Bra-vo, another great design… Show your support!!!

This I loved…

The headline – “Rice bra supports Japan’s farming fad “.

“Home kits that allow people to grow their own rice are very popular online. We thought that it would be fun if a bra could give people the same experience,” said Masuda.

A Bra that can grow rice…! Finally, my dreams have come true!

*Whatever next...
It just so happens I have green fingers...!

I’m ‘almost’ at a loss to explain the sheer delight in knowing that as well as complimentary Breasts accompanying my future rice plantation, they also sell a Bra that comes with a sushi set…

I won’t feel quite so bad ordering a number ’69’ from the local Oriental Chef in future, knowing that it probably does come with rice this time. My expert knowledge on rice-growing isn’t as vast as I hoped for however I can see the global benefits already.

Could it be that mankind has finally found a way of easing the global food shortage? Have we really taken a step closer to being completely self sufficient as a species? Have we really designed the ultimate ‘wonder’ Bra?

– I wonder if she’s wearing the Sushi set or the Rice Bra tonight…!?

Are we really so unbelievably shallow and commercially driven that we have to think of ever more idiotic ways of gaining publicity… YES, it appears so.

I’m all in favour… I personally can’t wait for them to bring out the new ‘doughnut’ making Bra, it won’t self sugar them but that’s the good bit I’m looking forward to!

I suppose you don’t have to stop at just growing Rice either, you could grow Huge Melons if you had the support needed!

The Bra is filled with soil and rice seedlings that are watered through a hose that also doubles as a belt that goes around the wearer’s waist. The bra also comes with gardening gloves. Not only practical but it also comes with accessories that are functional as well…

I’ve always been in favour of helping farmers, now more than ever. So Ladies, why not help you’re struggling Economy by fertilising your tits today…!

*(Image by unknown source)


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