Sex and the City, Athens stylee – How f*cked by the state can I really get. . .

If it’s not bad enough that the corruption and systematic state abuse never seems to end in the news these days, now we can’t even run the risk of getting f*cked anymore for fear of serious complications – And, in a Country whereby WE the people are getting more f*cked than anyone. . .

This is grave news indeed.

HIV/Aids – So what is it? A new IMF incentive. . .

Well, Yes kind of if you like. The Incentive is in stopping us all getting anymore f*cked than we would like to be and not being used as a strap on in the next Ministerial bout of ‘how’s your father’. . .

Currently here in Greece there is a Health regime running things which would probably make Hitler blush with some of it’s Policies.

I’ve been trying to raise some awareness on this with a few others for a while now, and over time you’ll have to learn to ignore my vitriolic, bitchy and at times sarcastic ramblings because having had to plough through this sh*te for most of my time here in Greece, I’m quite honestly sick to the back f*cking teeth of it myself. so just bear with me and enjoy the ride and feel free to try and help make an already great Country, better yet.

So, sadly the health sector has recently come under fire recently due to the Monty Python style f*ck up to which we know and expect from it. The chief sector this time is in no small part, the Greek CDC, and all those associated with HIV & Aids.

A HIV witch-hunt – Press Image for more Info

Ruins / Ερείπια – Chronicle of a HIV witch-hunt by Zoe Mavroudi

Let me just extend my sincere apologies and support for those who are GENUINE, those work in the front lines in this sector, without YOU, there would be nothing and my post is in no way aimed at the miracle workers who give so much for so little, this is for the corrupt and clueless morons running the show in office, and YOU know who they are.

Let me lay the foundations a little. If it were a horse, you’d take it round the back and shoot it, and not just once either. You’d have to get a mini-gun and a few thousand rounds just to be sure, mainly because something so incompetent can’t be left to risk, and it’s probably too stupid to know when it’s dead. . .

Thankfully all the recent news has helped highlight the systematic abuse of nearly two decades worth of major evil f*ck-up, so in some ways the misery and suffering experienced by those currently highlighted and ruined, isn’t all for nothing. . .

(That by the way, is the good news – it’s all down hill from here on).

To be fair, it would have been kinder to let the Mafia run the HIV/Aids sector here in Greece, at least they would have had a level of professionalism when dealing with the finances, they’d have had at least some ethics and a higher moral standard than the current bunch of hillbillies, AND despite it being run by the mob, you wouldn’t have had so many halfwit criminals working there for as long. . .

The average Greek could sort this mess out in a couple of days if he had the chance to, if you told him he’d actually get paid for it, maybe less but unfortunately, the remains of a bygone age which nearly destroyed this Country still hold the power in too many ways.

So, when the state is treating people with HIV/Aids like rancid meat (as it has been doing for so long) it’s normally ok, it’s only when foreigners, immigrants and trafficked victims suddenly pass it on through brothels and that it may upset the family that there’s now a problem worthy of discussion. . .

Firstly, Education, Trafficking and Immigration are individual problems which all need addressing for ANY of this to start working for the people here at best.

Most people I speak to always think that HIV/Aids is always someone elses problem. This current f*ck-up hopefully changes that.

I understand that not much sympathy is going out to the poor women involved in this case as well, they were prostitutes anyway, “getting f*cked is what they do. . .” – One comment I saw recently which says it all.

Many were probably gang raped anyway and metaphorically abused by everyone from the Authorities to the Pimps along the way, but that’s ok, the best was saved till last and they should have been more careful! After all, surely somewhere in the small print it says being victimised with HIV/Aids is part of the travel arrangement whilst being trafficked.

Then there’s the poor guys blowing their hard earned cash getting blown, they were far too busy to think about STD’s, and when your balls deep in some whore in a quality establishment who wants the embarrassment of having to ask the wife or Girlfriend for a condom!

Now it breaks up families, is passed from person to person outside the brothel, and many don’t know who’s got it. Damn right – And no one f*cking did in the first place.

Not many point out that if these people weren’t so happy to play russian roulette with their dicks in the first place, then half this problem wouldn’t be as bad anyway. If you are of an age where going to a prostitute is ok, and you still don’t think to use a condom, then you’re a f*cking moron and need taking out the gene pool anyway. It’s just tragic that your ignorance could cost many people so much.

That’s not a trafficking problem, it’s not even an immigrant problem and it’s sure as hell not even a sexual problem – that’s an education problem.

Whatever floats your boat.

I won’t begin to get into the rights and wrongs of the whole prostitution thing – Not my debate and sure not with an Orthodox based semi fanatical religious base, I’m just a guest here, idly trying to do my bit when I can.

But, observations lead me to question the validity of an almost non existant sex education platform for the youth of this Country. I sure as hell can’t imagine the Church showing you how to roll a Condom on after mass anytime soon and I’m guessing that here it’s possibly even more socially embarrassing for parents as well, so this needs some attention anyway.

So who’s in control ?

KEELPNO, the Greek CDC, or as it’s known, the center for Corruption, Deception and Criminality. . . One of the few buildings with security guards trying to keep the staff inside the building.

So, they’re the state authority on this are they – Yes.


If people missed the fact that the state ‘Authority’ on HIV/Aids here is quite willing to employ uneducated, un-qualified people, people who illegally pretend to be Doctors and to let them steal money, run non legal projects, gain access to Hospital and core data without any accountability before allowing them to run the COUNTRIES HIV/AIDS plan – to then allow them to criticise themselves as state employees as the KEY Non Government Organisation in HIV/Aids. . . Well, I’m not really sure there’s any hope for anyone here really then.

IS it so bad that in nearly 20 years of such blatant mismanagement and malpractice of a health sector, that not f*cking ONE person said – “Hang on, what the f*ck’s going on here. . . ?”


No, they didn’t, or if they did the system swallowed them up, moved them along or just threatened and abused them in the same way that they do the people they’ve abused for so long.

I know what happens when you question them directly, with the facts. Several of us did 5 years ago now.

They lie, provide misinformation and deny to your face facts (as signed by them) and allow those Guilty of the Issues highlighted to fabricate any manner of bullsh*t to try and f*ck you off. ANything so they can carry on their little money making scam. I’m not sure if it’s the Pharmaceutical payoff’s that fuel this greed and unwanton evil, the reward of knowing who in Greece has HIV/Aids, or the damage they can do with it which creates such a void in ethics, but either way, IT SURE DOES.

When you have the senior person for the Greek HIV/Aids plan in Greece covering up for colleages and helping them gain positions of trust within the state, masquerading as Doctors it’s more than just ambitious, it’s highly illegal data farming.

Helping them gain access to the Confidential medical data of patients, breaching confidentiality of those in trust and manipulating the system for your own gain has to be the most despicable abuse of civil liberties ever to have befallen this sector of people yet.

Knowing how so few care and how many pretend that they do, made me and those who have dedicated their time on this at least try to make a start in helping out where we could, that’s why we do what we do and why this blog came to be.

What is happening here is a Cancer and it needs removing.



No, I don’t need to be doing this either before you ask, if you’re one of the minority Greek’s who resents a foreigner doing this in ‘your Country’, and I’m not mocking that, I understand completely. Please feel free to take over, but either way, it needs doing and I myself would sooner it be someone else doing it, so that works out for us all. . .

Meanwhile, sh*t needs doing and me and a few others have made a start anyway.

5 years of having to watch everyone connected with Health, HIV/Aids and all this crap do F*CK ALL has led me to believe that half of them are as bad if not worse, and the rest are just as pathetic for allowing it in the first place OR subsequently much worse for doing nothing since so they can all f*ck off for all I care now regardless, I just did my bit because it had to be done.


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