You don’t get much better hypocrisy than this!

It’s late, I’m tired and (as always) in ‘sheer awe’ of a president who posts on behalf of an NGO which (incidentally still) abused the very people it mislead when it allowed itself to be run by people who provide false documentation to gain funding, who illegally allow it’s President and another member of it’s board of Directors to claim to be mickey mouse doctors, and who still rattle their toys swords at the state which they lied and robbed for so long when masquerading as google smart pretenders to a title they falsely created for their own Gain.

If your Greek or interested in the well being of the Country, your health system and the conduct of the people who lie so brazenly about claiming to help society, then first I suggest you read the facts about this ‘precious NGO’, one which so casually mocks the system in it’s pursuit of the ultimate lie.

Greece, Economy, f*cked, lamoyo, theft
If we’re all getting f*cked, get the lube ready!

The facts can be found in some detail here and within the blog’s many articles exposing this sham of an NGO,  and then just for pure comedy value I suggest you visit the link below to give you a prime example of the audacious abuse of state funding and mis-representation EVER produced – which incidentally is made more the better when you assure yourself that it’s actually come from the Horses mouth (AND by it’s own volition), unlike the many false documents or statements given out during the run up to many of the court cases which are now pending against them.

If you’d like incidental facts about the President illegally claiming to be a Doctor, or their current pending court cases for potentially defrauding the state why not get in touch with them direct and listen to their story, or whichever one they opt to provide on the day.

Kaburakis, actup hellas, ngo, hiv, aids
Doctor Dumbass I presume?

As for the hard reality of how a Non-legal NGO managed to gain state  funding by allowing it’s president to claim to be a Doctor is beyond me.

The fact that one of the Ministries THEN employed him and another member of the board under this illusion, and then tried to cover this up by denying information, threatening the interest of those seeking to highlight this and refusing to investigate the matter at the time shows how corrupt this sector is when the only medically qualified member of the Board covered this up and used her influence to corrupt the agenda of the Greek HIV/Aids plan accordingly by them running non legal projects, using non medical staff whilst all along failing to protect the identity and confidentiality of the people with HIV/Aids in which it dealt with is just one of the biggest examples of medical neglect witnessed.

President, NGO, ursupation, fraud, embezzling
Please don’t confuse me with having morals, I’m in disguise!

The horror of this NGO goes on and the claims made against the president and other key staff online in numerous forums have highlighted the fact that the aforementioned president has alleged to have abused the medical confidentiality of more than one person.

The full extent of the actions and attempts of this NGO to conceal the truth are too numerous to mention, and include denying serious financial investigations against them by (ΖΔΟΕ – Financial crimes department), whereby their ‘official’ press release denied such involvement ever took place.

Is this what you deem as acceptable by public servants?

And yet the farce goes on, I seriously recommend following them if for no other reason than for that of pure comedy value. . .


Health, HIV, AIDS, Greece, KEELPNO
It’s not just a sad state, it’s state sponsored. . .

Depending upon which name they are trying to get away with using these days, you’ll know which one they are.

They’re the one which spouts uneducated sh*te about things they’ve read on google in the pretence that if no one questions them and their ‘proud’ history of lies and deceit, will get away fooling more no brainers into sucking up even more horsesh*t than they have previously.

Keep the promise.
We promised we’d lie steal and blame others, we kept the promise…

If you’re unfamilar with the Greek language, there is a word called ‘Lamoyo’. It’s a word that in the kindest of ways describes these people. In the English language we have a similar expression, bunch of c*nts.

As with all good things though, they WILL come to an end, so lap it up while you can and as a self respecting human, find out the truth about an NGO which allows several Board of Directors to pretend to be Doctors, none more so than it’s President!

Atomic Wedgie time...
Atomic Wedgie time, coming to a pair of pants near YOU…

Having fought to highlight this abuse with a few other concerned citizens, it never fails to astound me just how bad this sector is as a result of the response or actions of those involved in it.

F*ck you, I work for the Government and I do as I want...
F*ck you, I work for the Government and I do as I want…

Having approached numerous similarly connected, affiliated or ‘so called’ responsible NGO’s who deal with these people, the inaction suggests that maybe quite a few more people should be investigated before people are allowed to put their trust in them.

Especially those who’s lives are or can be affected by a halfwit pretend Doctor giving you potentially life saving information which he found on the back of a cereal packet.

It’s more than just a shame, it’s a crime. One that needs to be stopped and one which should never be allowed to happen again.

If you don’t like the Idea of ‘Doctor Dumbass’ trying to cure you by sticking his dick up your arse and whispering sweet nothings into your ear then get wise because otherwise you stand a far greater chance of getting really f*cked by those responsible for allowing this masquerade to happen in the first place.

See what I did there. I put the emphasis on ‘acting up’ against something bad – something that the core scumbags who have manipulated and lost track of what the NGO once stood for have lost sight of.

Doctor Dumbass Strikes again...!
Doctor Dumbass Strikes again…!

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