And the farce goes on…

Further comedy from the two Directors of ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ ΗΕLLAS. One (Chrysa Botsi) who was the financial Director of the NGO who is responsible for them recently being found guilty of defrauding ΥΔΑΣ (the Greek Ministry of Foreign affairs) of nearly 200,00.00 euro’s and now being Investigated further by ΖΔΟΕ for their validity and accountability for the period in which they have abused this once trusted NGO –  and then there is the President of ACTUP (Kostadis Kaburakis), responsible for providing false documentation stating he was a Doctor to numerous parties during their ten year reign as self appointed Directors of an NGO which served their needs.

The valid response of Rogue Scientist - Coming from the head of the NGO which provided false documentation illegally claiming to be a Doctor...!
Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum come out to play : The valid response of 'Rogue Scientist' - Coming from the president of the NGO which provided false documentation illegally claiming to be a Doctor...!Criticism of projects and initiatives that they weren't allowed to hijack, clearly...

I do regret having to constantly defend myself from their continual lies and slander spread by several members from of this sector as they try and divert the truth however I will always take the Pepsi challenge when it comes to the truth, especially when after being lied to, robbed, slandered and threatened by these people for the period in question I have a deep interest and their actions have defied even the lowest form of morality.

Whilst they still openly deceive people with their illusions of grandeur the reality of the situation is somewhat less remarkable and somewhat sobering with respect to what these people have done and said.

For two years now I have done everything within my power as a citizen to do the right thing, pursued the right channels, gained help and advice to do everything I can to resolve initially a minor problem – only to then be exposed to the bigger picture. Since I have seen members of the press try and cover this up, members of the health sector try and cover this up, members of the international HIV/Aids sector openly try and hide from this, cover it up and pretend it doesn’t exist. I see people connected with this cover it up, lie and people who even look down their noses at me because I am trying to do a little bit of something good.

How f*cking pathetic is that… So, on with the funny bit (ie. funny because it’s real).

Let us not forget that the president was also made the head of KEEΛΠΝΟ‘s trafficking department (the Greek CDC) despite having no experience, no qualifications or any relative knowledge on the matter other than their brief experience keeping immigrants and migrants in the most appalling conditions in a non legal refuge. Whereby during my involvement working for ACTUP they were left without water for over a month and with many other problems which I have tried to highlight as neglected by these people.

C.Botsi was subsequently the head of ESTHER projects and head of a number of committees for the HIV/Aids sector within Greece and incidentally one of the five members of the board who for nearly ten years deceived the state by being witness to their organisation providing false documentation to gain funding for an area that they had no knowledge of.

In 2002 ACTUP ΔΡΑΣΕ ΗΕLLAS changed their legal statute to enable them to gain access to funding to ΥΔΑΣ, this was after the NGO had largely been non active since 1996 whereby they assumed control and set about manipulating the system to suit their needs.

C.Botsi was also the head of HIV and Aids and had access to Andreas Syggros hospital, ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ and ACTUP‘s highly sensitive medical documentation as she covered up and allowed two of their members of the board to illegally claim to be Doctors for this period.

K.Kaburakis has been exposed in many online forums as having claimed to be a Doctor in many aspects and has allegedly broken the trust and confidentiality of one of their members when information of a medical nature was given. To what purpose would people deliberately seek the medical records of HIV/Aids patients without experience or medical knowledge…?

Would it maybe explain why for nearly ten years they have been protected by ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ despite being employed by them, allowed to manipulate the state and work without accountability as they further sought to gain access to the medical reports of vulnerable people who would be easy prey for any wrong doings…

I originally worked there from May 2008 as I provided a number of 3d animations and promotional works for the NGO as I looked for work within Greece before eventually offered a full time position by the president (K.Kaburakis). After leaving in February 2009 due to discovering and highlighting a catalogue of Corruption, deceit and malpractice – I then discovered that they had illegally used my name and that of a volunteer as witnesses to their sham of an Election later that year when they illegally elected themselves in AGAIN.

As I had only been in the country a month and spoke no Greek it seemed only appropriate of them to illegally use my name to enable their deception further, after all, how was I to ever find out, plus being a foreigner and stuck without resources I was as easy to use as everyone else they had taken advantage of.

It was only during my last month there whereby I noticed the secretary illegally filling out their Organisational book I noticed my name mentioned and took interest into what else they were capable of. Initially myself and a volunteer had tried to expose what we thought was just the presidents immoral and unethical behaviour but as it later became apparent, the entire board of Directors were as guilty of this ruse and much more.

After having to take them to a work tribunal to resolve monies owed and having discovered that they had also stolen my Tax money which they had withheld, as well as my IKA, they brought out an illegal court case against myself the morning of the trial, several months after I had left claiming that I had lied to SKAI radio when I was asked about the financial irregularities highlighted in May 2009. This was despite them having been notified by ΥΔΑΣ for being investigated for financial irregularities which have now been proven and which have been passed onto higher authority for Justice to be carried out.

Their court case against me served to get their tribunal delayed however only provided me with the opportunity to prosecute them for deliberately perverting the course of Justice and lodging a deliberate case to try and make themselves look less guilty than they are as well as pursuing my initial case with the courts.

Their lies extended further during this period as they also claimed to have had a graphologist examine the documents which the president originally claimed I forged, so not only did I forge my own work contract, twice – with a witness to both of us signing the document I then somehow managed to plant a copy of one of the originals on him so he could then have it tested. It got better when he then claimed that another member of the board had forged them to then stating that the contract was only for six months not a year and that the organisation didn’t employ ‘paid’ working staff, despite having receipts to other members for working as staff which they in turn provided in the investigation by ΥΔΑΣ…! The graphology report they said they had never appeared and was manufactured a week or so before the preliminary case at court early this year, nearly two years after they claimed they had one – claiming I’d forged my own contract.

It seems that I had just come to Greece with a pre-made contract, forced my way into working there whereby no one said anything till they refused to pay me one day… lol, If it were that easy I’d be doing graphics for Playboy magazine…!

The impending cases have all been handed over to the respective magistrates now and the preliminary cases against them have begun in earnest with all respective documentation handed over.

The reason why I highlight this is because for two years they have deliberately lied, launched court cases against innocent people, threatened former members, slandered those who seek to expose them as they continue their parody of being something they are not and have never been.

They criticise the state, constantly belittle the attempts made by the sector in general and the NGO’s, Organisations and Ministries who actually do try to do something, and in return whilst masquerading as Doctors, having deliberately deceived the state, the many people who trusted them, and who then turn on and abuse those who dare oppose such behaviour.

Even now they work with other organisations who also share such little morality as to allow such people the chance to further their deception despite being informed and having knowledge of their activities.

I’ve been in Greece nearly three years now and have seen a lot of the troubles we all face, I hear the stories of corruption and we all watch the news to wonder when it will get better but how will it when these people are the state, this is what your Government allows.

This is their policy on allowing criminals to abuse the state.

First, employ them.
Secondly, allow them to fund themselves and do what the hell they want.
Thirdly, enable them to threaten and scare people who dare  oppose them and refuse to do anything when it comes to light after granting them permission and allowing them access to highly sensitive medical data.
Last but not least, allow them to cause untold misery to anyone who does stand up against the system by spreading lies, slandering all concerned and allowing the farce to continue knowing that people will look on and do f*ck all as the majority of people will all stand by them and try to cover it up.

Well, times have changed…

ΥΔΑΣ showed willing and proved to act responsibility and from what many Greeks have told me, change is happening slowly, thankfully it has to as this has been bleeding this country dry.

I hear everyone questioning their 2 job – 400/600 euros a month (if their lucky) and wondering where the hell the rest goes, and yet when you point out that someone who has lied to everyone for so long has blatantly stolen it from you it’s not hard to work out what needs doing.

KEEΛΠΝΟ can’t even help themselves, the upper hierarchy is responsible and all guilty of much worse that we know about. They are responsible for allowing this to happen and have been proven guilty of trying to cover this up for too long, and as this is only one of hundreds of cases we all know about it’s clear there is a pattern within this Domain.

The sad truth is that this sector has been easily left to abuse the many for the few for far too long. As they all know that the people who they falsely claim to help and represent are already segregated and in a vulnerable sector of society, one which in Greece has been further crippled by the very state run projects that should have been there to protect them by an organisation which protects the corruption it implements.

Since, the activities of these people has come under further scrutiny as new information has come to light on their involvement with Pharmaceutical companies within this sector, and examples on how they receive funding from them too but that will be covered in another post.

If it’s not bad enough having them lie and steal from the state, the many volunteers who contributed, the many organisations and private sectors who all paid for these peoples holidays whilst they project misery on all they come into contact with, it’s an interesting thought to know that whilst manipulating the state sector, NGO’s as well as Hospitals and medicine appropriate to this cause, that they also gain funding from Pharmaceutical companies as well… How does that work…?

Of who’s interest does that serve best, the patient or the pusher who can supply the most Patients, I’ll leave that with you as the story unfolds… Sorry, the term pusher implies that they would be offering drugs whilst getting a pay off from it for getting people to take certain drugs instead of state approved ones which they should be giving to their patients…

For further links and information covering this in more detail please visit the link below. Information and links are in English and Greek and my only regret is that I can’t speak it well enough to have been able to express more of this in Greek to those who maybe miss out on it more :


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