stupid and can’t remember things that didn’t appear in their news feed on a daily basis that the world is slowly shrinking! Most now resort to checking their profiles so often because by lunchtime their name begins to fade from memory and if no ones called them recently they slowly find themselves having complete conversations with strangers when it does finally ring. “Who are you, nope, never heard of him, can I help you instead?”.

Well, the same can be said of Institutions, I spent 5 hours wandering the streets of Athens a while back because I couldn’t remember where I lived. As it turned out it was a place called home.

Marvellous, and when I find mine it’ll be even better. . .

So, the article. . . (Ah yes, my point).

One of many core Institutes within this sector who like most, fail to do the minimum requirements when asked of them directly.

Firstly, WHO, I always wondered about the name, WHO the f*ck are the people hiding in this Organisation which clearly has failed so many through inaction when asked. I know it’s a bit long and tedious as a name but apt either way.

WHOTFATPHITOWCHFSOTIWA, I’m not sure it’ll catch on but it’s not really about the name is it, unless the founder was a Cherokee Indian?

So, I’ve tried to tolerate their ignorance when they failed everyone in doing sweet F.A. when you approach them with information aiming to help them and their cause, I tried to put up with this sector’s blissfully dangerous ability to allow immoral and unethical behaviour to run riot amongst those who they pathetically claim to help, and I almost could put up with the excuses, lies and pretence given when many of these Organisations and International bodies knew, know and engage in much of what comes to light themselves through prodding deeper, but really, everything the people involved within this sector needs to be taken with a rather large pinch of salt till they can at least provide some validity in that those connected with this sector actually know something other than being out to abuse those in need of help or care.

Do they REALLY ALL have so little intelligence that their oversighted horsh*t excuse overshadows the largest medical corruption cases to come to light in this sector EVER.

– It’s about the truth, the validity and the honesty exhibited by this sector which matters the most, the care, support and medical attention comes much later I expect.

After Champagne usually from what we’ve seen here in Greece anyway. Courtesy of Chrysoula Botsi of course, her financial management skills taking away the long hard day’s edge from what could have been a difficult day at the crime factory, fortunately the President of the NGO is on hand to fabricate the required amount of bullsh*t documents and press releases for those in need when he’s not too busy pretending to be a Doctor of course. It’s a hard life, but someones got to  fight the system, apparently. . .

Naturally, it’s an easier fight when you, your partner and board members are all or mostly part of the very same system you claim to be at war with, being on the Payroll must have taken away the sting of any unconquered opportunities. But this is the case, staff acting with impunity, with little or no experience for ther own gain being orchestrated by the Ministry and it’s staff who all share the same role,

I assume that long after everyone else’s taken their share, passed around the self serving titles and massaged each others ego’s to a state of delirious numbness during the latest Conference abroad, you know, the times where middle class wealth and capitalist greed consumate their dealings with the poor impoverished scum beneath their feet, those trapped in a system with no escape, trapped with help, or soon to be dead without help, or the ‘fortunate ones’, those whereby money and power can be twisted to line the pockets of those more worthy of such riches as they are manipulated from the shadows, threatened with the prospect of exposure.

It would explain why so many people idly stand by and allow this farce to occur, and certainly give reason to many in positions who happily cover this up.

Those who for so long have manipulated the state and the system to be able to take as they please, unquestioned, and unforgiving as they forver seek to shut down those who oppose.

I’ve watched this for the last five years so don’t try and fool yourself that this isn’t how it is. It is.

You wan’t proof, look online, speak to the Greek CDC, KEELPNO and those connected with it who allowed this monumental f*ck up to exsist in the first place but don’t stop there, ask them why they put the people in place to do it, ask they why they allow people to illegally pretend to be Doctors?

Who capitalises from knowing who they can manipulate with information such as this, ask them why so many people are involved in creating careers for themselves at the expense of those who are abused by these people, ask them why EU, World funding and all these conferences allow such unethical and god awful mismanagement of this sector to take place and then you’ll be able to tell THEM why there is so many f*cking problems in this sector.

Staff employed by the Greek CDC (KEELPNO) illegally pretending to be Doctors to gain access to confidential medical data, allowed to run a front of an NGO to work as it pleases, why? Illegally providing false documentation to gain access to funding both state and European, running non protected phone lines, projects whilst abusing the liberties and confidentialities of those in their trust. . .

According to this sector in general, this sort of behaviour is acceptable. Ask any of the NGO’s who work with either KEELPNO, or the ACTUP‘s who allow this,or the many other International organisations who have covered this up, allowed it to happen, or who more disturbingly, think it’s ok.

It’s a f*cking sick joke to hear people blame anything else other than themselves for believing any of the pre-fabricated lies, the made up statistics which half the criminals involved within this sector have been peddling to people for so long anyway!

The joke appears to really be just how many people can actually pretend to care about this sector when despite so many knowing about such problems, no one does anything about them.

– Business as usual, and that’s what it is. A Business.

Have Aids, F*CK YOU take a number, HIV problems, F*CK YOU, take a number, dying because you’re not being fobbed off by the latest pharmaceutical bullsh*t your paid off Doctor is trying to sell you, F*CK YOU, take a number, or has your confidentiality been sold down the river and you’re now in danger of being manipulated by a sector who prey on people becuase they have HIV, Aids, F*CK YOU, take a number, afraid your medical details will be used by anyone the bogus Doctors chooses for anything, F*CK YOU, take a number and last but not least, unhappy that the state isn’t doing enough to help you, then why not visit a bogus NGO and in the meantime, why not go F*CK YOURSELF while you take a number because they’re probably the same people.

Etsi, they call it here, in New York, one of their activists told me to go f*ck myself when I asked for help trying to highlight this despite them working closely with the President of a fraudulent NGO who was pretending to be a Doctor. So no, why not go f*ck yourself instead with your have a nice day, the difference being that I’m trying to do some good off my own time, and you prey on the opportunity to act live your lie like many others.

Sadly their are fewer people trying to do good than those involved in just doing things that deplete the whole point, and of which many, just have no point.

And that’s the problem with HIV & Aids everywhere, most aren’t legit, caring, sincere or honest, sure not all are bad but you can count those responsible enough to try and help make things better on one hand, a small hand with just a few sad pudgy little fingers.

If you turn those fingers the right way round though, they’ll just tell you to go f*ck yourself and take a number too. . .

What happens here when you try and highlight this to people, you get ignored, threatened, slandered and sued, they don’t like the truth coming out apparently, but as this blog shows, it’s there and is for this reason.

You end up with halfwit dickless morons such as the President of ACTUP here in Greece trying to sue me and two others for exposing him as being a fraud who illegally claimed to be a Doctor to gain access to state funding whilst he himself provided such lies to Ministries when the Board of Directors involved in this bullsh*t NGO all set out to exploit it in the first place.

If you need further proof, feel free to ask Kostadis Kaburakis directly, especially after his court case was thrown out and we were aquitted and found innocent of all wrong doing, having suffered his and the NGO’s lies for so long .

This ingorance and callous lack of respect is sadly why you can take no security reading into reports covering this sector here in Greece.