Suffering from HIV or Aids, good, F*CK YOU and take a number. . .

Hahaha, you have to laugh at the ignorance of those involved in this sector both here and abroad.

I had to highlight an article trotted out by the WHO (World Health Organisation) in another half expected to pretend they give a sh*t kind of way. News is obviously important business and appearing to be seen is often more important than actually being seen doing anything relevant, and you DO know what I mean.

Here’s a piccy of me about to do some sh*t, and here’s a piccy of me having a sun glazed prune with my Latte before I do the sh*t I was about to do in my last piccy, and guess what? Yes, it’s me darlings, about to do the thing I was thinking of earlier with Phillippe, and look at us now, trying to look like right luvvies as we head off to do that thing together.

Just do the thing. No one gives a f*ck anymore as everyone in the world and their dog, (who with it’s own profile) are posting the about to, on my way and soon be doing the thing photo’s. Get the f*ck on with it already. A normal human being would have done it better, without being distracted or having the need to be congratulated on something as mundane anyway, so grow up. And they’d have fiinished it hours ago.

Of course, socially, it’s very important these days to pop up in the news everynow and again, apparently people are now so stupid and can’t remember things that didn’t appear in their news feed on a daily basis that the world is slowly shrinking! Most now resort to checking their profiles so often because by lunchtime their name begins to fade from memory and if no ones called them recently they slowly find themselves having complete conversations with strangers when it does finally ring. “Who are you, nope, never heard of him, can I help you instead?”.

Well, the same can be said of Institutions, I spent 5 hours wandering the streets of Athens a while back because I couldn’t remember where I lived. As it turned out it was a place called home.

Marvellous, and when I find mine it’ll be even better. . .

So, the article. . . (Ah yes, my point).

One of many core Institutes within this sector who like most, fail to do the minimum requirements when asked of them directly.

Firstly, WHO, I always wondered about the name, WHO the f*ck are the people hiding in this Organisation which clearly has failed so many through inaction when asked. I know it’s a bit long and tedious as a name but apt either way.

WHOTFATPHITOWCHFSOTIWA, I’m not sure it’ll catch on but it’s not really about the name is it, unless the founder was a Cherokee Indian?

So, I’ve tried to tolerate their ignorance when they failed everyone in doing sweet F.A. when you approach them with information aiming to help them and their cause, I tried to put up with this sector’s blissfully dangerous ability to allow immoral and unethical behaviour to run riot amongst those who they pathetically claim to help, and I almost could put up with the excuses, lies and pretence given when many of these Organisations and International bodies knew, know and engage in much of what comes to light themselves through prodding deeper, but really, everything the people involved within this sector needs to be taken with a rather large pinch of salt till they can at least provide some validity in that those connected with this sector actually know something other than being out to abuse those in need of help or care.

Do they REALLY ALL have so little intelligence that their oversighted horsh*t excuse overshadows the largest medical corruption cases to come to light in this sector EVER.

– It’s about the truth, the validity and the honesty exhibited by this sector which matters the most, the care, support and medical attention comes much later I expect.

After Champagne usually from what we’ve seen here in Greece anyway. Courtesy of Chrysoula Botsi of course, her financial management skills taking away the long hard day’s edge from what could have been a difficult day at the crime factory, fortunately the President of the NGO is on hand to fabricate the required amount of bullsh*t documents and press releases for those in need when he’s not too busy pretending to be a Doctor of course. It’s a hard life, but someones got to  fight the system, apparently. . .

Naturally, it’s an easier fight when you, your partner and board members are all or mostly part of the very same system you claim to be at war with, being on the Payroll must have taken away the sting of any unconquered opportunities. But this is the case, staff acting with impunity, with little or no experience for ther own gain being orchestrated by the Ministry and it’s staff who all share the same role,

I assume that long after everyone else’s taken their share, passed around the self serving titles and massaged each others ego’s to a state of delirious numbness during the latest Conference abroad, you know, the times where middle class wealth and capitalist greed consumate their dealings with the poor impoverished scum beneath their feet, those trapped in a system with no escape, trapped with help, or soon to be dead without help, or the ‘fortunate ones’, those whereby money and power can be twisted to line the pockets of those more worthy of such riches as they are manipulated from the shadows, threatened with the prospect of exposure.

It would explain why so many people idly stand by and allow this farce to occur, and certainly give reason to many in positions who happily cover this up.

Those who for so long have manipulated the state and the system to be able to take as they please, unquestioned, and unforgiving as they forver seek to shut down those who oppose.

I’ve watched this for the last five years so don’t try and fool yourself that this isn’t how it is. It is.

You wan’t proof, look online, speak to the Greek CDC, KEELPNO and those connected with it who allowed this monumental f*ck up to exsist in the first place but don’t stop there, ask them why they put the people in place to do it, ask they why they allow people to illegally pretend to be Doctors?

Who capitalises from knowing who they can manipulate with information such as this, ask them why so many people are involved in creating careers for themselves at the expense of those who are abused by these people, ask them why EU, World funding and all these conferences allow such unethical and god awful mismanagement of this sector to take place and then you’ll be able to tell THEM why there is so many f*cking problems in this sector.

Staff employed by the Greek CDC (KEELPNO) illegally pretending to be Doctors to gain access to confidential medical data, allowed to run a front of an NGO to work as it pleases, why? Illegally providing false documentation to gain access to funding both state and European, running non protected phone lines, projects whilst abusing the liberties and confidentialities of those in their trust. . .

According to this sector in general, this sort of behaviour is acceptable. Ask any of the NGO’s who work with either KEELPNO, or the ACTUP‘s who allow this,or the many other International organisations who have covered this up, allowed it to happen, or who more disturbingly, think it’s ok.

It’s a f*cking sick joke to hear people blame anything else other than themselves for believing any of the pre-fabricated lies, the made up statistics which half the criminals involved within this sector have been peddling to people for so long anyway!

The joke appears to really be just how many people can actually pretend to care about this sector when despite so many knowing about such problems, no one does anything about them.

– Business as usual, and that’s what it is. A Business.

Have Aids, F*CK YOU take a number, HIV problems, F*CK YOU, take a number, dying because you’re not being fobbed off by the latest pharmaceutical bullsh*t your paid off Doctor is trying to sell you, F*CK YOU, take a number, or has your confidentiality been sold down the river and you’re now in danger of being manipulated by a sector who prey on people becuase they have HIV, Aids, F*CK YOU, take a number, afraid your medical details will be used by anyone the bogus Doctors chooses for anything, F*CK YOU, take a number and last but not least, unhappy that the state isn’t doing enough to help you, then why not visit a bogus NGO and in the meantime, why not go F*CK YOURSELF while you take a number because they’re probably the same people.

Etsi, they call it here, in New York, one of their activists told me to go f*ck myself when I asked for help trying to highlight this despite them working closely with the President of a fraudulent NGO who was pretending to be a Doctor. So no, why not go f*ck yourself instead with your have a nice day, the difference being that I’m trying to do some good off my own time, and you prey on the opportunity to act live your lie like many others.

Sadly their are fewer people trying to do good than those involved in just doing things that deplete the whole point, and of which many, just have no point.

And that’s the problem with HIV & Aids everywhere, most aren’t legit, caring, sincere or honest, sure not all are bad but you can count those responsible enough to try and help make things better on one hand, a small hand with just a few sad pudgy little fingers.

If you turn those fingers the right way round though, they’ll just tell you to go f*ck yourself and take a number too. . .

What happens here when you try and highlight this to people, you get ignored, threatened, slandered and sued, they don’t like the truth coming out apparently, but as this blog shows, it’s there and is for this reason.

You end up with halfwit dickless morons such as the President of ACTUP here in Greece trying to sue me and two others for exposing him as being a fraud who illegally claimed to be a Doctor to gain access to state funding whilst he himself provided such lies to Ministries when the Board of Directors involved in this bullsh*t NGO all set out to exploit it in the first place.

If you need further proof, feel free to ask Kostadis Kaburakis directly, especially after his court case was thrown out and we were aquitted and found innocent of all wrong doing, having suffered his and the NGO’s lies for so long .

This ingorance and callous lack of respect is sadly why you can take no security reading into reports covering this sector here in Greece.

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