You don’t get much better hypocrisy than this!

Having approached numerous similarly connected, affiliated or ‘so called’ responsible NGO’s who deal with these people, the inaction suggests that maybe quite a few more people should be investigated before people are allowed to put their trust in them.

Especially those who’s lives are or can be affected by a halfwit pretend Doctor giving you potentially life saving information which he found on the back of a cereal packet.

P.S. You’d probably fare better with what’s on a cereal packet!

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What time is it…?

It there were a court for deciding if people had a sense of decency and self worth, Judgement would have passed a long time ago for these people and they would have already been tossing salad…

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Three years today…

A VERY special mention also to all the f*ckwit scumbag Politicians and other Organisations who failed to act responsibly and who still allow these criminals to slander and abuse those who fought to highlight their lies and shameful behaviour.

In words which can only briefly summarise how I feel about your ignorant, arrogant and completely useless and pathetic voices, which similarly show that cretins such as yourselves aren’t worth wiping our arses with :

“I can only hope your genitals drop off slowly you retarded tossers”

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The never ending lie…

Since many of these articles were written, legal action and further proof about the people covered within this blog have come to light to vindicate the facts about this unethical NGO and the behaviour of it’s board of Directors including those who attempted to cover up the reality of the corruption and malpractice exhibited by those in charge of ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS.

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